5 Awesome Family Room Design Elements

5 Awesome Family Room Design Elements

The family room, also know as the living room, is the place where you and

The family room, also know as the living room, is the place where you and your other family members spend most of their time in. This is also where almost all your entertainment electronics are located– the television set, DVD player, game consoles, stereo and more. The family room holds most of your home’s furniture and most families also entertain their guests in this space. Since you and your guest spend a lot of time in this room, it just makes sense that you focus on the family room design, right?

Family Room Design Elements For A Welcoming Feel

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Maybe you are bored with how your family room looks or you just wish to enhance the look of your family room design. Regardless of what reason you have for renovation, it is always best to take budget into consideration.  In fact, a lot of families don’t think about room renovation because they think they do not have the money to finance such changes. Many people think that they need to hire a contractor or an interior designer in order to have a great looking family room.  However, family room renovation does not mean spending humongous amounts of money. In fact, little alterations can create big changes, a lot bigger than you can ever imagine.

Choose a Family Room Theme

In order to get this renovation started, the first thing you need to think of is the theme you want for your family room design. Since it is a family entertainment center, it would be best if you take into consideration the interest of the whole family. Have your family members give suggestions about what theme they want your entertainment center to have. Some themes you can choose from include victorian style, modern style, beach style, colorful theme and many more. If you cannot choose which suggestion to use, have the family members vote for what they want. Cutting down on clutter and pulling the family room together with a cohesive theme can do wonders for it’s appearance.

Change the Family Room Lighting

Lighting is actually one of the most important things to consider when renovating a room. Natural lights are best used during the morning and the afternoon so think about how you can open your room up to natural lighting and arrange the furniture to let the light in. Changing light fixtures also has a tremendous affect on your decor. Sometimes little details like a beautiful light fixture really gives a room a special look.

Family Room Drapes and Curtains

Choosing a new set of curtains can definitely change the whole look of your family room. If you used to have an all-white room, adding a splash of color by using drapes and curtains can make a big difference. You can choose from bright colors, dark colors and shades of black and gray. Choose a curtain depending on the theme of the room. A beautiful curtain bar and drapes can really dress up a room!

Choose Appealing Family Room Colors For The Walls

A paint job will create the biggest difference in your living room. The paint color that you will choose should match well with the color and theme of your room. Take a look at your sofa set and determine which color scheme will work well with it. You may even want to try painting an accent wall to add color!

Family Room Flooring

Changing the flooring in your living room will also produce big results. Flooring can be costly so don’t change it if you can work with it. However, a good flooring change can also add to the value of your home so you can keep that in mind if you need to replace your existing floor. There are many options to choose from but keep in mind how it will tie in your your other choices and your other rooms. Some cheap options are a great throw rug from a thrift store or do it yourself laminate flooring.

Little alterations in your family room design will go a long way. All you may need is a paint job, new living room accessories and you’re all set! You will be amazed with how much of a difference these small changes can create. I’d love to hear about your family room interior design. Share with us your challenges or successes! Tag us @familyfocusblog

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