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45 Best House Exterior Design Ideas That Have Nuances Of Navy Blue

Choosing the colour of your exterior door can be very daunting. There are many theories out there that suggest one colour to another and many things to consider when making your choice. So, how do you choose the right colour for your exterior door? Here are some tips to help you in your decision making:

The front of your house, is the first thing people see. Your exterior door is a reflection of you. It is the “opening” of your home, the place where people enter your home. So before beginning your search for the perfect colour for your door you have to ask yourself. What is the purpose of this door? What do you want it to say to people as they enter? Colours can say many different things to certain people. Recently, more and more designers and architects are looking to an ancient science developed in China over

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15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms

Whenever we see brown and blue together, what do you recall? The mix of warm brown and cool blue feels natural – think earth and sky. Two simple words that seem so much, especially in the art and design industry. We believe that when these colors are not combined in the right amounts it sort of overbearing, but when they are in the right amount and in the right places, they are but special and lovely.

Today, we will be showing you pictures of 15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms that will make you change your mind about this great combo! Brown, as a neutral colors pretty much mix well with any color, but when we think blue – maybe royal blue? We have second thoughts, but not in this set of photos. We can say one thing is definite: a rich royal blue and a dark

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33 Cool Brown And Blue Living Room Designs

cool brown and blue living room designs cover

You may say that brown and blue isn’t such a cool combo but blend them and look – they look so natural together! Many designers and artists use these two colors for impressive combos and looks, and if you want to try it, too, the main thing is to choose the shades carefully and take right proportions. Neutral beige and dazzling blue or rich brown and aqua – it’s up to you and your interiors. Today we’ll have a look at brown and blue living rooms and ways to make them look harmonious.

Depending on the shades of blue and brown you take, you can decorated a modern, coastal, mid-century modern, vintage, industrial or any other room. Wanna something neutral? Opt for beige and soft brown shades, add some aqua accessories and a couple of pillows to reach a soft yet refreshed look. looking for dramatic ideas? Decorate in navy

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20 Charming Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

20 Charming Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

You sure know how a specific combination of two colors with completely different natures can act as a one merged energy and provide the living room interior with superb ambiance. For instance, blue and yellow is a powerful mix of primary cold and warm colors which act as a super dynamic duo in providing the living room with refreshing ambiance and exclusively modern appearance. Regardless of the shade of blue and yellow, this is a perfect combination for achieving both vibrant and relaxing ambiance in the living room. The secret of this two colors that work so good as a team is that they complement each other, blue brings the freshness and vibrant note , while the yellow soothes the excessive dynamic, add warmth and cozy feel in the interior. We’ve gathered a showcase of 20 Super Refreshing Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas which could serve as an

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75 Inspiring Blue Living Room Photos

In this living room the Christmas season shines in blues and whites.

Photo By: The Inspired Room

Use blue pieces on white walls for a clever way to open up a living room space.

Photo By: Tom Stringer

A solid blue ottoman is a perfect place to keep an inviting coffee table book.

Photo By: Viva Fashion

This blue living room matches a leather easy chair and velvet sofa in similar hues to play on textures.

Photo By: Zoe Feldman Design

The striking blue patterned coffee table in this living room adds color and coordinated beauty.

Photo By: Pretty Handy Girl

The blue lampshade, loveseat and blue-themed gallery wall create a unified color scheme.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A royal blue patterned rug is a solid base for the calmer grayish blue of the easy chair in this living room.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

The white stairwell and sconces give a

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Blue, Brown, & Gray Living Room Furniture & Decorating Ideas

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBlue tufted sectional with brown and blue accent pillows, brown leather ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.
Blue tufted sectional accented with blue and gray pillows, paired with a brown circular ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.

Using a sapphire blue sofa in your space will make that color the focal point. In the example photo, blues and browns in the wall art mimic the print cushions, creating a pleasing visual balance. The walnut brown ottoman and gray, blue and brown rug anchor the space and tie the look together.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetLight blue tufted sectional with blue and brown accent pillows, matching chairs, and a brown tufted ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.
Contemporary light blue tufted sectional with blue & brown accent pillows combined with matching chairs and a brown tufted ottoman.

When decorating with blue, brown and gray, pay close attention to tone. Along with a light blue sectional, the blue and brown pillows and matching chair pictured here create an easy sense of flow throughout the room that is echoed in the rug. The colors

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