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55 + unique cathedral and vaulted ceiling designs in living rooms

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There were times when vaulted ceilings were used only in sacred places like cathedrals or basilicas. We have gathered a collection of 65 unique cathedral and vaulted designs in living rooms around the world and this article will give you some answers to the basic questions that refer to these types of tops.

 What is a vaulted ceiling?

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What is vaulted ceiling? By definition, it is a top which has arched or curved structure with one or two sharp, sloping sides that form a peak. The sloping sides can be of equal or unequal length. The ceiling slants down to the lowest wall again giving the impression or illusion that the room is larger than it is really is due to the increased volume and is sometimes called a slanted one.

What is a cathedral ceiling?

cathedral ceiling design ideas exposed beams natural wood color

A cathedral ceiling has a center point higher than the walls. It have

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