27 Stunning Exterior Door Design Ideas

Today we will be looking into exterior door design ideas, after all, they’re the welcoming point to your home. Our team has researched front door entrance design for houses and came up with unique front entry doors to show to you in a nicely put gallery. Perhaps you are now used to seeing modern front double door designs for houses, but what if we tell you there are ways to adapt and otherwise plain single wooden door to create a beautiful entrance for your home? Great designs are waiting for you to see, especially when it comes to appealing colors, and shapes alike. Some of these exterior door design ideas are suitable for you to create a sort of magical entrance to your home. The main door design for a modern home is now thought of as the more posh and clean cut option, but there is certainly a charming

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20 Stunning Traditional Exterior Design Ideas

When it comes to having a house that feels like a home, ones thoughts often turn toward interior design. However, if you really want your home to be everything that it can be, then you also need to think about exterior design as well!

There are, of course, a number of different ways in which you can design the exterior of a home. By and large, though, most people will prefer to keep their designs on the traditional side. The reason for this is easy to understand. Traditional exterior home design is the most instantly recognizable and appealing aesthetic out there. If it ever comes time to sell your home, you can bet a home that features beautiful traditional exterior design will always attract eyeballs.

With all of this in mind, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some home exteriors that get traditional design right.

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9 Stunning Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

The fashion of farmhouse design could be put together with a modern style regarding interior design. It’s preferable to plan the plan of your modern beach home that will fit your nature and requirements. It’s possible that you fix your house exterior design even when you don’t have a lot of money. Contemporary farmhouse exterior design reflects the entire sort of the space and the tradition too. The farmhouse exterior design totally reflects the whole style of the home and the family tradition also. Modern-day farmhouse exterior designs provide you with such beautiful exterior designs that it’s possible to go with.

The exterior is made from basalt and limestone. Replacing an exterior home trimming can increase the freshness and beauty of your house. Home exterior trim is functional in addition to beautiful. Some other prefers to generate the farmhouse exteriors seem classy. Revamping a farmhouse exterior can be quite costly

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15 Luxury Living Room Designs (Stunning)

Huge rustic living room with massive wood beams, rustic furniture and large stone fireplace.

This is it. Best-of-the-best. Opulence at its best… truly luxurious living room design. Spacious living rooms in all styles from rustic to casual, to beachside to totally opulent.

I love living rooms. I like them big, with lots of seating of all types with accompanying ottomans, big fireplaces, tall ceilings and spectacular lighting.

When it comes to living room design, most of us can’t afford truly luxurious living rooms, but we can appreciate them and even gain some inspiration from them for our own living spaces.

This gallery of luxury living rooms, while ostentatious, and beyond most of our means, is fun to look at. I love this stuff.

We carefully chose the best-of-the-best. We do include a few truly spectacular celebrity living rooms.


Solarium Style Living Room

First up in our epic luxury living rooms gallery is a large solarium style living room from famed boxer Floyd Mayweather. 

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12 Most Stunning House Exterior Design – Best Ideas 2018

Many homeowners want the house exterior design of them look more stands out amongst the rest, and they also want a home that blends with its surroundings and neighborhood.

Did you know that you have to consider materials, color, balancing shape and lines when designing the exterior of your home because designing the exterior of a home can be a complicated process–it is not a job for novice designers.

All good design of exterior or interior, needs to follow some simple “rules” of design in order for the final outcome to be looks interesting visually. Therefore the houses should be built with followed some key design principles in order for a home exterior visually appealing dan make a lot of people stop in the tracks and gawk in awe of its beauty.


10 Basic Theory of Exterior Designing:

  1. Form follows function
  2. Balancing shapes with symmetry
  3. Exterior color combinations
  4. House materials
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The living room could be your favourite spot to hang out with your family when you have a comfortable place to stay together. The modern living room design could make you comfort chit-chatting with your beloved people in the tea-time.

Many people agree that the living room is the main room of the house due to its functions. You can have many activities especially hanging out and chatting with your family in this room without spending much money to go out. The modern living room ideas help you to deliver what you need to get the stunning main room of the house.

If you place some antiques in this room, you can keep them to the storeroom and place the modern furniture to get this brand new living room. Make sure that you have the natural sunlight from the window of the room. Decorating the window can serve you double

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30+ Stunning Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

You can fix your home exterior design even if you do not have much money. In this article I am going to talk about the ways to improve your home exterior design. Appealing design will enhance the aesthetic values of your house. You can make your home look much better than the old style.

You can plant trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your yard. You can mix those plantations for a colorful view. If you like flower beds, you better choose the easy to maintenance flower beds. The flower beds will die if you do not know how to take care of them. The easier option is ivy and ferns plantation. They are very easy to grow and do not need a lot of attention. You will not find any difficulty if you grow those plants. Do not forget to pull out weed so the other plants will grow

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20 Stunning Contemporary Family Room Designs For The Best Relaxation

Not so long ago, we have explained the importance and the actual meaning of a family room in our collection of 15 Timeless Traditional Family Room Designs Your Family Will Enjoy with timeless classic designs of family rooms from traditional residences that have set a standard for the other styles that a home can be built in.
But nowadays there are a couple of other styles that are more popular within the new homeowners, so that is why we feel like we need to show you how a contemporary family room should look like. Of course, everyone has their own taste, but it won’t hurt to have some guidelines about the dos and don’ts.

For this reason, we welcome you to our latest interior design collection of 20 Stunning Contemporary Family Room Designs For The Best Relaxation in which we are going to show you what a contemporary family room 

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42 Stunning Exterior Home Designs

Image title

Home exterior designs are a crucial part of your home’s curb appeal. They’re the first thing anyone sees about your home, and they play a big role in how your home is perceived. So why settle for a standard, plain, or boring home exterior design, knowing how important it is to your house as a whole?

Exterior Home Designs

These 42 designs will show you just what’s possible when you start thinking outside the box.

1. Cottage Style

Image title

Just because a house is small on size doesn’t mean that it can’t be big on style, too. The light colors and bold trim of this cottage house makes it appear to be larger than it really is, while the sunroom addition gets a bold treatment in matching soffits and window trim.

2. A Regal Painted Lady

Image title

Once upon a time, nearly all homes were painted to show off their architectural features

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50 Stunning Modern Home Exterior Designs That Have Awesome Facades

Design blogs are filled with countless ideas for interiors. What about ideas for your exterior? How are you planning to envelop your home? Where will your main view look out to, your patio be awash with the smell of, and what will you drive up to at the end of each day? These fifty home exteriors show what it means to have a modern-looking façade. Using combinations of timber, plaster, bamboo, glass and concrete, they shoot up straight in large vertical panels, slither into long horizontal levels, and criss-cross with the forest and palm trees in a myriad of natural settings. Pick your favourite from our top fifty exteriors for yourself.

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