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Decorating Ideas for Fun Playrooms and Kids’ Bedrooms

Toile Meets Hoops

Who says you can’t mix 18th-century French design with basketball? In a kids’ space, patterns don’t need to be cutesy cartoon characters, as long as they’re brightly colored and happy.

Pick a Durable Style

Rustic decor is perfect for a playroom. Who cares if the kids crash into the lumber wall with their scooter and scuff it up? They’re only adding to the patina!

Color Upon Color

Most of all a playroom needs to be a happy place. Pile on vibrant colors and create a place to snuggle and lounge. Carpet tiles are also a brilliant choice for playrooms; if one gets stained, swap it with one in a less conspicuous part of the room.

A Mix of Sophistication and Fun

This handsomely paneled library is all decked out for fun. If the party runs late — and if the parents say it’s OK — the teepee

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Solid Rugs for Living Rooms, Bedrooms & More

Solid Rugs: Round, Rectangular & Beyond

Complete the room with a solid-colored rug. Single shade area rugs tie together pre-existing furniture and decor, filling out the look of the entire space. Before deciding on a material and hue for your solid rug, be sure to consider where in the home you want it to live; that way it’s easy to take the room’s aesthetic into account. For example, is the rug going underneath a sofa, coffee table or accent chair in the living room? Try and select one that elevates those pieces and gives the space a cohesive vibe. Or, opt for modern eclecticism and pick a solid rug that’s bold and eye-catching. Additionally, it’s important to determine which shape of rug is the best fit for the room. Rectangular ones are an ideal pick for larger rooms, while round rugs are often easier to arrange in smaller kitchens and

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