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A kid-friendly, baby proof yet stylish living room, ohjoy 2.0.

The words, “kid-friendly, ” “child-proof, ” “storage solutions, “ and “safe” are quite possibly the least sexy words to hear as a designer. I’ll go further than that, we run from them like Charlie Sheen runs from sobriety or Ramona Singer runs from sanity. Design is a constant battle between form and function, and in this case Captain Function tends to win the championship all “Mike -Tyson-biting-ears” style.

I know it’s important and it has to be safe, but it’s hard, really hard, to make a space indestructible to a baby, full of things that won’t destroy a baby, AND still have it look beautiful, stylish, and grown up. I mean, what else do you want? Do you want it to also be affordable and high quality?


UNTIL NOW. Put your kids down for their nap. I don’t care how old they

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