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Well, it’s been a pretty long break…barely any posts from me……very sorry followers!     Now that the kids are back in school though, I will have some more time to spend on this blog. Hurrah!  UNFORTUNATELY, I am not SO organised that I actually can start to blog right away! Boo!  (My “to do list” is a mile long!)

In the meantime, I thought I would share this Nature Inspired Mood Board that I did for my Interior Design course at NDA (  The brief was to choose an inspiration for the “clients” based on their family, their lifestyle, their needs and their style preference. I chose NATURE! Coming back after spending 2 months at the lake, I thought a nature themed board would be perfectly appropriate!


When making this board, I wanted to choose accessories that emphasised the “nature” themed aspect of the room while at the same time added

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47 Very Cozy Bookshelves Design Enhance Beauty Family Room

Bookshelves are one of the most common pieces of furniture that you can find in almost any home around the world for the simple reason that a lot people like to read. Whether you own a collection of classic novels or volumes of work-related reference books, it makes perfect sense to get yourself a good bookcase or two for storing these books.

At first thought, choosing the right bookcases for your home may seem like a mundane task. After all, what could you possibly want to look for in a bookshelf? Anything that provides enough space for your all books should be fine, right? Well, not all the time.

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The Best Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home, According to Design Pros

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

It seems like staying at home is bringing out the best in designers and DIYers, at least when it comes to styling and cozying up their homes. Social distancing isn’t the best time to tackle large projects that might require a contractor or team of people or a bunch of stuff from the hardware store. But if our favorite Instagram follows are any indication, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We rounded up some decorating ideas that you can actually take on at home with limited resources. Here’s hoping one of these will inspire you to roll up your sleeves this weekend and make a cozy change with book styling, lighting, or something else on this list, however small it may be.

Looking to eke out some extra storage in a small

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Contemporary Design Group – Home

Top 10 Reasons to shop with
Contemporary Design Group Member Retailer

We provide superior customer service every step of the way, from design to delivery.  
We’re local, independent, and active members of your community.  
Our designers are not only talented, but they’re also professionals.  Many are graduates of top design schools and ASID accredited. 
Our dedicated buyers shop ’till they drop.  We never stop searching for the most unique and high quality designs for your home.
We offer several exclusive Contemporary Design Group products that you can’t find anywhere else.
We negotiate great prices from our manufacturers and pass the savings on to you!
We’re proudly affiliated with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a non-profit committed to promoting sustainable furniture practices 
We’re passionately committed to helping you create a beautiful, comfortable, and stylish home.

Our members have been recognized for their excellence by groups like the North American Home Furnishings Association, 

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Schroder House – Gerrit Rietveld

Sources on Schroder House

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  A nice graphic introduction to architectural ideas.
Expanded 1996 edition available at

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  Highly recommended for serious observers, and
available at

Yetsuh Frank, University of Oregon. Slide from photographer’s collection, January 1994. exterior eye level view photo.

Johnson Architectural Images. Copyrighted slides in the Artifice

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Where I Work: Justin Coakley, the interior designer in a garden studio

Justin’s studio sits in the garden of his terraced house in south west London (Picture: Justin Coakley)

In need of some inspiration for your work-from-home space?

Never fear, our mini series Where I Work is here to serve all your interiors needs.

Each weekday throughout lockdown we’re going inside a different person’s home office to take a dive into the ins and outs of working from home, as the coronavirus pandemic makes this the norm.

Today we’re looking at how Justin Coakley, an interior designer living in London, works.

Justin, who’s originally from South Africa, lives in a terraced home in south west London with his partner, Zunaid.

He splits his time between interior design and creating content for his Instagram, doing all this work from the studio in his garden.

The interior designer hard at work (Picture: Justin Coakley)

Hey, Justin! Tell us about where you work.

I have

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Outdoor Shades | Custom Window Shades

COVID-19 UPDATE: How is preparing & responding.

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Kelly Clarkson Offers French Country Wayfair Home Decor Line

Kelly Clarkson, like many celebrities before her, has partnered with a furniture and home goods retailer to sell products meant to reflect her personal style. This time, her expensive Wayfair line promises French countryside but really delivers modern farmhouse, an extremely popular and extremely boring interior design aesthetic accessible to anyone with a car, considerable disposable income and an Ashley’s Homestore in their strip mall. (That is to say—much more expensive than thrifting, and yielding cookie-cutter results.) But it’s not fair to knock it till I try it, so let’s examine some of the pieces, one-by-one. At the very least, I’m happy to report that the fireplace filled to the brim with books stacked spine-in (pictured above) is not for sale.

Item #1:

This table is fine for an upstate (doesn’t matter which state, just up) AirBnB, but I find it hard to justify the $700 price tag. You

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Wood Doors for Homes | Front Entry | Custom Doors








Modern wood and glass entry doors made in USA

Wood door with speakeasy

Solid wood exterior doors with modern style      

Arch top front entry doors

  Wood doors

Wood doors for your home.  Interior Exterior and GarageExterior
Wood Doors
Wood panel front doors at a glance.
Mahogany, oak, cherry,
knotty alder, walnut, or chestnut

Wood and Glass

craftsman, mission,

rustic, and French residential wood doors. 

Arch Top
Entry Doors

 View all arched, eyebrow, and round top
doors at a glance.  Solid
panel, glass, TDL, and iron grille models

Garage Doors

 Carriage house doors. 

Western red cedar garage door units.

– Prehung and slab only
modern and
traditional style interior wood –

interior doors,


Folding patio

– bi-folding French exterior doors.
Exterior or interior folding doors stack to one side creating a wall of



Extra Wide Modern doors with pivot hardware

Custom Doors

We build custom doors
from scratch.  No door unit is too complex. Odd size doors, doors
made to match existing doors, or

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10 of the best free online room layout planner tools

Redesign a room layout in your home

If you’re thinking about redesigning a room and altering the layout, then it’s sometimes hard to work out whether your ideas will really work and if everything will fit in well. This is particularly so with rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, when you’re considering totally re-arranging the existing layout.

One of the best ways of seeing whether or not your ideas are actually viable, and to get an idea of how they might look, is to put together a proposed layout of your room. If you don’t fancy drawing this all out on paper, then there are a wide variety of very useful free room planning tools online, many of which are simple and easy to use.

Some of the tools are useful for an initial play, to see how you could move key items around in a room. But if you want to get a more accurate idea

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