20 Bonus Room Ideas (Easy, Simple and BRILLIANT design)

20 Bonus Room Ideas (Easy, Simple and BRILLIANT design)

Bonus Room Ideas | When decorating a house you will think about the overall theme

Bonus Room Ideas | When decorating a house you will think about the overall theme and how each room will be decorated. There is a room fit for a living room, smaller room for the kid’s bedroom and the larger room usually pose as the master bedroom. If there is a room without any purpose, it is time to think about having some bonus room ideas.

It is most likely the spare attic room, the down in the basement or that moderate empty space in the hallway. Bonus room ideas are often challenging due to its unexpected features. You will need to think it really smart way in order to define the space to fit well with the entire house.

Bonus Room Ideas

1. Bonus Room Above Garage

Bonus Room Above Garage
 Bonus Room Above Garage | cimanatural.com 

A big or small garage attic can easily turn into a bonus room area for your families. This is an excellent bonus room ideas that tick a lot of spaces. It can also be a place where the kids can play, it saves clutter in another room, it can be a great way for your kids to enjoy staying indoors.

If you had a small room, then you just need to fill it with less furniture or just through in a rug and your kid’s imagination will fill the room. Larger bonus room can incorporate your kid favorites toy, artwork, and big furniture or even games.

2. Bonus Room Over Garage

Bonus Room Over Garage
 Bonus Room Over Garage | imaginisca.com 

For a family that enjoys having quality time together, and having time just to be together. Your own space in your own bonus room just might be a nice additional bonus room ideas that not many willing to think about. You only need basic widescreen and comfortable sofa or chairs.

Moreover, you can even add a cinematic atmosphere with dark walls and light fixtures on the ceiling look suitable for this type of room. The amount of money you can spend think bonus room varies based on the quality of furniture you want to have. You can end up with a very affordable theater room by planning your budget well.

3. Bonus Room Decor Ideas

Bonus Room Decor Ideas
 Bonus Room Decor Ideas | avatars.mds.yandex.net 

Decorating a bonus room may be liberating and it can also be a clash of a mixture of many things throw in one place. One thing to keep in mind when decorating a bonus room is its multi-diverse usage that all the member of the family can comfortably use. You can put out the picture, artwork from the kids to enjoy and other little details to enhance the overall look.

4. Bonus Room Bar

Bonus Room Bar
 Bonus Room Bar | gmtoday.com 

If you want an elegant and classy room to cater to a more luxurious taste of homeowner a rustic bonus room bar, just might be the right answer to your need. an A touch of rustic brownish furniture is enough to retouch a modern home with a classic twist. You can have a mini bar or just a simple sitting arrangement to enhance a warm atmosphere.

Even better, if you have more space, you could add a billiard table for entertainment purpose. If you have limited space, you could also fill it with another alternative like some cardboard, or throwing darts. Just make it comfortable enough to stay and flex it to your friends.

5. Bonus Room Furniture

Bonus Room Furniture
 Bonus Room Furniture | matsuvp.com 

Furniture are the most important part on your bonus room. Without it, your room only will be just another normal room without purpose. To decide what furniture you want, firstly you need to decide what theme for your bonus room ideas. After you had made the decision, you could fill it with an exact type of furniture you desire. Adding some table and sofa, usually are the ideas to fill the bonus room.

6. Bonus Room Decorating

Bonus Room Decorating
 Bonus Room Decorating | remontbp.com 

Do you want to transform your vacant room into something with more meaning purpose that you actually will enter and use? The free space maybe poses a great challenge and make you stuck with no inspiration. If that is the case, you may want to look up at some of bonus room ideas pictures to tick that creativity. Many websites offer numerous sample pictures, that you can totally steal their ideas and re-interpret the design into your own home. There are many ideas that even induct other design ideas that you can develop on your own.

7. Bonus Room Bedroom Ideas

20 Bonus Room Ideas (Easy, Simple and BRILLIANT design)
 Bonus Room Bedroom Ideas | media.houseplans.co 

Having the main function for sleeping inside a bonus room? Why not. How you design your room it is really up to the homeowner. you can put out your sleeping area in the attic where the bonus room often exists. It’s an easy decision to have an extra bedroom for your bonus room.

8. Bonus Room Design

Bonus Room Design
 Bonus Room Design | i.pinimg.com 

Designing any part of the house can be daunting. You have to consider a theme, what style that every member of the family is comfortable with and what to do with that extra non-purpose room. There are no must-have items in a bonus room. It gives you bonus freedom on being creative and thinking outside the box of what a home should have.

Also, it can enhance your hobby, interest, and talent. Or you can just leave is open space with just a few essential and making it all you can do the room. This freedom really took bonus room ideas into wider creativity to explore.

9. Bonus Room Furniture Ideas

Bonus Room Furniture Ideas
 Bonus Room Furniture Ideas | ydeevnepropecia.com 

If someone in your family has great creativity such as making crafts. It is a good idea to have a room for that hobby to keep all the mess in one spot. Moreover, it gives focus and productivity by having a bonus room for that one particular activity.

10. Bonus Room Office Ideas

Bonus Room Office Ideas
 Bonus Room Office Ideas | christopherdevelopments.com 

Either you are a person that works at home, a worker that often to take your work home, or just occasionally have a business related guest coming to your house. Why don’t you create a home office room at home if you happen to have extra space? This bonus room idea is likely to boost your working performance and also make thing neat around the house.

Also, the room just needs the essential table, chairs, and bookshelves to store all your work things. Great natural sunlight or nice study lamps can enhance your working atmosphere day and night.

11. Playroom Bonus Ideas

Playroom Bonus Ideas
 Playroom Bonus Ideas | mojidelano.com 

While usually, bonus room is for a cozy time with your loved one, it also can easily turn into a playroom for your kids. And this is a brilliant bonus room ideas that could make your kids spends time happily indoors.

It can be a place where the kids can play, it saves clutter in another room, it can be a great way for your kids to enjoy staying indoors. A small room will just need less furniture or just through in a rug and your kid’s imagination will fill the room. Larger bonus room can incorporate your kid favorites toy, artwork, and big furniture or even games.

12. Family Gathering Spot

Family Gathering Spot
 Family Gathering Spot | hgtvhome.sndimg.com 

The most spacious room can create a dilemma on what to turn the extra room which is more suitable for a master bedroom or a living room. But if you already have those main rooms in your house. Making a family gathering spot, especially if you have a big family is not a bad bonus room ideas.

You can just have an open space with furry rugs and comfortable chairs or sofa. You can add additional items that your family enjoy, things such as a bookcase, a tv or a large table to play your old time family board games.

13. The Home Gym Room

The Home Gym Room
 The Home Gym Room | nwiyouthfootball.org 

Some activities require its own private space to focus on to have a deep concentration. Although exercising can be very enjoyable but having it’s on own room can enhance your desire to lifts that treadmill and start working out. A home gym could be a great bonus room idea for your house extra lair.

Exercising activity should be a routine and easy thing to do, especially if can invest in some gym equipment. Having your own gym to fill your extra space perfect to support any family health daily life. Make sure to put a proper mat under the machines to ensure it won’t do any damage to the floor.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about having many types of equipment a bonus underground or the first floor can ensure your house able to handle the weight.

14. Music Bonus Room

Music Bonus Room
 Music Bonus Room | infostroy.online 

A bonus room can belive safe in a house when you need a room for focus purposes. Having a music room in your house to cater to all the noise from singing, instrumental sounds or even the recording process is a great bonus room ideas. In general, a music room or music studio is better to be soundproof, as sometimes the noise that it can bring.

Adding a large sofa or side chair is the typical furniture where you want to keep down to a minimum to make more room for that piano or a grand piano and the other instruments such as guitar, or violin, or whatever is your family playing.

15. Study Bonus Room Ideas

Study Bonus Room Ideas
 Study Bonus Room Ideas | wergin.ru 

Making a comfortable room with great lightning accompanies by bookshelves of your study material can really enhance your studying ability. Any homeowner who has kids at school may find this bonus room idea a great option to turn it into a study room. The furniture in this room really depends on what makes the owner comfortable to concentrate.

Sometimes, we also need a full peace and quiet place with tidy space, others need music to set the studying mood. This is a room that really can expose your personal taste to the core.

16. Cool Bonus Room Ideas

Cool Bonus Room Ideas
 Cool Bonus Room Ideas | sheirma.com 

An extra room is a true bonus that takes its owner wondering and could not really decide what to do with it. What about just keep the room undecided and just have fun by making it cool and caters all the member of the family stuff and details that reflect everyone. This is a multi-purpose room that makes it the difference from all the other room which makes it the best bonus room idea.

As the result, it can be a playroom, family gathering spot, a study room or a place to watch tv and listen to good music. It is a great twist of making a bonus into the center of the house.

17. Tiny Bonus Room Ideas

Tiny Bonus Room Ideas
 Tiny Bonus Room Ideas | i.pinimg.com 

That extra space on the corner, the end of the hall or even at the attic can actually be another room that you can use. Even if the room is limited and not space to work with. There are always ways to incorporate various useful ideas to make the house more alive. These bonus room ideas include having a small library, a coffee corner, or a small mini bar lounge.

Moreover, you can just arrange some pillow and make it a great reading spot, or put out the family photos and trophy and become the family appreciation space. Either way, there are no reasons not to maximize what little room that you have into good use.

18. Bonus Room Ideas For Kids

Bonus Room Ideas For Kids
 Bonus Room Ideas For Kids | 2.bp.blogspot.com 

Often your kids their own space. A place to pour down their creativities and being kids and just using their imagination. Therefore, if you have a room that you don’t use, make it into a tribute for your kids. What kids do at home always involved in playing, studying and doing their hobbies.

Therefore, you can have all of those activities in one room which can be a very smart way to construct a bonus room ideas. Moreover, it gives structure and discipline to keep rooms tidy and avoid messy in every room even if you happen to have many kids.

19. Simple Bonus Room Ideas

Simple Bonus Room Ideas
 Simple Bonus Room Ideas | pickndecor.com 

There is no right and wrong when it comes to incorporating your own creativity for bonus room ideas. It can be multi-purpose and it can also be a place to enhance your focus or relaxation. However, a simple room with not much furniture awaits for a wider interpretation which adds to its versatility. It gives a larger room illusion and more room for all the member of the family to come and gather around and having quality time.

20. Art Studio Bonus Room Ideas

Art Studio Bonus Room Ideas
 Art Studio Bonus Room Ideas | acloreinteriors.com 

The mess that you created when inspiration filled your brain and turn into various work of art just may need a room of its own. Therefore, bonus room ideas also including making use of the space. You only need to put all the clutter that you don’t want to see in another room. And your own art studio is a great choice to get inspired.

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