Interior Design Tips: Family Room

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on January 23, 2018

Family Room

When it comes to decorating a space for your whole family you want to make sure you’ve made it into a place that is comfortable and cozy for everyone! It feels like almost my entire childhood was spent lounging around in our family room watching movies and playing games. Make your family room a place where your friends and family will want to hang out as well! Check out some of our interior design tips for your family room below. 

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Is Your Partner’s Decor Way Different From Yours? How to Deal

Buying a home with someone you love is exciting, but you know what’s not? Having your partner’s pingpong table wedged in your otherwise Hollywood-glam home, or making room in your sparse, minimalist space for your partner’s massive collection of kitschy figurines.

If you and your partner have different tastes in home decor, we feel your pain. But there’s some good news: All isn’t lost if you and your loved one find yourselves on different ends of the design spectrum. Decor schemes that seem dissonant can actually combine well—and the look is actually gaining in popularity.

“Couples with clashing tastes are in luck because eclecticism is all the rage in design, and the pressure to decorate in one specific look is swiftly letting up,” says Michael Diaz-Griffith, founder and art consultant at Material Cult.

So don’t argue over that boho sofa or retro wallpaper! Here are six design styles that

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Cuarto Interior Architecture and Interiors Design

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How to Design Exterior Concrete Stairs | Home Guides

Design concrete stairs carefully so everyone can use them safely.

Design concrete stairs carefully so everyone can use them safely.

Steve Baccon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Besides sturdiness and easy maintenance, new concrete steps can make a home look clean and fresh. Always design concrete stairs before building them, especially to meet safety guidelines, which suggest minimum and maximum landing depth, riser height and tread depth. Knowing the right way to design your concrete stairs will ensure that they will be safe to use for years to come.


Drive a wooden stake into the ground where the base of the bottom step will fall. Attach a string to the foundation of the house, approximately 1 inch below the bottom of the threshold of the door. Tie the string to the stake, then level the string with a line level.


Measure the length of the string with a tape measure. Write down the distance, which will be the overall depth of

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Living Room Wall Murals | Living Room Wallpaper

Customize or Personalize Your Mural

Murals Your Way gives you the most options to customize your mural! Below are just a few of the most popular graphics services for businesses. Let our graphic design team make your business stand out!

Most Common Customizations



Modifying around windows and doors

Adding branding elements (logos)

Click here for full specifications and installation instructions for all of our materials (including those not sold online).

See below for an overview of the four materials that can be purchased on our website:

Materials Eco Bella™ – Texture Prepasted Wallpaper SmartStick&reg Vinyl HD – Texture

Material Appearance

Light Texture


Light Texture

Light Texture


Most durable; with or without top
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E-DESIGN: 2 Exterior Colour Facelifts!

I LOVE exterior painting season. Now, if you live in the south, you might have this season all year round, sitting in your swimsuit sippin’ Sangria. However, here on the rainy west coast of Canada, this short-lived season lasts from approx May-September (if we’re lucky) – and then the galoshes come out.

Here’s a shot from one of last year’s exteriors

Kylie M Interiors EDESIGN, exterior front door painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, trim Alabaster, siding Mink. With brick

And things have been HOPPING this season with clients sending me some great ‘after’ photos of their projects. I have to pick and choose what I can share, as not all photos can be cleaned up enough for my blog (it’s the nudes that really throw me) – and it’s DAMN hard to get a good exterior photo, so mad props to those who get it done.

So, while I know these photos might not be magazine ready, they should give you some great ideas for how you

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Interior Design Ideas: Living Rooms


How often do you use your living room? Do you feel the need of having a formal living room or do you prefer to entertain in the kitchen and family room? Today’s Interior Design Ideas is all about living rooms and I hope this post will make you want to spend more time in your own living room.

At our current home, our formal living room is connected with our dining room and I think this floor plan is perfect for a dinner party. Guests don’t really like to stay in only one room, they usually like to move around, talk to other people in other rooms and have a party flowing comfortably, you need to offer several rooms for your guests to enjoy themselves. Keep this in mind and the next time you throw a dinner party, make sure to make all of the main rooms feel welcoming, spotless

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Spring Decorating Ideas for the Family Room

As spring symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, there’s no better time to clean, organize, and redecorate the home.

Maybe it’s because it’s warm enough to open windows again, or perhaps it’s the days becoming longer than the nights, but spring is a good time for change.

Family Room
Remodel by Case Design

Redecorating gives households a chance to make a big change without undergoing a major remodeling or home improvement project. Sometimes a new look is all it takes to create a new room, and it can often be done without changing any major elements of infrastructure or design. The family room is a good place to start. A family room is constantly changing, just like the seasons. It’s a room that welcomes new family members, visitors, and friends, while adapting to the tastes, habits, and needs of a constantly changing household. Sometimes a little bit of redecorating can push

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How to Take Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on Home Redecorating

Enlisting interior designer Kelly Wearstler as your decorator may be a pipe dream for most of us, but you can now take advantage of your newfound time at home by taking her new series on MasterClass. Wearstler is known for her Californian glam aesthetic, which mixes materials and colors with a deft hand, and she has worked with everyone from Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller to luxury hotels like the Viceroy Santa Monica and the Four Seasons Anguilla.

For her MasterClass series, she breaks down her design process step by step. “I want to give people the confidence to approach interior design, whether they are someone who is considering it as a career or redecorating a room,” says Wearstler. “Interior design has so many choices that it can be quite daunting.”

She starts by encouraging students to “educate the eye.” “Anything from looking through books to going to a museum

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Interior Design Company & Interior Contractors Dubai

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