Suspect in Oxfordshire murder in hospital with serious injuries | UK news

Police have arrested a 23-year-old man, who is in hospital with serious injuries, on suspicion of the murder of a woman whose body was discovered at a National Trust estate.

Thames Valley police found the body in woodland on the Watlington Hill estate, Oxfordshire, just before 6pm on Friday. The victim was in her 60s and was known to the suspect, police added.

The arrested man was detained after he was found “naked and bleeding”

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Zephyr Partners with House Beautiful on 2020 Whole Home Concept House

Celebrating the third and biggest year yet, the Whole Home Concept House brings bolder and smarter design to one of the country’s hottest markets just outside Denver. A modern take on slowed-down living, the home is based in an eco-friendly community and reconnects with the natural world. From accessible farm-to-table food sources to unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains, the Whole Home Concept House delivers on all fronts — without sacrificing comfort or style.

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Add hints of autumn to decor

Autumn in the Las Vegas Valley is an odd time when desert dwellers make statements about enjoying “cool” weather that may wander into the 80s or 90s; meanwhile, the rest of the country grapples with temperatures that brush up against freezing point. With our version of “cool” weather officially here, many of us yearn for that true autumn feel experienced, say, in Chicago, New York or somewhere else in the Midwest or East Coast.


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Commercial Interior Designers are Driving Innovation for Workplace Safety, Health and Equity During a Time of Pandemic and Civil Rights Activism

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IIDA Northern California, the professional association for the region’s commercial interior designers, is grappling with how today’s monumental issues affect our work and public spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice and climate change have major implications for how to make commercial spaces safe, functionally efficient and aesthetically rich.

“At IIDA, we believe commercial interior design plays a key role in promoting the health, safety and welfare of

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The Day – How to remove mildew from your home’s exterior

Homeowners want their residences to look inviting inside and out. Part of keeping an attractive property involves addressing issues that can compromise not only the appearance of a home, but even its integrity.

People who live in regions with high humidity may find their homes are vulnerable to exterior mildew growth. Mildew is a kind of mold. Molds include all species of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of hyphae, which are multicellular filaments,

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