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Design Thinking Comes of Age

Idea in Brief

The Change

Increasingly, corporations and professional services firms are working to create design-centric cultures.

The Reason

Many products, services, and processes are now technologically complex. People are not hardwired to deal well with high levels of complexity. They need help.

The Idea

People need their interactions with technologies and other complex systems to be intuitive and pleasurable. Empathy, experimentation, design smarts, and other qualities help create those kinds of interactions. Those qualities need to spread from the product design function to the whole organization.

There’s a shift under way in large organizations, one that puts design much closer to the center of the enterprise. But the shift isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about applying the principles of design to the way people work.

This new approach is in large part a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business. That complexity takes many forms. Sometimes

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The Top Interior Design Styles Based on Age

The scrunchies you adored in middle school probably cause you to shriek in horror today. As we grow, so does our fashion sense (hopefully). Does the same go for decor preferences? Interior design startup Modsy, which helps its users visualize potential new furniture in their real-life rooms, decided to find out. The platform analyzed user data based on its free style quiz, and quickly discovered that just as with the proper bedtime or the appropriate length of shorts, the young and old see interior design styles differently.

Millennials (those ages 18 to 34) are seemingly obsessed with modern, minimal midcentury design, called “mod visionary” in the Modsy quiz. Alessandra Wood, a design history PhD and the director of style at Modsy, isn’t surprised. “Younger generations living in cities are likely living in smaller apartments and condos, so a minimalist aesthetic is more appropriate—perhaps even necessary!—for the size of their spaces,”

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