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Bay Window Exterior Design Facelift

This home’s bay window exterior got a significant design facelift with the help of Carlton Fieldstone panels.

Just last week we wrote about the design philosophy of ‘less is more’ – and here is a wonderful example of that concept in action.

If you remember, ‘less is more’ doesn’t necessarily mean using less of a particular material – our panels, for example.  We’ve shared pictures from incredible whole-house projects that have used dozens of faux panels to completely transform a home’s exterior. The ‘less’ actually refers to how homeowners successfully incorporate the panels into their design vision – with the emphasis being on a seamless integration that is so subtle and stylish that people ‘don’t notice’ that faux stone or brick is being used at all.

A home's bay window exterior design enhanced with Carlton Fieldstone panels.
AFTER: New bay windows surrounded by Carlton Fieldstone

In plain English – when you’ve finished installing the panels, you don’t want people to look

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