32 Refreshing White Living Room Photos

32 Refreshing White Living Room Photos

Don’t think of white as absence, instead think of it as the perfect blank canvas

Don’t think of white as absence, instead think of it as the perfect blank canvas for your favorite decor ideas. Using white in your living room is the perfect way to create crisp and clean lines. The power of white helps a room feel more open and spacious, even if you have a small space.

Whether you’re looking to make a message pop on a throw pillow or to give focus to an art piece, here are 32 white living room ideas to help you feel calmer, cooler and more collected. After browsing through these ideas, peruse our home decor to find the finishing touches for your living room.

1. Neutral Furniture

white living room couch with art and plants.

Source: Shutterfly

Nothing says coastal calm like white walls paired with ivory or neutral furniture. Dress up your sofa or armchairs with a few decorative pillows that tie in the design style. Draw the eye upwards with fun art prints that describe your personality and hanging plants in a DIY planter.

2. Pick An Accent Color

brown couch in living room with green accent wall.

Source: Unsplash

The beauty of white is that it looks great with just about any other color. Adding one accent color to your living room will help it feel less stark and more inviting. Choose based on your favorite color, the mood you want to evoke or a neutral that you won’t get bored of.

3. Add Some Greenery

white living room with tall greenery and coffee table.

Source: Lincoln Barbour for JH Interior Design

Bring nature in with hints of green in throw pillows and (of course) plants to add a fresh feeling to any white living space. There is a true sweeping elegance to the way simple elongated branches of greenery can make your living room pop.

4. Styled Coffee Table

brown coffee table with decor in a living room.

Source: Meghan Klein

Weathered wood provides balance and contrast to a white color scheme. Tie in your coffee table decor by styling it with your favorite books, a personalized candle and a white tray to hold a vase of fresh flowers. The soft hues of light wood will beautifully contrast any white furniture and accents in your living room.

5. Bring in Natural Light

white living room with couch bookshelf and map wall art.

Source: Shutterfly

While a light color palette will naturally brighten up the room, you can never have too much natural light. Adding a window or two to your space will help your white decor feel even lighter and brighter.

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6. Display Your Memories

wire hanging photo displays.

Source: Shutterfly

Display your favorite photo prints with a DIY photo display. Try using a repurposed frame and some wire (or hemp cords). Zig zag the material, attach it to the frame and then hang various sized pictures with clothespins for a unique photo board.

7. White Built-In Shelving

built in shelving with different size photos.

Source: Shutterfly

When shelving is white it can support more of your family photos without feeling cluttered. Consider a farmhouse style by lining the back wall with shiplap or reclaimed wood. Incorporate meaningful mementos you’ve gathered from travel or the kid’s school days for a personal touch.

8. Elegant and Classic

living room details with armchair and vintage chest.

Source: Janis Nicolay

Don’t be afraid that pairing silver and white will have a cold vibe. With silver accents here, the effect is elegant rather than cooling. Bright blooms and a vintage piece can serve as a focal point to brighten up and tie together a corner of the room.

9. High Ceilings and Beams

big white living room with modern furniture and high beams.

Source: Bethany Nauert

White walls and ceilings help expand a living space. White built-ins give an airy quality to the room, even to a big book collection, while exposed wood beams accentuate the high ceiling. Consider pops of blue in your furniture and quirky decor to give the design a mid-century modern and coastal twist.

10. Creative Bookshelf

tall bookshelf in a living room.

Source: Historiska Hem

Here’s a wise idea for your white living room. Turn your books so that the pages, rather than spines, are exposed. This allows you to keep the white theme without losing your literature.

11. A Pop of Pink

light pink and white feminine living room.

Source: HomeGoods/ Harry Van Gorkum

Light pinks are perfect to accent an elegant white living room. The subtle hue of the couch and floor vase gives this space balance and beauty.

12. Simple Antique

vintage living room with fireplace and armchair.

Source: Christina Emilie

White living rooms sometimes call out for gilded pieces. Here a gold-framed mirror looks gorgeous perched on a white mantelpiece. Vintage and muted pillows on a canvas white armchair can add that pop of color you’re looking for, without making too bold of a statement.

13. Coastal Charm

white and blue coastal living room with couch.

A natural color scheme for a nautical cottage is white and blue. Whether you live near the coast or not, furnishing your living room with organic details like wicker or bamboo accompanied by pale colors will help you achieve a seaside vibe.

14. Corner Details

pink and white photo frame on side table with flowers.

Source: Shutterfly

Have a corner in your living room that you’re just not sure what to do with? They can be difficult to style, especially when it comes to corner decorations. Luckily, it’s as simple as choosing a theme and adding a side table topped with personal photo frames or knick-knacks that remind you of home.

15. Big Sectional Sofa

gray sectional sofa in living room.

A sectional sofa opens up the room to feel more inviting. Place textured throw pillows in cool grays or whites. One way to add function and style to your living room is with boho baskets. They add extra storage for blankets, games or even shoes.

16. Patterned Pillows

black and white textured pillows close up.

Source: Copycat Chic

Textured throw pillows add textural dimension to an otherwise simple white couch. Consider playing with different pillow sizes, colors and patterns for visual interest to wow your guests when they visit.

17. Get Cozy

white fireplace and decor.

Source: Unsplash | Unsplash

A white stone fireplace adds grounding to a living room without feeling overpowering. Stay warm on those cool nights with hot cocoa, blankets and pillows.

18. Balance Gray and White

white built in bookshelf living room.

Source: Park & Oak Interior Design

Gray backgrounds for the shelving area of this white-walled display area keeps the airy lightness of a white themed living room while allowing individual pieces to pop. Tie in your shelf decor to the rest of the white room.

19. Mirror Mirror

tall mirror and cactus.

Not only can a mirror serve as gorgeous wall decor, but it can make your space feel larger and more spacious. It helps bounce natural light across the room and reflects the outdoors if you have a large glass door or window nearby.

20. Add a Photo Wall

photo wall arrangements.

Source: Shutterfly

A living room wall is a perfect canvas for large expressive photographs or art prints. From canvases to framed prints, there are endless options for setting up your photo wall. When planning your layout, consider sizes, spacing and color schemes. Tell a story with your favorite photos, either from your favorite local artist or by reprinting family classics.

21. Exposed Brick

white living room with white brick wall and minimal decor.

Source: Shutterfly

If you can bare it — white exposed brick walls are beautiful without any adornment at all. Lack of ornamentation or decor creates a minimalist and spacious vibe. Small accents go a long way in this design style.

22. Gold Accents

elegant white living room with gold accents.

Source: Tracey Ayton

The bright white ceramics that perch serenely on the shelves give an air of mystery to this white living room. Small pops of gold in the picture frames stand out in this calming and soothing white space. By using a neutral palette and bringing in lots of natural light, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

23. Vintage Chic

white living room.

Source: Thrifty and Chic

Reclaimed white wood stumps can double as a coffee table and unique decor. Using vintage elements will give a warm farmhouse feel to your living room. Top your couch with a fluffy blanket for those chilly nights.

24. Mix Old and New

living room with wood wall and modern furniture.

Mixing old with new is an easy way to have fun with your living room design. Pair a vintage sofa with modern lighting or a reclaimed accent table with mid-century style furniture. By mixing styles, you have the freedom to swap out pieces and change them up from time to time.

25. Eclectic Elements

living room with gray couch and colorful decor.

Source: Style Weekender

Use an area rug to set the parameters of your living room space. Eclectic decor is the best way to show off your personality and style. A white floor pouf is a great accent piece that blends in with the rest of your decor.

26. Express Your Personality

white and pink living room with gallery wall.

Source: Jillian Goulding

If a flamingo looks right at home against the white walls here it’s because the pinks play perfectly with white. The wall decor and art ties into the lovely throw pillows and small coffee table accents.

27. Adorn Your Mantel

mantel with photos and decor.

Source: Shutterfly

To properly adorn a white mantelpiece, one idea is to use matte metal prints. Keep your family close by printing your favorite memories, whether from last year’s vacation or your kid’s milestones. Play around with different sizes for visual appeal.

28. Scandinavian Style

living room with large window green couch and art.

For a rustic Scandinavian living room, use the outdoors as your inspiration. DIY or purchase reclaimed wood for flooring and use simple end tables to complete the look.

29. Statement Lighting

black white and gold living room.

Source: Shutterfly

A standout lighting fixture serves as a focal point when surrounded by a white-walled living room. For a modern look, tie in standing lighting with your color scheme in the decor, furniture and accent pieces.

30. Natural Distress

living room with floor to ceiling windows and rustic decor.

Distressed white wood gives the sentiment of home to a white living room. Work in wicker and earth tones to your coffee table and couch, adding natural elements to focus on artistic features.

31. Minimal and Simple

minimal white living room with gray accents.

Source: Nina Holst

Crisp white features can make a modern living room pop. Add a singular piece of black and white art to one wall to give an air of minimalist panache. An all-white couch also looks luxe in a white living room — just watch out for the red wine!

32. Play With Texture

white modern living room.

When using whites in your living room, it’s imperative to take advantage of texture. Various types of muslin blankets, velvet pillows or tie-dye curtains gives the feeling of comfort even in a stark white room.

Your living room is the heart of the home. Make memories you’ll remember with your dream design. Sometimes, all your living room needs is a quick refresh with accents like photo candles and custom pillows or a fresh coat of paint to make your space truly your own. With personalized decor, you’ll enjoy relaxing in your space and inviting guests over to enjoy your beautiful home.

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