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American Foursquare, 1890-1930 | Old House Web

Rosemary Thornton

Story and Photos by
Rosemary Thornton, contributing editor
The Old House Web

You’d be hard pressed to find a housing style more typically American than the foursquare. Economical to build and uniquely suited to make use of every square inch of the house itself and tiny city lots, this style can be found in city neighborhoods across the country.

The American Foursquare is known by a variety of terms including box house, a cube, a double cube or a square type American house. It first appeared on the housing scene around 1890 and remained popular well into the 1930s.

The foursquare is typically a two-and-a-half-story house on a full basement, with a monitor dormer (a dormer with a roof-line that mirrors the primary roof) in the attic. Most foursquares have pyramidal hip roofs (which come to a peak in the center). Front porches span the full width of

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American Design Drafting Association

ADDA’s Mission….

We have now entered into a new decade that is promising for great changes in our profession.  Over the last two decades we have seen a transition from the beginnings of working drawing being created only be electronic methods to drawings that are now the mainstream of completed drawings and documentation.  We now can create a drawing that can go directly from the computer to the manufacturer.  A construction drawing now contains all the specifications and product documentation.  We can create an interactive object that can be visualized, turned, flipped and rotated.   A building that can be entered and walk from room to room.   Watch the manufacturing process on computer created drawings.  What a change we have seen and it makes me wonder what the future hold over the next decade.

For over seventy years ADDA has

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