10 chic interior design collections by luxury fashion brands

10 chic interior design collections by luxury fashion brands

Planning to give your home a refresh? Consider these interior design collections from luxury fashion

Planning to give your home a refresh? Consider these interior design collections from luxury fashion brands that will jazz up your home.

Think of luxury fashion brands and images of bespoke silhouettes, elegant textiles and the creative vision of the houses’ renowned fashion designers are sure to crop up. But why restrict yourself to only clothing from such labels? You can leave an unforgettable impression on your guests with the distinctive style of home décor and interior design items from some of these coveted global luxury brands as well.

After successfully reigning over the fashion industry, several luxury fashion brands have launched homeware and interior design collections, furniture lines, wall and floor coverings and more to raise the glam quotient of a living space. Each has its own legacy and distinctive style –  rounding out aesthetic values and all other elements that the fashion house is known for.

From bold vases to minimalist lamps – trust homeware products and interior design collections from fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Sabyasachi and Ritu Kumar to elevate your space and add drama to your interiors.

10 exquisite interior design collections from luxury fashion brands:

Louis Vuitton: Objets Nomades

Luxury fashion brand interior design: Louis Vuitton
Image: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

Synonymous with designer luggage and confident high-end fashion, French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton also has a premium range of home furnishings and interior design objects that can liven your living space and corners. The Louis Vuitton home décor section features dining tableware, lampshades, chairs, hammocks and more.

Established in 2012, named Objets Nomades, the collection includes exquisite items by other interior designers. For a leather and clothing brand like Louis Vuitton, furniture pieces may not be a strong suit, but the house invited designers like Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola, India Mahdavi, Campana Brothers, Atelier Oï, Raw Edges and Andre Fu to collaborate and bring in new art pieces under the LV banner.

For instance, the belt lounge chair by Atelier Oï is crafted to perfection with 14 LV leather belts (available in different colours) set in a metal and wooden frame. The red diamond vase by Marcel Wanders studio is another example of the brand’s brilliance. The diamond-studded teardrop vase, made of Murano glass and encased by leather straps, elicits perfection and says a lot about the impeccable design codes of both the houses.

Armani / Casa

Luxury fashion house interior design: Armani Casa
Image: Courtesy Armani/Casa

Giorgio Armani founded his namesake fashion label in 1975. It soon became one of the most sought-after luxury brands, offering elegant tailoring and structured design silhouettes for both men and women. And, in 2000, the atelier forayed into the home décor sector and established Armani/Casa.

Beginning with the signature logo lamp, the Italian house now has a compelling homeware collection comprising furniture, fabrics, home ornaments, carpets and other accessories — reflecting the philosophy of simple lines of the founder and the label through a minimalist approach. Dining tables, plush sofa, curtains, cushions and coffee and study tables make the label one of the best choices for an intelligent and sophisticated homewear collection.

Armani/Casa has designed several luxurious properties including exotic villas, private yachts, planes and residential houses. Dubai’s Armani Hotel is a perfect example of its vision and features some of its signature customised pieces. Mumbai’s World Towers is also designed by Armani Casa. It’s a 117-floor residential tower accompanied by another 60-storied tower.

Versace Home

Luxury fashion house interior design: Versace
Image: Courtesy Versace Home

Bold motifs, use of black, gold and white a lot, and a homeware collection exuding grandeur, luxury and drama — these are the ingredients that make up Italian luxury fashion house Versace’s interior design line Versace Home.

After styling several noted celebrities and ruling over fashion weeks like no other, the brand made a strong name in the plush interior design world too. Established in 1992, the homeware collection initially started out as a harmonious combination of luxe textiles with the brand’s Medusa, Baroque and Cheetah prints in sheets, duvets, pillows and cushions. It soon broadened its scope and furniture, lighting, wallpaper, textile accessories, dining tableware and art pieces followed.

Versace Home collaborated with Sunland Group for the Palazzo Versace hotel in Australia, in 2000. And a second property opened in Dubai almost a decade later, bearing the luxury brand’s decadent taste and designs. Versace’s Interior Design Studio is backed by skilled architects and interior designers who work closely with Donatella Versace in Milan and have created and re-shaped residential and public properties across cities such as London, Mumbai and Beirut.

Gucci Décor

Luxury fashion interior design: Gucci
Image: Courtesy Gucci/ Instagram

While speaking of luxury fashion brands, Gucci automatically comes on top. With structured tailoring, innovative sartorial styles and a vast collection of bags and perfumes — this brand hardly needs an introduction.

The brand entered the interior design world a few years back and Gucci Décor symbolises the eclectic bold vision the label is known for. Under creative director Alessandro Michele, furniture and decor items including sofas, chairs, cushions, porcelain jars and scented candles get some bold styling. Bright contrasting colours, vividly striking prints and motifs of tigers, birds and large florals make up an unmissable range of its homeware products.

Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home interior design
Image: Courtesy Ralph Lauren Home

One of the most refined and tasteful luxury fashion brands, Ralph Lauren, is synonymous with smart suits, shirts, dresses and impeccable sartorial prowess.

The label expanded its creative aesthetics to the interior design sector and launched Ralph Lauren Home in 1983. When the founder himself has a keen interest in architecture and home design, it isn’t surprising to see that his home décor segment upholds his creative vision. The furniture, bedding, lighting, tableware and floor and wall covering lines reflect just that.

Motifs pertaining to Thoroughbred, New England, Jamaica and Log Cabins are seen throughout the home collection. If you have a taste for exclusive vintage-style furniture, then you must turn to this luxury fashion brand.

Dior Maison

Luxury fashion house interior design: Dior
Image: Courtesy Dior

One of the choicest global fashion brands, Christian Dior’s style is all about perfect proportions and rich vintage vibes. This is also seen in its range of premium home décor and lifestyle products.

Gone are the days when one would only buy Dior bags and dresses. Now, the brand has a compelling range of candles, baskets, playing cards, plates, cutlery, glasses and tea sets. In fact, Dior Maison has also partnered with acclaimed interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch to create some of its exquisite products.

One unique product that deserves a special mention is the set of four porcelain plates which have tarot card motifs. Also, the Granville collection, featuring plates with purple and green floral prints on porcelain, is reminiscent of Christian Dior’s childhood house in Normandy. The collection of extra fine Limoges porcelain decorative plates and tableware (in picture) have lily of the valley motifs in green, which was a personal favourite of the founder.

Ritu Kumar Home

Ritu Kumar home
Image: Courtesy Ritu Kumar/ @ritukumarhq/ Instagram

One of the most loved Indian luxury fashion brands, Ritu Kumar is a label known for traditional Indian prints and materials that display the very essence of simplicity, bright colours and fluidity of Indian fabrics and materials.

With numerous successful runway shows and fashion weeks that take Indian prints and motifs to a global level with modern silhouettes and designs, Ritu Kumar has also launched a homeware collection. Featuring beddings, cushion and pillow covers, table mats and tablecloths, the range is a celebration of Indian weaves and embroidery. South Indian fabrics, ikat and Mughal prints make it a vibrant homeware collection.

The luxury Indian label also has a premium range of dinner sets. Trays, plates, cutlery and glasses in kansa (bronze or the bell metal used to make temple utensils in South India) and glass make up myriad collections drawing inspiration from different parts of the subcontinent.

Fendi Casa

Luxury fashion house interior design: Fendi Casa
Image: Courtesy Fendi Casa

Fendi was one of the first Italian luxury fashion brands to enter the home décor market in the late 1980s.

Fendi’s tradition of savoir-faire, craftsmanship and lookout for innovation while dressing up women and men has been carried forward to Fendi Casa in decorating spaces in similar elegant and refined upholstery. The fine leather and fur used to make sofas and chairs or the tasteful designs of wooden furniture, cabinets and light shades speak of Fendi’s creative vision.

For the latest collection, the luxury brand has collaborated with one of the leading design houses in the home décor world — Design Holding — to create bespoke furniture for turning every house into a bright, comfortable and spiritual home. The designs from this collection are based on different inspirations and design codes that characterise a typical Fendi Casa piece — arches of Fendi HQ Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, FF and Karligraphy logos, Pequin stripes and intricate tailoring.


Interior design: Sabyasachi
Image: Courtesy Sabyasachi/ @sabyasachiofficial/ Instagram

Sabyasachi means a grand celebration of India and its erstwhile capital Calcutta (Kolkata). Almost every bride dreams of donning a Sabyasachi lehenga on her D-day. Having teams of skilled Indian craftsmen and weavers, every Sabyasachi piece is laden with culture and heritage.

These qualities have been carried forward to a line of tableware that Sabyasachi Mukherjee designed for Thomas Goode, a British luxury retailer, of over 200 years, with the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II. The collection consists of fine dinner service designs, glasses, tea sets and table linen.

The motifs are reminiscent of an old-world charm and represent the tropical flora and fauna of Kolkata. The city becomes the designer’s muse and he uses Devonshire pottery along with Persian miniature paintings and French calico prints to bring alive this eastern port city. And of course, the fashion label’s enigmatic tiger symbol is seen throughout the collection.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Luxury fashion house interior design: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
Image: Courtesy Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla/ abujaniandsandeepkhosla/ Instagram

If a blend of vintage, periodic, gothic, elegant, rich and lavish themes is what you have in mind for your space, luxury fashion brand Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla has a lot to offer. The designer duo has lent their creative expertise to plush properties over the years and they are nothing short of a vision.

In 2021, the two teamed up with Lodha Luxury, a real estate business house, to design a 76th-floor residence at Lodha Ciel in Mumbai. The project featured stunning art pieces from all over India, abla work wall art and crystal chandeliers, all of which were locally sourced. As part of one of their recent projects, the two created regal installations comprising turquoise furniture and wall art (in picture). The image is captioned ‘21st Century Gothic’ and looks like something straight out of a castle.

Hero and featured image: Courtesy Fendi Casa