Scandinavian-Style Living Room Design Inspiration

At the first sign of cooler weather, our homes enter their own form of hibernation. Out comes the chunky knit throw and the candles. We surround ourselves with more lighting and greenery to make up for the dwindling daylight hours and barren trees outside our window. We also, naturally, retreat to one of the coziest places in the home: the living room.

When looking for pointers on how to cozy up a space, look no further than Scandinavia⁠—the area of the globe comprised of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The tenants of Scandinavian design are largely intuitive. Scandinavians create bright, airy spaces to counteract the long, dark days of winter. All-white everything is common, but their palette also includes tan, gray, and black (Occasionally, you’ll see pops of blue, pink, or green in the form of accents). Scandinavians also favor design elements rooted in the natural world⁠—think wood floors, faux fur

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How To Decorate An Apartment, According To A “Design Psychologist”

In these unprecedented times, the concept of “home” has never been more important. Not only are we spending nearly 100 percent of our time indoors, but we’re also grappling with heightened anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Fortunately, we have some control over how our homes make us feel. With a bit of rearranging and perhaps a coat of leftover paint, we have the ability to decorate our apartments or homes in such a way that can change the general atmosphere and possibly even our moods.

That’s according to Amber Dunford, the lead stylist at home goods retailer Overstock, who also happens to hold a master’s degree in psychology. Dunford is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to “design psychology,” or arranging your home for optimal mental health. Her tips (as well as some scientific research) can help make your living space an oasis of tranquility and productivity.

Whether you’ve been

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Responsive Design Mode – Firefox Developer Tools

Responsive design is the practice of designing a website so it looks and works properly on a range of different devices — particularly mobile phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.

The most obvious factor here is screen size, but there are other factors as well, including the pixel density of the display and whether it supports touch. Responsive Design Mode gives you a simple way to simulate these factors, to test how your website will look and behave on different devices.

Toggling Responsive Design Mode

There are three ways to toggle Responsive Design Mode:

  • From the Firefox menu: Select “Responsive Design Mode” from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu (or Tools menu if you display the menu bar or are on macOS).
  • From the Developer Tools toolbox: Press the “Responsive Design Mode” button in the Toolbox’s toolbar:
  • From the keyboard: Press Ctrl + Shift +
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11 Modern Living Rooms That Are Warm and Inviting

Although modern décor isn’t usually associated with words like “warm” and “inviting,” we’re on a mission to officially put the contemporary cold myth to rest. Ahead, we’ve curated a collection of modern living rooms that prove contemporary design isn’t limited to stark spaces. From a room featuring a statement-making bookcase that exudes cozy library vibes to a space with concrete walls that looks anything but cold, these are definitive proof that modern living rooms are warm and inviting.

Seeing as the first official day of fall is just one week away, what better time to seek out interior inspiration? After all, few seasons spark a total home décor update quite like autumn. Prediction: You’re going to want to steal these modern living room ideas for your own autumnal refresh. Ready to curate a space that’s equal parts stylish and comfortable? Keep scrolling to see how some of our favorite interior

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Plan59 > Retro Decor > 1950s Interior Design


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From 1957: Design No. 7507
Bungalow with carport: No. 7509
Armstrong Floors, 1954
Hi-Fi Storage Unit, 1956
Royelle Linoleum, Style 1516
Television room, William Pahlmann
The Pink Family Room
Raybelle Linoleum, Surfray No. 80
Starfire Group by Kroehler, 1957
KenFlex Cotillion, Bazaar, Operetta
Weirzin bathroom by Marvin Culbreth
The Vinyl Boudoir
True Vinyl bathroom in Citron
Mayflower bath, Peachblow lavatory
Wood is so good to live with
Kitchen by George Cooper Rudolph
Kitchen by John and Earline Brice
The Bedroom: 1955
Model Kitchen, 1957
Model Kitchen in Aqua, 1957
Frigidaire Kitchen of the Future
The essence of 1957. Wow.
Living room, 1952, Marvin Culbreth
Your Dream Kitchen, 1949
“TV Party” by Douglass Crockwell
Check out my new drawers!
Made entirely of plastic
The plastic breakfast nook
Sunroom, George Cooper Rudolph
Executive Suite, 1957
The modern bank,
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All In The Family (Room)

Colorworks Studio

Who: Barbi Krass, design director and principal owner of Colorworks Studio, launched her business more than 30 years ago. Krass, who earned her degree from Boston University, has been honored by numerous publications and has taken home a first-place Detroit Home Design Award for custom furniture. Her work on a downtown Detroit loft was featured on HGTV.

Info: Michigan Design Center, Suite 102-A, Troy, 248-647-4000,

Family Room Goal: The aim for this gathering space? An open, yet inviting, feel. “The windows were added above the doorwall and the wall of the stairway was removed to keep the room flooded with light,” designer Barbi Krass says about this room in a Bloomfield Hills home. “The scale of the furniture was an important consideration, as the room is large and open, but it still needed to be conversational to the fireplace.” She chose a neutral palette to focus on

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Maine Website Designers Maine Web Designers

Whether you need a new website created or a makeover of your existing site, we make the creative process easy and affordable. Our website designs are visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and inexpensive to maintain. And your website will display beautifully on modern devices, mobile phones, and computers!

How We Work »

First we listen to your ideas and goals for the website! After having an understanding of your vision, we can provide creative concepts and suggestions to help you get the most for your budget. Expert guidance is provided through each step of the web design process, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed with techie talk.

Receive a Website Design Estimate »

Tell us what you have in mind for your project – pages, features, and content. Contact us online or give us a call at 207-497-5446.

Our Web Design Portfolio »

View our website portfolio for examples of websites

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Orange County Interior Designers – My Designer Touch

Having spent over 18 years in the interior design industry and as one of Orange County interior designers, Nadine has used the tools of visionary art and creativity to show people how a well-balanced and beautiful personal living space can affect balance, organization and beauty in their own external world. Nadine has the ability to match every taste and style, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Nadine provides complete in-home interior design and decoration services including complete remodeling and renovation.

Nadine prides herself on having a professional approach to each and every project. Her expertise has helped hundreds of homeowners design their perfect living space. She has also helped numerous Real Estate agents and homeowners professionally stage their properties so they sell in the least amount of time at a maximum profit. Examples of her work in this area can be found in her staging portfolio.


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Interior of the Little Living Room: 190+ (Photo) Modern Design – Decor

Living room – one of the most important rooms, which need to equip even with a shortage of free space. The small area imposes many restrictions, but at the same time gives an impetus to the manifestation of fantasy and the embodiment of unusual design solutions. Cope with the task of creating a cozy, fairly functional living room is quite capable, if you have the necessary information. Learn more about everything further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Simple or complex approaches to addressing the issue
  • Where to begin?
  • Wall decoration: manipulations with prints and shades
  • Prints
  • Colors
  • Recommendations for the design of the living room
  • Selection of one of the walls: mirrors and wallpapers
  • Justification of partitions with limited room space
  • Decorative partitions
  • Fundamental Partitions
  • Ceiling: “increase” the height
  • Floor decoration
  • Combining living room with kitchen
  • Optical illusions: choosing the right furniture
  • Main items to emphasize
  • Do you
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