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8 Tips for a Hotel-Style Bathroom

8 Tips for a Hotel-Style Bathroom

1. Sit back & relax with a bath tray Featuring products from Honest Beauty, The Jet Set Hydrating Kit There’s nothing worse…

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50 Best Living Room Design Ideas for 2020

Few rooms in the home get as much daily use as the living room, which is often used as a space to entertain guests, watch a movie with the whole family, or relax while reading a book. Because this room is so central to the daily function of families and their routines, it requires a design that is functional, beautiful, and inviting to all. More than 50 different design concepts can help homeowners plan the colors, materials, and layouts that will make their living room a more inviting place for everyone they invite into their home throughout the year.

Check Out 50 Great Living Room Design Ideas in 2018

Best Living Room Decorations

1. Unconventional Modern Contrast

Living room Ideas

In recent years, bright colors have taken hold in fashion and living room ideas alike. Bright colors offer a refreshing change of pace from the neutrals and earth tons of years past, and they give homeowners a

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B.S. Interior Design | High Point University

Alumni from High Point University with degrees in interior design have a wide range of career opportunities that include:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Specialist
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Healthcare Facilities Design
  • Hospitality and Entertainment Facilities Design
  • Merchandising Management
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Retail Design
  • Retail Store Management

Featured Graduate Outcomes:

Gianna Carrabotta

Gianna Carrabotta, ’17 – Design Consultant for Restoration Hardware in Westport Connecticut

“I cannot thank HPU enough for preparing me to embark upon the next chapter of my life. This institution has enabled me to grow in ways unimaginable. This university has provided me with a lifetime of memories and friends that have become family, while preparing me with the tools and confidence to pursue my passion on a career path I’ve always dreamed of. The energy radiated by this campus is something that can’t be accurately depicted in words. I am honored and proud to be a graduate of HPU.”




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Black Home Exterior Design Ideas

Black Exterior Paint Color Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom SW 7062 Black Homes Paint Color Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom SW 7062 Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom SW 7062 #SherwinWilliamsRockBottomSW7062 #SherwinWilliamsRockBottom #SherwinWilliams #blackhomes #blackexterior #paintcolor



Recently built by one of my favorite builders, M House Development, this black home is the ultimate in home design trends. Although the black exterior feels quite masculine and dramatic, the interiors are surprisingly full of soft contrasts, like a turquoise blue laundry room and even a kitchen pantry with bunny knobs! 🙂 This home was also made with family-living in mind. The basement features a play area with a large bunkroom featuring custom bunk beds with a slide!

Take notes on the sources shared by the builder and get inspired by this gorgeous monochromatic home!



Black Exterior Home Design Ideas The windows are black and the siding is Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom black modern farmhouse #BlackExterior #HomeDesignIdeas

What a beautiful black modern farmhouse! The windows are black and the siding is Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom.

Windows are Pella Windows – aluminum clad outside and wood inside. Siding is James Hardie.

The lights in the peaks are from Restoration Hardware – similar here.

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Living Rooms With Exposed Brick Walls

Adjoining houses, renovating an old build, or simply stuck for an effortlessly-cool living room design? An exposed brick wall could solve all your problems. Whether you’re after the look of the Mediterranean, cool, relaxed and rustic; or a Scandinavian-inspired, low-key background peopled with bookcases; or an industrial haven perfect for sipping drip coffee amongst fur throws and stove piping, exposed brick is the medium for you. Classic red brick explores warm and tasty segues to the kitchen. Cool grey provides a subtle backdrop for your individual style. Take a peek at our crafted selection of inspirational examples.

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how to decorate a large wall in living room

Decorating a living room is not an easy task, especially when it is an L shaped living room. Ranch homes in 1950s were famous for their L shaped living rooms. Its unusual shape, large picture window and large wall present a decorating challenge. However, with a few tricks, the living can be very practical and look pleasant. I will give you some tips on how to make the best use of an L shaped living room with a large picture window and wall.

You can take advantage of the L shape by using the room for two purposes. You can use the smaller arm of the room as a dining room or entertainment center.

Hence, it will make your guests feel more welcomed for lounging and entertaining.

There is no rug that can fit both sections of the L shaped room. So, you can put an area rug in the

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Online Course: Interior Design 101 – Certificate and CEUs

Interior design is an exciting profession that not only requires designers to be able to think creatively, but also to problem-solve. Interior designers are responsible for creating an environment for a structure, which may include a single-family home, government office, corporate headquarters, and everything in between

In order to create an interior environment, designers need to think about the form and functionality of the space. The form refers to the look and feel. The functionality refers to how they space will be practically used. In order to effectively blend form and functionality, designers need to rely upon many resources, guidelines, and professionals.

Interior designers often tend to be interior decorators. After all, designers are often responsible for all aspects of a project, including the design, development, and finishing touches. However, interior decorators may not necessarily be interior designers; designers need to have more in-depth knowledge than decorators.

While many interior

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20 Solid Exterior Concrete Stairs Design(WITH PICTURES)

concrete staircase


Concrete might not be the prettiest material but this versatile workhorse of the architectural world still has the same potential to stand out as any other building material. Concrete exterior stairs (like the staircase pictured above) can add a sleek, modern look to your backyard or front entrance. Here’s a few ideas to help you get inspired.

jomi construction

While very simple, this rustic outside stairs design is both easy to build and offers a no-nonsense entry into any space. It’s perfect for backyards.

contemporary-exterior (1)

 normandy remodeling

Concrete  outside stairs case can even look grand as seen here. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a private college.

contemporary-exterior (2)
Choate Houses

While small, these exterior staircase  have a lot to say. With a gentle yet rough finish, they blend into the background and don’t distract from the rest of the garden.

modern-exterior (5)
kingdom builders

Even when you keep them simple, concrete outdoor

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How to Design Your Living Room Without a Sofa

Living rooms and sofas are a pair you don’t see broken up too often, but, seriously, WHY NOT? A decent couch is super-expensive most of the time, and if you live in a studio or a tiny apartment, your “living room” probably barely fits one anyways. We say, free yourself from the sofa if it’s not your thing. There are other, way more flexible ways to make your space somewhere you (and your friends) want to hang out. Interior designer Douglas Graneto, for one, is totally on board with going sofa-less, and when we asked him for his top alternative seating setups, he immediately gave us a bunch of genius ideas. We knew we had to share them, but first, we went one step further: We had virtual room design service Modsy create 3-D models of few of our favorite furniture arrangements, and they look so real we did a

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Luxury house exterior design – Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture

A great combination of Art and Aesthetic Creation

Luxury Antonovich Home has been building different types of architectural structures for residential, commercial, hospitality and even in industrial projects. This Luxurious Architectural Design has been built for a luxury house exterior design. At the first glance, you will immediately notice the dominant architectural style that embodies a completely artistic and creative design that has been perfectly arranged and combined meticulously that has been perfectly resulted in the most wonderful and amazing architectural feature. Let us start with the gate and fence design which has been made up of a great combination of different premium class materials and the highest quality design finishing. From the main gate design, you will be noticing a very attractive look from the perfect design creations that has been performed towards the gypsum. We have installed a magnificent fountain design that stands as the center of attraction

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