Cleaning the Aircon Regularly is Very Important for Body Health

Living in a densely populated country like Singapore, it would not be complete without the use of aircon. As a country that builds buildings, apartments, or hotels, the building must have a room that is impermeable so it does not allow the circulation of air out and into the room. Then the aircon is one solution so that residents of the building still feel comfortable. If the aircon is damaged, they do not need to worry because they only need to contact the HVAC air conditioning service . Aircon maintenance services will come, then clean the aircon that looks dirty.

Why does the aircon need to be cleaned regularly?

Dirty AC filters can cause the air ducts in the house to become dirty and clogged, providing an ideal environment for fungi and spores to develop in these air ducts. Millions of unwanted airborne particles can be inhaled inside your home. air filters, ducts, and diffuser vents can be traps for dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, cooking smells, pet hair, and dandruff.

The main health hazards that can be caused by the rarity of the air conditioning unit and the drain are when there are animals that die and rot in the air conditioning duct without being noticed so that bad bacteria are hidden in the air conditioning unit ducts. Decaying animals in air conditioning units and their channels can cause bacteria to be blown into the house and inhaled by owners and can cause various infections and health problems. The increase in temperature and humidity made by HVAC units inside the AC unit helps the growth of organisms and accelerates the natural decomposition of animals and plants.

That is the reason for the importance of cleaning the aircon regularly. Airtight rooms need to be maintained so as not to cause disease. With the aircon being able to process the air for the better, it should be cleaned regularly so that the dirt that settles in the filter can be removed to minimize the presence of disease.