Interior Paint & Decor Ideas with Designer Living Rooms



A living room is the first room in a home interior that the user will see when he enters the house. That’s why designing a color scheme for living room it is extremely important that it gives a inviting experience to your user and to the home owners as well. We can say that the color scheme and the entire interior decorating theme of the living room will create first impression in your viewer’s mind. This is good in a way because the living room design ideas you are going to use will set a definition for the decorating thee for the entire home. While actually painting the living room walls you can use a variety of painting options starting from the actual shade to the texture of the finish.





Whatever you decide remember that avoid dark colors that can cause a depressing mood in the living room. Your room interior must create a pleasant mood that will make the user comfortable. If you have living room curtains on windows, design them in such a way that they allow enough direct sunlight to enter the living room. Natural light after falling on living room walls will reflect into deeper areas illuminating the corner dark areas. This technique is called as indirect or diffused light and is extremely effective in adding extra mood in living room color scheme without any additional costs. You can also make use of combination of color schemes in living room interior decorating.





Another easy way to decide the color scheme of the living room is to follow theme such as a cool or hot colors. Which you should choose entirely depends on the actual climatic conditions surrounding your home. It’s related to the amount of direct sunlight you receive. It doesn’t have to be just about paint or wallpaper either. It could be a large hanging wall art painting or tapestry for example. Anything that covers your walls. Color can have a direct influence on the energy of a room. We need to make sure that energy is good and positive. The ‘safe’ living room color ideas to cover your walls in feng shui would be beige or white.




Too much white can be too yang. In order to add some yin to the room, you can add a splash of color in the decor or living room furniture to balance out the energy a little. Even having a feature wall of yin color can help to balance out the energy. Lighting and mirrors are also excellent resources to help with the balance of energy. If we consult the five elements, we know that shades of white are more earth colors. The earth colors will make your room look brighter and feel more cozy and inviting. It will also give your family a sense of security and stability.




Not only that, but the brightness of the white shade will help to magnify and echo back the positive energy of the room. The opposite effect is the result of dark colors such as red and blue on the walls of your diy living room. You may feel an indirect sense of tension, insecurity and even feel threatened by such colors without knowing exactly why. This intense energy can take its toll on you mentally and physically, more so over time. When you’re deciding on your living room color ideas, here’s a tip: If you think of a scale of color with white being at one end and black at the other, then if the color you like is more towards white, than black, then that’s a good color to use. If it’s too dark, maybe consider the pastel version of your favorite color.


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