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Buy POSH Rooms, Complete Rooms at Affordable Prices!

What makes Buy POSH Rooms unique is that the entire room ships directly to your door and you have a package that an award-winning designer has designed specifically for you at a very reasonable price. Purchasing select pieces and parts to try to decorate a room can be a nightmare and turn into a design disaster. Now when you look at the room you see exactly what it looks like before you purchase it. One of the most frequently asked questions about the rooms concerns the size of the rooms and how to place the furniture. Please refer to our FAQ selection. It has great answers to these concerns.

Monique Breaux, principal designer of Posh Exclusive Interiors (www.poshinteriors.com), caters to an exclusive clientele. She created the Buy Posh Rooms concept after airing as a designer on HGTV and having so many requests from viewers to create something affordable. Monique

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