10 Interior Design Tips To Add Natural Light In Your HomeBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

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If you’ve checked your calendar or walked outside recently you’ve probably realized that spring is upon us. Spring is a time of warmth and sun, a welcome combination that often makes the inside world seem dark and dreary in comparison. For this reason, it is understandable that many people seek to maximize their home’s natural light during the spring season. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or an extensive remolding project, here are ten tips for accomplishing just that:

1. Free up your windows

Perhaps the best way to start is by clearing your windows of obstruction and opening them up to the sunlight. Many windows have bars or heavy drapes that prevent the maximum amount of light from getting through. Similarly, windows are often grimier – and consequently less clear – than they ideally could be.

Source: myidealhome.tumblr.com via Ashlynn on Pinterest

2. Integrate

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Interior Design | Blog

Dec 06 2016

Due to a lack of resources, technology, and physical space at the country’s largest public hospital, Escuela Hospital, infants are suffering brutal injustices. Chief Neonatologist, Dr. Alejandro Young will address the problem of infant-mortality in Honduras and at the Escuela … Continue reading

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Oct 04 2016

An Ethnographic Exploration Informing Spatial Design for the Individualized Instruction and Collaborative Work at The RIT Writing Commons This poster presentation illustrates an interior design and space planning research project in partnership with The Writing Commons and The Wallace Center. … Continue reading

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Apr 29 2016

What’s Next?   April 14th, 2016 Our second annual What’s Next event was an amazing opportunity for students, alumni and design professionals to gain greater insight into the myriad of professional opportunities for graduates of RIT Interior Design. Hosted by … Continue reading

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Mar 10 2016


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Premium WordPress Themes to build your blog, site or shop

From the very first request for customization, Design Lab jumped in and solved every little issue I had. Quick and nice. My compliments for the excellent service and the friendly approach.

My customer wanted a clean look and a nice design that still had great features for a blog.
The Brilliant Plus theme embraced her wishes and was very easy to use.
As an extra bonus, it was affordable on a low budget.
Customer service helped with a few issues quick and friendly. Thank you!

Most WordPress themes go for $40 – $60 and offer too many options. They are just too complicated for me. The Box Plus allowed me to envision the site before i added any content to it.Your solution was perfect for my budget!

Design Lab are great! I use the Box Plus and they are always trying to improve the theme to keep it fresh and

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Themify Flow: WordPress Theme Builder

Jun 11, 2015 3 Comments

I haven’t updated this blog for the longest time. Today I have something very exciting to present. I’ve been working very hard with the Themify team on a new theme builder for WordPress called Themify Flow. It is a lightweight, fast performance framework, which allows you to build responsive themes. Everything is done within WordPress with an intuitive drag & drop interface. No PHP or CSS coding required. Watch the video below to see how it works. It is a free open source project. Give it a shot!

Free MiniCards From Moo.com

Aug 07, 2012 1 Comment

I’ve partnered with Moo.com to offer a free set of 100 MiniCards. It is absolutely free. All you have to pay is the shipping and handling fee. You can print up to 100 different images in one pack. Hurry now, this offer expires

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Home Decorating Blog & Home Decor Shopping Site bringing you decorating tips & trends plus some easy diy projects for everyday life!


Expected Delivery:

Our custom products are made especially for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, thanks!


Drapery Styles





Overall width PER PAIR approximately 46″

A sophisticated yet casual drapery heading.

  • 3 Finger Inverted French Pleat
  • Pleat is tacked at the top
  • Fabric is pattern matched
  • 4″ Double Bottom Hem
  • 4″ Double Top with Crinoline
  • Finished Width per pair 46″ including returns
  • Drapery Pins are set to install on rings

PINCH PLEAT Tried + True

Overall width PER PAIR approximately 46″

A tried and true design style but our take is updated with a 2 finger pleat tacked at the bottom

  • Fabric is pattern matched
  • 4″ Double Bottom Hem
  • 4″ Double Top with Crinoline
  • Finished Width per pair 46″ including returns
  • Drapery Pins are set to install on rings

GROMMET TOP Clean Line + Easy Install

Overall width

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Design Matters | Furniture design blog from Design Matters author George Walker

Dividers sketch by David Fisher.

Every woodworker I know wants to get better at design. Yet it’s hard to carve out time to devote to it. Perhaps it’s because most of us go it alone. Design like any skill responds to our time and attention, but progress often comes in fits and starts.

I’ll be teaching a design workshop at Marc Adams School of Woodworking the week of August 27th through the 31st.  It’s a chance to make a significant leap in your design journey. You’ll leave the workshop on a whole different level equipped with tools to develop your design skills with purpose.

Here’s a link for more details.


Note: Both Jim and I have curtailed our teaching schedule to devote more time to our research and writing. This is the only workshop I’ll be offering this year.


George R. Walker

It’s not quite as magical

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9 Tips for Arranging Furniture in a Living Room or Family Room – Schneiderman’s {the blog}

Beautiful living room - arranging furniture around stone fireplace and TV.

One of the things that we suggested in our post on Furniture Shopping Tips was to measure your room and try out different furniture placement scenarios – either on paper or using a room planner – prior to shopping.

We still think that’s pretty great advice, but what if arranging furniture isn’t one of your strong points?  Or you’ve never had to do it before?

We’ve got some tips and general guidelines that will help:


1. Determine function.

Think about how you want this room to function. What activities will be taking place in the space (TV viewing, games, conversation, work, etc.)?

How many people do you need to comfortably seat?  Will your family always be sitting or will you need a spot to lay or lounge?  Or more than one?

Arranging furniture in a living room | Scarsdale Project - Elements of Style Blog

Answering questions like these will give you a better feel for the type, quantity, and size

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