What a $40K Landscaping Design and Exterior Remodel Looks Like

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In Renovator’s Notebook, homeowners open up about the nitty-gritty of their remodels: how long it really took, how much it actually cost, what went horribly wrong, and what went wonderfully, serendipitously, it’s-all-worth-it-in-the-end right.

When Meredith Marshall, a principal in renovation company Milkshake Los Angeles, learned about a 1,100-square-foot, Spanish-style home for sale in the West Adams neighborhood of L.A., she was eager to scope it out. But when Marshall pulled up, she discovered there wasn’t a whole lot to look at. “Even when I got up close to the house, I couldn’t truly see it,” she says, recalling two monstrous palm trees, each one around five feet in diameter, crowding the front steps. The only silver lining: The giant plants (mostly) covered up the bad black paint job. 

It took 10 people, one small bulldozer, and a few hours to dig out the stumps (the roots were causing issues

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Before and After: Family Room-to-Kitchen Remodel

Before: A U-Shaped Cramp

The 1920s Tudor was lovely save for one thing: The warren of rooms just didn’t work for a couple with three young children. Having moved from a Manhattan apartment, Jamie Donner lasted two years in the Summit, NJ, house before crying uncle. “I fell in love with the charm of the house and the beautiful yard,” she says. “But the kitchen was like a closet, sequestered at the back. And you couldn’t see the backyard.”

Shown: The old kitchen was turned into the family room. Its U-shaped layout was cramped for a family of five, and its heavy, traditional look didn’t suit their style.

Free-Flowing Update

Photo by Ellen McDermott

Working with a creative team that included architect Michael Chiarella, interior designer Magda Chiarella, and kitchen designer Heidi Piron, the Donners reworked the core of the first floor. In the end, they swapped the locations of

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Closet design, decor, photos, pictures, ideas, inspiration, paint colors and remodel

Beveled Beaded mirror above a closet dresser in a transitional design space.

LA Closet Design

Custom closet with a built-in dresser in a transitional home with a beveled mirror and plenty of shelves for an organized appeal.

LA Closet Design

Custom walk-in closet features lighted shoe shelves and space to elegantly display designer handbags.

LA Closet Design

Walk-in closet with lighted glass-front cabinets in a master walk-in closet featuring organization and updated materials.

LA Closet Design

Transitionial walk-in closet designed with a closet island and a sunglass drawer keeping everything easy to find and organized.

LA Closet Design

Lovely styled closet island designed with coffee table books creating a sophisticated appeal.

LA Closet Design

Mirrored top closet island featuring white cabinets and glass wardrobe doors in a stunning and large walk-in closet.

LA Closet Design

Custom walk in closet with glass knobs in a transitional home featuring an organized aesthetic

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Pictures of Kitchen Design Ideas, Remodel and Decor ~ MYKITCHENINTERIOR

Try wine kitchen decor the next time you remodel your kitchen interior! Wine or vineyard kitchen decor is a wonderful choice to add elements of wine-country style for more beautiful and inspiring kitchen design without having you to sacrifice the sole function of the room. In general, this kitchen decor theme can help you establish a truly welcoming and inviting feel with a dash of warmth to make the kitchen […]

Captivating Accessory on Square White Wood Kitchen Table plus Large Window on Sleeky Floor

The white wood kitchen table is a beautiful choice for you who want to invoke the look and feel of shabby chic style or farmhouse kitchen design. Even so, considering the flexibility and versatility of both white paint and wood material, we can expect that white painted wood table can also make a way to stand out even in modern kitchen setting. Since your kitchen table

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Home Exterior design, decor, photos, pictures, ideas, inspiration, paint colors and remodel

Stunning outdoor shower boasts a vintage exposed plumbing shower kit fixed against blue and gray mosaic shower tiles over a river rock floor.

Jenn Feldman Designs

Brass door numbers are mounted beside a low wooden chevron gate opening to concrete pavers leading to stairs ending at a blue chevron front door.

Lindsey Lane Design

Seeded glass carriage sconces light a gray stone home boasting slate steps leading to layered doormats placed in front of a white front door finished with glass panels and sidelights.

Bria Hammel Interiors

Modern beach house with a black dutch door and tall black planters illuminated by a black caged lantern light.

Patterson Custom Homes

Modern brick beach home features glass windows, modular accents and lush green plants for a natural green finish.

Patterson Custom Homes

White and blue home with a blue garage door displaying topiaries and black vintage lamps on the sides.

UC Custom

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