Residential Exterior Design Trends in 2019

Designers’ Favorite Exterior Details

Vaccaro, Luce, and Sharff each discussed the importance of translating this modern look for a variety of architectural styles by selecting high-quality exterior materials that offer versatility, variety, and simplicity:

Versatility: “Styles are all influenced by history,” says Luce. “When you use vertical boards, or board and batten, almost any style feels modern.”

Variety: “One of the things we’re trying to explore with clients is using a variety of materials on the facade,” says Sharff. “In addition to roof line and fenestration patterns, we’re also changing materials.” For a recent project, Sharff selected white clapboard for the main home, and a weathered-looking gray siding for the garage.

Simplicity: “When people want very clean, very simple, streamlined design, everything should have a function,” says Vaccaro. “You shouldn’t have shutters unless they work and actually cover the window.”

Customers’ Favorite Exterior Details

Homeowners have been

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9 Minimalist Living Rooms for Lovers of Streamlined Design

When it comes to planning the interior design of your living room, the whole process of carefully curating pieces of furniture and home décor, creating a cohesive color palette, and choosing the right fabrics can be overwhelming. And some of us tend to overfill our spaces. But if you’re already a fan of the minimal approach, you’ll agree that the most striking interior design isn’t determined by what you’ve piled into any given space, but rather, what you’ve left out.

Minimalist interior design meets at the nexus of “too-sparse” and “just enough”—it’s the perfect example of how great restraint can reap even greater rewards. Strict editing of decor and tchotchkes, choosing clean-lined furniture, opting for neutral colors, and keeping surfaces free and clear will ensure your minimalist living room design is most impactful—and anything but boring. So, lovers of streamlined design, rejoice! And get inspired by these nine minimal living

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German Design Award

The Award

Utilize the potential of your award! Depending on the distinction, you may use the Gold, Winner or Special Mention label to an unlimited extent for your communication purposes and promoting the submitted entry.

The Award Ceremony

With more than 1,300 guests from the fields of politics, industry, design and press, the award ceremony is one of the most significant design events of the year and is an ideal opportunity to establish important contacts and cultivate networks.

The Exhibition

Accompanying the award ceremony, all winners of the German Design Award will be presented to the public in an exhibition. All winners in the category »Excellent Product Design« will be featured within the scope of the fair Ambiente. The winners in the category »Excellent Communications Design« and »Excellent Architecture« will be presented in an exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst.

Winner Gallery

All participants may present their entry with a

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Angela’s Design & Decor

Image by: Getty Images

Your body may not be the only thing that put on some extra padding over the holidays… If you’re like me, the clutter in my home grew too. The new year gets me all excited to start fresh. Here are some tips on doing that in your home:

1. Start Where You’re At

Don’t worry about taking all the clutter on at once, start small. I love the mantra “maintain, plus a little more.” The goal with this is to not ADD to the clutter, and take on little areas at a time. You don’t want to take on too much and burn out. Small, sustainable habits will result in a more long-lasting change. For example, make your bed the moment you roll out of it each morning, or sort the mail as it comes in.

2. Schedule Time to De-clutter

Again, start small… before you

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Urban Home Decor | Home Improvement

guidelines for cleaning your chimney

Chimney is considered to be one of those unseen areas in pour home which is very easy to forget about and also ignore. You might consider every other part of the home in cleaning, but you never even realize that chimney is also a part of your chimney which needs to be cleaned frequently. Cleaning your chimney is very much important for your own safety that too when you are using it on regular basis. Cleaning your chimney and maintaining it is very much vital. With use of chimney over a period of time, soot and creosote can easily build up in your chimney. This build up is very much risky and dangerous as it is a flammable substance and there are chances of inviting a fire hazard in your home. Cleaning your chimney and regularly maintaining it is extremely essential. Cleaning your chimney includes

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family room design – AOL Video Search Results


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Will the Millennial Aesthetic Ever End?

Illustration: Fala Atelier

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You walk beneath a white molded archway. You’ve entered a white room.

A basketlike lamp hangs overhead; other lamps, globes of brass and glass, glow nearby. Before you is a couch, neatly tufted and boxy, padded with an assortment of pillows in muted geometric designs. Circles of faded terra-cotta and pale yellow; mint-green and mustard confetti; white, with black half-circles and two little dots — aha. Those are boobs. You look down. Upon the terrazzo nougat of the coffee table, a glass tray trimmed in brass. It holds a succulent in a lumpy ceramic pot, a scented candle with a matte-pink label. A fiddle-leaf fig somewhere looms. Above a bookshelf (spines organized by color), a poster advises you to WORK HARD & BE NICE TO

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Kerala Small House Exterior Painting Ideas

Kerala house designs is a home design blog showcasing beautiful handpicked house elevations. House painting design exterior exterior home painting pictures kerala.

Traditional kerala house designs hallway interior.

Kerala small house exterior painting ideas. Collection by shabdita sakarde. Inspiring low cost small house is the best interior paint check more at of exterior home painting ideas in kerala. Whats people lookup in this blog.

Kerala house interior painting ideas. Whats people lookup in this blog. Painting exterior with amazing kerala exterior painting kerala exterior home painting.

0 comments on room painting ideas 32 pics post a comment. Attractive colour of painting ideas house goodhomez exterior home painting pictures kerala. Exterior home design photos kerala.

Kerala house exterior painting ideas interior plan picturesque red and white for small design as per. Home interiors paintings kerala house interior painting photos house interior designs paint home design ideas kerala house painting pictures

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Installing Exterior Stairs? Choose a Lasting Design

Exterior stairs should be designed and constructed such that the service life of the stair assembly is no less than the life expectancy of the building or structure to which they provide access, and are maintainable without non-visible damage occurring.  Increasing the ability of exterior stair assemblies to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and other deteriorative elements will inevitably extend the service life of the assembly.  It is uneconomical to continuously attempt repairs, or to replace stair assemblies that have degraded to the point that they can no longer function as originally intended.  A typical failure of exterior stair assemblies occurs in stair designs that incorporate the use of a steel pan with concrete fill at the treads or landings.  Manifestation of the damage to this particular type of stair assembly appears as corrosion of the steel liners, freeze-thaw damages to the concrete fill, and structural weld and connection damage. 

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52 Rustic Family Room Designs and Ideas

A family room can really be a special place for you to relax any time of day. The room can bring you comfort and should match your personality. But how do you want it to look? What overall theme do you want?

Below, we have gathered 52 rustic styled family rooms for you to browse through. A rustic style can take on many different looks, but you will always be able to sense that country, bucolic charm that will take you back in time.

Take your time and see if any of these designs and ideas match what you are looking for.

1. The Perfect Alcove

This is the perfect area to relax, something like your own personal little alcove. The hardwood design perfectly matches the surrounding room and you have a perfect are to lay back in the natural light.

2. Peaceful Setting

With an old fashioned light fixture

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