18 Affordable Home Decor Ideas You’re Gonna Love



Oh, Laurel,

Please, pretty, please, I’m begging you to do a blog post on the topic of affordable home decor ideas.

I mean, like everyone else, we’re stuck at home. And, our income just went down by 30%. But, now that I’m here all the time, it’s just so sad. I’m feeling down, and I think that a big part of it is the decor.


Plus, I find myself feeling tired all of the time.


But, I’m getting enough sleep. I rarely go outside, but when I do, I wear my home-made mask. I steer clear of everyone and wash my hands the second I get home. But, still every time, I feel exhausted or have a slight headache, I’m thinking the worst; that somehow one little bug got in there and has now taken up residence and is in the process of multiplying billions of times.


I guess the

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How to Design a Website if You’re a Beginner

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A Beginner’s Guide to Web Design

Looking to take a course on design? Go here!

website design

Don’t forget! Before you start your website, you need a domain name and web host. Click here for details.

1. WordPress is a very popular choice today. It’s flexible, constantly improving and doesn’t require any design experience to use.

You just pick a theme design that you like, add your text and you’re ready to go live!

When I created this site back in 2002, I had to do it manually through software. Now more people are gravitating to WordPress.

Below you can find out how to gain access to my free WordPress training video for beginners.

2. Use a clean design. Forget the multi-colored websites with flashing buttons, banners and loud backgrounds. Simple is in.

If you’re using WordPress to build your website, consider using a Genesis theme –

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The biggest mistakes you’re making when decorating a bedroom

Using bedside tables that are too tall or too short can make your space feel awkward.

bedroom nightstand table

In many cases, you should be able to fit a lamp on your side table.


Sara Ray, owner of Sara Ray Interior Design in Nashville, Tennessee, said that having a bedside table that is the right size and height is an absolute necessity.

“If the tables are too tall or short, it can be awkward to reach things on the tables or turn lamps on and off from the bed,” Ray told Insider.

She also said that it’s important to select a night table with a “generous width,” explaining that it’s handy to have enough space for a small lamp and a few essential items. 


Having too many pillows on your bed can give your room a cluttered feel.

bed throw pillows

It’s down to personal preference, but this designer cautions against it.


Ray also

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