30+ Cheap Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

30+ Cheap Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Before you settle on storm windows for your farmhouse, it is important to consider a

Before you settle on storm windows for your farmhouse, it is important to consider a few factors which will definitely come in handy. These are not far-fetched ideas but are the usual things that we encounter on a day to basis while on the farm.

Primarily, the installation of such has more to do with the architectural design of the house as well as the design of the window itself. Of course, this does not negate the mother of all decisions and that is how much funds are available for the project.

• Interior or Exterior Installation

We all know that storm windows can be installed either on the inside or on the outside of the room, depending on many factors. One of these factors is the aesthetic or beauty of the room. But then there is also the function of the window.

We also must remember that on the farm there is more space on the outwards thus giving the contractors and the homeowner more space to make decisions. Some designs dictate which side the installation has to be done; hence, the chosen window must go hand in hand with the installation.

• Measurements

It is very easy to overlook the measurements involved in the window opening. A strong window is the one which fits snugly in its molding. It will also cost less when it so fits rather than if it is undersize or oversize. Measurements are also important because they also go along way in determining how the window is going to be mounted, be it on an angled surface or on a flat one.

If installed on the interior, it is safe to mount the window on the primary window and sealing the entire opening very tightly. This means that it may not be possible to open the window and let fresh air breeze through the room when so desired.

• Exterior Storm Windows Installation

There is a huge preference in farmhouses to install storm windows on the outside of the widow opening. Many reasons have been advanced for this but it should primarily turn out to be the added functionality.

When the said window is fitted on the outside, it literally becomes a second window complete with the ability to be opened and to let the fresh air blow through the room. In terms of taste, exterior windows are easy to customize, even if it is just as simple as in giving it a fresh coat of paint in different color.


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