23 Creative Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home And Make It Look Better

23 Creative Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home And Make It Look Better

Did you know that interior design is considered not only an art but also a

Did you know that interior design is considered not only an art but also a science? You might not think about it, but interior design is something that can lead us to a healthier and happier life. So it’s only natural, that interior design is always awesome to read about, but what about those of us who already have homes or don’t have the money to spend on grandiose and fantastic remodeling projects? Here are a couple of brilliant home hacks that will hide some of the common everyday eyesores your home may have and make it look like something right out of a furniture catalog.

The cool thing about these life hacks is that many of them are all about both keeping things neat and maximizing limited space. As more and more people pile into cities, the efficient use of space becomes more and more important, which a lot of these mods do. This can involve either clever hiding and storage solutions or creatively re-purposed surfaces – like the blackboard refrigerator. Others are just for removing eyesores such as a perfect place to hide tv wires or, better, yet, converting them into something beautiful or amusing. Check our list of design home hacks below!

1. Install drawers under the stairwell

Designed by Deriba Furniture

2. Hide your ugly router in a nice box

Image credits: sweetsanitydesigns.com

3. Turn Your Cords Into Bob Marley’s Hair

Image credits: buzzfeed

4. Keep your pets’ lunch out of the way with a drawer just for them

Image credits: freshome.com

5. Use invisible bookshelves

“This bookshelf, which holds up to 15 pounds of books, screws directly into a wall stud and presto – you have an invisible bookshelf! The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. All hardware is included so all you need is a screwdriver. The Conceal Book Shelf, which has already won design awards, is innovative, inspirational and imaginative.” (Designer: Miron Lior) (buy)

6. Turn your headphones’ wires into electrical towers

Image credits: danielballou.com

7. Hide your jewelry with a painting

Image credits: diy-enthusiasts.com

8. Turn your router into an old book

Image credits: apartmenttherapy.com

9. Hide your AC behind a useful to-do-list chalkboard

Image credits: decorhacks.com

10. Turn your power chords into pretty vines

Buy it on Amazon

11. Hide your power chords behind a neat picket fence

Designed by Karl Zahn

12. Install stairs that double as drawers

Image credits: houzz.com

13. Use tape to jazz up your laundry machine and drier

Image credits: abeautifulmess.com

14. Decorate power switches with stickers that’ll remind your kids to save energy

Image credits: Hu2

15. Use a desk curtain to keep wires out of sight

Image credits: refinery29.com

16. Hide alarms, thermostats or pool controls with art

Image credits: blissbloomblog.com

17. Hide water pipes in your garden with fake rock domes

Image credits: plowhearth.com

18. Create a charging drawer for all of your electronics

Image credits: houzz.com

19. Decorate your refrigerator with removable wallpaper

Image credits: auntpeaches.com

20. Use paper towel rolls to store your wires tangle-free

Image credits: instructables.com

21. Cover your ordinary bathtub in imitation stone siding

Image credits: lovelycraftyhome.com

22. Hang a painting from your TV when it’s not in use

Image credits: tulipandturnip

23. Hide your cat’s bathroom inside a cabinet

Designed by elipsdesign.com

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