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What Is Exterior Cladding? | Hunker

Exterior cladding may not be something that you give a lot of thought, but it is what keeps a building safe when weather happens. It is the exterior wall covering that protects all the interior components of a house. The cladding is a critical choice in how a building holds up for the long term and how much upkeep will be needed to maintain it. Today’s cladding choices are more varied than ever, offering better technical protection but also more aesthetic options.

What Is Exterior Cladding?

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The Sum of Its Parts

Cladding materials may seem like the only choice for finishing a house, but without the proper layers beneath, the outer layer won’t get the job done. Weather membranes, insulation, flashing and vapor barriers are all critical to the success of wall cladding. There are some common choices for house cladding, but others are gaining popularity today

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7 Exterior Window Trim Ideas to Inspire your Next Home Project

Windows complete any home’s design. From an interior standpoint, they help let in light and allow those inside a chance to take in the view. From the exterior, windows help complete the home’s style and curb appeal.

And while a lot of emphasis gets placed on how to finish interior windows (with window treatments and styles being the subject of many homeowners’ concerns), window exteriors often need just as much help. But while window coverings are often the solution for the interior, it’s window trim that helps complete the look on the outside. 

Trim helps frame a window, giving it definition and dimension as well as style and design. If you’re looking for ways to finish your exterior windows, take a look at these 7 design ideas for inspiration.

Selecting the Right Window Trim

Window trim is necessary to every exterior. Trim helps cover the edge between siding and the

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Modern And Stylish Exterior Design Ideas – Page 2 of 2

# Modern Bird Nest House

This home exterior looks pretty much like a tree house except that it is not made on a tree. This stylish, modern and simplistically designed house exterior blends very well with the surrounding greenery. It is an environment friendly design that is sustainable and is a timeless piece of art. The box shape design goes well with the tree as it is of the same height as the tree. If you have ever dreamed of how it would be to live in a birds nest, then this one seems pretty close. So, live your dream and explore various such designs to create a nice abode for your loved ones.

# Transparent Tree House In The Forest

If you are a lover of nature or likes living in a house surrounded by lots of forest like greenery, then this exterior home design will be just suitable

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Exterior Design Archives – TRENDEDECOR

Extraordinary Mediterranean Farmhouse Design For You31

Mediterranean architecture was especially popular between 1915 and 1940, and still remains one of the most popular ones there is. The Mediterranean architecture was deeply influenced by the fact that these parts include three very different continents: Europe(Spain, Greece, France,… Continue Reading

Pretty Wreath Decor Ideas To Hang On Your Door14

When most of us think of front door wreaths we think circle, evergreen and Christmas. Wreaths come in all types of materials and shapes. They can be made from simple pine cones that you find in your front yard, fresh… Continue Reading

Cozy Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas That Looks Cool07

Shutters are a wonderful addition to any home. They give the home an air of warmth and comfort, a feeling of home. They can be traditional or modern, farmhouse shabby or city chic. Shutters can be made from a variety… Continue Reading

Stunning Diy Halloween Wreaths Design Ideas That Looks Cool25

Do you dare to make some horrible art for Halloween? We dare you! Nothing Cute allowed! UGLY or CREEPY is what

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Exterior Design Decks – Home Improvement Professional in Woodstock, GA – Reviews






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Modern Architectural Style Considerations | Milgard Windows & Doors

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and lots of light encompass the look of a modern home. Ornamentation is kept at a minimum to focus on a large perceived space and welcome indoor-outdoor living. These one-of-a-kind homes are usually asymmetrical with flat or uniquely slanted roofs.

Recommended Window and Patio Door Styles for Modern

While modern homes are varied in how they are designed, sliding horizontal windows can almost always be a great choice. Another popular operating style is awning, often times placed below large picture windows as it brings in subtle fresh air. Many modern homes push beyond the norm when it comes to the shape and positioning of the windows. This could look like uniquely cut gables, windows wrapping around the corner of a home, or having glass from floor to ceiling. The possibilities are endless!

Aluminum is a popular window material to use because modern homes almost always have

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Exterior Cornice by Stromberg Architectural Products

Buildings that have a uniform texture and color can be monotonous; exterior architectural cornice is an effective and very simple way to enhance the design and visual appeal of most types of buildings. Architectural cornice serves a number of aesthetic functions. First, it can provide variety and excitement to most buildings. A building with architectural cornice will invariably be more pleasing to the eye than an identical building that does not contain this element of design. Second, cornice provides a sense of balance to structures. The lower portions of most buildings have a thicker and heavier area, and architectural cornice ensures that the top of the building will as well. Exterior architectural cornice also provides a definitive finishing touch to the building by crowning it.

Aside from the numerous aesthetic benefits of adding architectural cornice to buildings, it is also a very functional design enhancement. Reinforced cornice acts as a

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Faux Stone Siding | Denver

At NextStone, the safety, health and well being of our customers, employees, and vendors is our top priority and continues to be our focus as we manage the COVID-19 Coronavirus which has escalated globally. We want to reassure you that NextStone is taking additional steps to minimize the impact on our Valued Customers and Communities. 
NextStone is Open for Business and continues to accept orders. In an effort to comply with the “Social Distancing” protocol, Orders can be placed via online Retail Sites available on the Purchase Tab of this Website. Click on your preferred Retail Logo for ordering and pricing. Orders can be shipped directly to YOU the end user, temporarily eliminating the need to visit Retail locations in person. Customer Representatives at NextStone are available to take your calls and respond to your concerns. 
Installing NextStone can be a fun Family Project that will not only

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2020 Cost to Paint a House | Avg Exterior Painting Per Sq Ft

Paint the exterior of your home to boost its curb appeal, change a color you don’t like or refresh a dilapidated paint job. It’s a large job that requires proper planning, preparation and tools. In most cases, it’s best left to a pro. But before you call one, consider a few factors that will affect your project’s budget.

Average Cost to Paint a Home Exterior

Average Cost $2,848
Typical Range $1,710 and $3,993
Low $650
High $6,200

Cost to Paint a House

Painting an average home between 1,500 and 2,500 square feet can cost between $1,000 and $6,000. Professionals provide estimates primarily based on the area of walls or siding they’ll paint, , not the home’ssquare feet. Pricing depends heavily on a few factors:

  • Material type. Wood and vinyl cost $1 to $2 per square foot less than brick or stucco.
  • The taller the building, the higher the price. Harder
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