20 Charming Living Rooms With Wooden Panel Walls

20 Charming Living Rooms With Wooden Panel Walls

In the past couple of articles, we have compared the living room’ walls as an

20 Charming Living Rooms With Wooden Panel Walls

In the past couple of articles, we have compared the living room’ walls as an empty canvas waiting to be filled with art and provide the interior with specific energy, and now we are here again with the idea of how walls and more precisely wood panels on the walls will help you to beautify the living room. The usage of materials has a direct connection with creating a specific layout, style and ambiance in the living room. For instance, concrete can work for a modern living room, but it will also provide the place with cold ambiance. Therefore, if you want to attain a warmer and more profound energy in your living room, then you should think about using warmer material such as wood panel walls. The best thing about wood paneling, is the flexibility of the panel to adapt to every style and setting of the place, because wood paneling can work for Mid- century, contemporary, rustic, cottage inspired, industrial and basically any style that you have in mind. So, we are going to show you 20 examples of different styled living room with ravishing wood paneling. Enjoy!

Backlit Wood Paneled Wall

Image Source: Diy Network

The curvy and advanced nature of this wood panel, set up on the middle wall in this living room has completely changed the layout of this chic and lighthearted living room. The backlit wood panel wall, installed in a form of medium sized cubes creates an advanced visual effect of this living room and provide the place with outstanding and modern appearance.

Caramel Mid Century Wood Panel

Image Source:Studio Schicketanz

The wood paneling in this modern and mid-century inspired living room is smart and creative, breaking through the plain cold appearance of the white walls. The caramel colored wood panels set up in between of a sleek stacked stone fireplace has provided this living room with warm and modern accent, and without them this living room would look cold and dull.

Caramel Wood Wall

Image Source: Dick Clark Architecture

The tall structure of this gorgeous living room, complemented by a striking caramel wood panel wall has created a contemporary layout of this modern and sleek living room. The open plan setting of this place goes perfectly with the wooden wall panel, that provides warm and earthy note into the living room.

Charming Walnut Wood Panel Wall

Image Source: Studio Schicketanz

This place for sure looks lovely and soft. – Nevertheless, try to imagine this exact living room without the warm caramel wood panel. Not the same effect, right? – Exactly, the warm caramel wooden panel is the core and the heart of the soft and warm appearance of this lovely Mid-Century living room. The wooden panel in combination with the sleek and soft textures that are used, completes the picture of a distressed and chic living room.

Chic Black Wood Panel Wall in a Contemporary Living Room

Image Source: Chris Love Julia

This living room looks absolutely gorgeous and contemporary, and that is due to the bold black wooden panel with exposed accents. The black wooden panel acts as a striking complement of the walls in this living room and provide the living room with dramatic and contemporary feel, which you can clearly notice by looking at the picture. Additionally, the contrasting decor line of this living room is amazing, i.e the white sofa and white floor lamp striking the black bold wood panel.

Coastal Living Room with yellow wood panel

Image Source: Bhg

This is a great example to show you that wood panel wall can be used in any themed living room i.e this living room with beach theme decor has proudly displayed a painted yellow wooden panel and attained soft and lovely appearance. The soft, pastel yellow color of the wooden panel wall with a straight and symmetrical nature sets up the light and natural touch in this lively and beautiful living room.

Contemporary Wood Panelled Wall

Image Source: Michael Fullen Design Group

The dark color of this sleek and contemporary wood panel wall has provided this bright and modern living room with mature and profound ambiance. The creative nature of the seperate wood paneled wall adds extra visual effect to this living room and surely enhanced the aesthetic and the overall appearance of this living room.

Cool Living Room with Knoty Walnut Panelled Wall

Image Source: Sol Austin

This living room is extremely cool, modern and lively. The rustic wooden panel wall just adds a warm and cozy setting to this lively living room. The knotty nature of the wooden panel adds cool and rustic visual effect to the living room. The modern and stylish furniture and chic decorative line in the place just add extra modern feel to the place.

Custom Wood Panel Wall

20 Charming Living Rooms With Wooden Panel Walls

Image Source: Shari Misturak

The wooden panel wall in this classy and bold living room are absolutely outstanding. The custom made wooden panel with a dark chocolate color acts as a real charmer and as a statement wall in this beautiful living room. The meandering nature of this wooden panel provide this living room with bold and dramatic touch.

Elegant Living Room with light glossy wooden wall

Image Source: Arkoop

The sleek and glossy nature of the light oak wooden panel wall provides this elegant and classy living room with soft and airy appearance. This living room has an outstanding layout and the light wooden panel acts as a real charmer in the same and completes the picture of a light and airy, elegant living room.

Fabolous and Modern Living Room with Wood Paneled Walls

Image Source: Real SImple

The energy and ambiance in this living room are extremely vibrant and ravishing. The warm and earthy note the comes from the beautiful and sleek wooden paneled wall is dominant and main factor for the warm and modern appearance of this living room. The dark caramel color of the wooden panel adds fruity and warm feel of the place and provide it with vibrant and radiant ambiance.

Light Rustic Wooden Walls

Image Source: Atlanta Homes

The light color and rustic nature of this bold wood paneled walls are the main reason for the gorgeous and classy outlook of this french cottage inspired living room. The symmetric, horizontal order of the wooden panels great visual effect and work as a striking complement of this charming light living room.

Mid-century-wood paneled wall

Image Source: Pampai

This is an another example of tall and contemporary living room that has used wooden panel in order to attain a profound and mature overall appearance. The narrow nature of the dark brown wood work as a great statement wall in this chic living room and the exposed, sleek fireplace adapts perfectly in the bold and dramatic setting of this place.

Modern Living Room with Wood Panel Wall

Image Source: La Property Solutions

Here is another idea of a light and modern living room that got its profound and mature appearance due to the narrow dark wood paneled wall. This living room radiates warm and cozy ambiance thanks to the wooden panel which without this place will look contemporary and modern, but it would also look cold and empty.

Rustic Wooden Walls

Image Source: Design Rulz

Rustic and light wood panel walls and ceiling are just the perfect choice for creating a modern living room with a warm and cozy ambiance. The vertical narrow wood panels create an advanced and modern visual effect of the place, and provides it with chic and bold appearance, which is clearly visible.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Rustic Wood Paneled Wall

Image Source: Elle Decor

This living room is the property of the popular Hollywood actress Hillary Swank. The rustic and bold wood panel used in this living room has brought this living room to another level of contemporary, rustic and modern. The noisy texture of the wooden panel brings cool and unusual visual effect to the place and provide it with bold touch.

Sleek Wooden Panel Wall

Image Source: Zillow

The light, glossy nature of the uneven wooden panel acts as a striking compelement and focal point of this extremely modern and contemporary living room. The wood paneling in this living room is close to the modern setting of the place and just adds sleeker touch and provides the place with stylish and neat appearance.

Unfinished Oak Wood Panel

Image Source: Mad Villa

The honey color of the knotty wooden panel wall provides this bright living room with cozy and warm appearance. Besides, the wooden panel is the main factor why this place looks like a pleasant farmhouse living room.

Warm Cottage Inspired Living Room with Wood Paneling

Image Source: Freshome

We have shown you many wooden paneled wall.

Wood Laminate Panel in a Spacious Living Room

Image Source: Home Reviews

The wooden panel in this contemporary living room with open plan and spacious space works as an accent, but for sure provides the place with modern and warm note and improves the overall appearance of this place.

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