Daycare Room Setup | Layout & Design Ideas

Core Areas

Daycare classrooms can vary wildly from one to another, though most are made up of the same core areas. All daycare setup ideas should use these “zones” as the foundation for your layout.

Entrancedistinct and welcoming.

storage ideas for daycare setup

Cubby Storagewhere children keep their belongings, including backpacks, coats, etc. Situate near the entrance of the room in such a way that it will not be congested during busy pickup and drop-off times. Cubbies should have an open front and size appropriate for its intended users. Other daycare storage ideas, including coat hooks and shelving, can also be part of the cubby storage area.

Classroom & Teacher Storagefor supplies, equipment, toys, materials, books, and other daycare essentials. Keeping your daycare classroom clutter-free is not just for aesthetic purposes: it provides a safer environment for children, helps promote organizational and social skills, and reduces anxiety –

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