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15 Interior Design Tips For The Best First Impression

impressive interior design

Creating inspiring interior design that makes a good first impression on guests is something that every homeowner wants as it’s a nice feeling to hear the oohs and aahs of your guests as they admire your home’s impressive interior design.

To help you make a killer interior design impression, here are 13 ways you can impress guests with brilliant interior design, including tips from Décor Aid interior designers.

Hang Interesting Pendant Lights

interior design lighting trends

Lighting can make or break even the best interior design. If you want to impress guests with thrilling home interior design, be sure to get lighting right. Pendant lamps are the best choice of lighting for a modern home interior. But when it comes to pendant lights, make sure you choose something that has an extraordinary, unusual design – one that calls attention and can trigger visual focus upward.

Adopt An Open Plan Design

modern interior design open floor plan

If you want to

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Tips on Adding a Family Room Addition to your House

Tips on Adding a Family Room Addition to your House

by: Nazim Nice

As families expand, so do their spatial needs. Suddenly a house that seemed adequately sized for two or three may feel tight when the family increases in size. If a home already has enough bedrooms, a family room addition is often a useful addition to increase the amount of space in a home and increase the functionality.

Where an addition is placed on a house will vary depending on the layout of the home and actual site conditions. If there is space on the site that allows for a family room addition on the main level, I often look for a location near the kitchen. If there is no space on the site, we’ll either look at a location such as in an unfinished basement, or consider adding onto a second story. One recent trend is locating

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Feng Shui Tips for Living Rooms, Harmonious Design and Decorating Ideas

Here are the Feng Shui tips for living rooms to create relaxing and beautiful living spaces. These top do’s and don’ts can help transform existing interior decorating and apply good Feng Shui to your room. A modern living room is the central gathering place in a home where a calm, harmonious atmosphere helps to rejuvenate and energize a family. Good Feng Shui design principles are the way to redirect the energy flow, create harmony and serenity.

The most complicated part of good Feng Shui for living rooms is determining the room’s position in the home. According to Ancient Feng Shui principals, you need to consider where your living room is located on the Bagua map. Then you can design and decorate your living room according to the elements which symbolize its location and harmonize living room designs.

How to Feng Shui your living room

Wood furniture, built-in wall shelves, fireplace,
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Long Living Room Ideas – Narrow Room Design Tips

Long, narrow living rooms (or family rooms) can be a chore to lay out and decorate, not to mention live in. Nobody wants to feel like they’re entertaining in a train carriage or watching TV in a hallway. But with some layout tweaks and a few visual tricks up your sleeve, you can learn to love your long room. Here are five ways to lay out a long, narrow living room, plus some bonus tips on how to really rock the space.

Often, long rooms are a blessing in disguise, because they can serve as open-plan spaces. Instead of having one larger-but-awkward living room, why not create a smaller living area, plus a den, study area, or breakfast nook?

In the sketch above, we have a traditional TV area (which you can create with a smaller sofa to save space)inte, plus a cozy den-like conversation nook, complete with surrounding wall-to-wall

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Design Tips for Vaulted Ceiling Living Rooms

A living room with a vaulted ceiling is a design challenge. If you don’t decorate according to its height, everything seems disproportionate. Play it up or play it down to create a space that is airy and visually comfortable for socializing with family and guests.

Trick Walls

Vaulted ceilings often seem like a looming extension of the walls. Trick the eye or bring the focus back down to standard ceiling height by installing wide crown molding around the room at 8 or 9 feet from the floor. To create a cozier area for socializing and to make the room’s contents appear more proportionate, paint the walls above the molding and the ceiling in a warm hue such as burnt orange or ruby red, then paint the molding and lower walls a pale neutral tone such as off-white or light gray. If you prefer a subtler look, paint the walls and

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12 Tips for Home Exterior Design in 2019 | Blog

12 TIPS for Home Exterior Design in 2019

We have cultivated some projects and come up with 12 TIPS to help with your house exterior design.  A beautiful house exterior is just as important, if not more important, than a beautiful interior.  Maybe it’s time to show your house some love with simple changes that create a big impact!

Tip #1.

Front Load Garage Tips:

Do you have the dreaded front load garage? Your garage takes up too much real estate on the front of your home to just ignore it…. It’s like the elephant in the room.  That said, we say either hide it or make it beautiful! There are so many options now for garage doors that if you are ready to replace you can find something beautiful.  If you’re not ready to replace, just add garage hardware or paint your existing garage.  This will make a world

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10 Interior Design Tips To Add Natural Light In Your HomeBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

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If you’ve checked your calendar or walked outside recently you’ve probably realized that spring is upon us. Spring is a time of warmth and sun, a welcome combination that often makes the inside world seem dark and dreary in comparison. For this reason, it is understandable that many people seek to maximize their home’s natural light during the spring season. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or an extensive remolding project, here are ten tips for accomplishing just that:

1. Free up your windows

Perhaps the best way to start is by clearing your windows of obstruction and opening them up to the sunlight. Many windows have bars or heavy drapes that prevent the maximum amount of light from getting through. Similarly, windows are often grimier – and consequently less clear – than they ideally could be.

Source: myidealhome.tumblr.com via Ashlynn on Pinterest

2. Integrate

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Make your home a happier place: A design psychology coach provides tips

Rebecca West, a design psychology coach, interior designer and founder of Seriously Happy Homes, joined staff writer Jura Koncius for our Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Q: What should you do if what makes you happy does not make your partner happy, such as clutter and organization?

A: I see this a lot, and I find the key is to have a conversation not about the clutter, but about your combined goals. If the cluttery ones can express what the clutter brings to their life (happy memories, or maybe they need to see stuff to know that it exists) and if the tidy ones can express how the clutter is a hardship (maybe it creates a lot of stress or embarrassment), then you can start to understand what each person needs and try to find a way to solve for both. Maybe the clutter goes into

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Best 5 useful tips on exterior paint colors 2020 (Photos and Video)

As the trends grow, people see more innovations. Therefore, their imagination starts working in ways that are more creative. Exterior paint colors 2020 were born to satisfy your need to stand out from the block. Designers want you to say goodbye to good old neutral and calm shades for your house facade and instead welcome brighter colors. Exterior paint trends 2020 are all about not limiting yourself. Let your imagination do its job. In case the budget is tight, you sure can adjust those exterior color trends 2020 to your own wanting.

exterior paint colors 2020

We are going to talk about 7 useful tips on exterior paint 2020. These simple yet important points will help you gasp the whole idea behind exterior trends 2020.

Color combinations in exterior paint trends 2020

exterior paint trends 2020

There are some basic rules when it comes to color combinations. The all-known color wheel and color theory along with it exist

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Design-Pro Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

ANYONE FACED with decorating a little apartment wrestles with the truisms associated with small-space design: Keep it simple; uncluttered rooms look bigger; too much personality quickly becomes a mess. But Richard Ouellette and Maxime Vandal—partners in life and in their Montreal-based design firm, Les Ensembliers—are well-versed in beautifully layered interiors, so Mr. Ouellette had no intention of letting the size restrictions of their 700-square-foot New York flat dictate an impersonal aesthetic.

After convincing Mr. Vandal to go with an “eclectic, collected look rather than a sparse one,” Mr. Ouellette said the challenge was creating something more akin to an airy but compact antique shop than a hoarder’s storage unit.

“Our objective was to create areas so we could move around and have different experiences in a day,” he explained. “I wanted there to be separate moments, a rhythm and a flow.”

That thoughtful approach and a “gallery feeling,” achieved through

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