6 Exterior Home Design Trends for 2019

6 Exterior Home Design Trends for 2019

With 2019 underway, homeowners all over the country are starting to think about new ways

With 2019 underway, homeowners all over the country are starting to think about new ways to renovate their home in this new year.

While updating the interior of your home to keep it fresh and welcoming can be easy, finding ways to revamp the outside of your home can feel like a challenge. Rather than putting off your exterior for another year, take charge and make an effort towards ramping up your home’s curb appeal.

Exterior Home Design Trends for 2019

Here are 6 beautiful 2019 exterior design trends for your home.

1. Replacing Timber with Steel Siding

steel siding

To reduce waste, it’s best to leave real wood siding on your home until it reaches the end of its lifespan. However, if your wood siding is already looking aged, 2019 is the year to ditch the timber and think about steel.

Steel siding is a beautiful alternative to real wood, offering the same log cabin look in a multitude of colors. Best of all, steel log siding is virtually maintenance-free. You will no longer be tied down to chemical surface treatments that need to be reapplied every couple of years.

Your steel-clad home will also offer maximum protection against pests, like wood-loving insects or stubborn woodpeckers. Moisture will no longer be an enemy you constantly have to fight against. As a homeowner, you’ll also be happy to know that steel log siding only takes a fraction of the time to install compared to a real half-log siding. That means you get to enjoy your home’s new look that much quicker.

2. Distressed Grays for Modern Appeal

steel log siding

The past few years have seen a huge surge in home design with shades of gray. Gray has been a popular color for interior design for some time, but 2019 will be a year where more homeowners move towards gray siding.

Gray steel log siding, shown above in TruLog’s Barnwood Gray, is a very attractive color that has a modern, sleek appeal. This medium-toned gray with realistic wood grain texturing looks just like naturally distressed driftwood or reclaimed wood. By selecting a gray steel log siding you’ll get the popular color without the hassle of real timber barn wood.

3. Bright and Fresh Steel Roof Colors

steel roofing

Asphalt shingles are regularly being passed up for upgraded steel roofing – and for good reason. Steel roofing is longer lasting, steadfast in extreme weather, and actually allows for impressive insulation above your attic.

Best of all, steel roofing comes in a huge range of colors, including bright shades that are impossible to find with shingle roofing. This charming cabin has been outfitted with a bright red steel roof that offers great contrast while still maintaining rustic beauty.

4. Crisp White Trimming and Framing

trimming framing

If you already love your home’s exterior and you want a less extreme remodel, changing up the color trim work is a great idea.

Using a bright white shade gives a crisp, clean look, even when placed on a log cabin (as you see above). The white framing of the windows makes them pop from the home while the trimwork around the roof and gable gives visual structure to the home. White is a neutral color and will work with whatever siding color is currently on your home, regardless of whether it’s dark or light.

5. Oversized Windows for Daylighting and Views

oversized windows

Daylighting is the practice of utilizing windows to maximize indoor lighting. Natural light is preferred over artificial light primarily for energy-efficiency.

Emphasizing natural light will help to reduce your electric bill by allowing you to keep your lights off for longer. Many homeowners will also agree that sunlight makes their home much more welcoming than any light fixture could do.

A serious renovation is a perfect time for installing oversized windows. These windows on the featured home are uniquely shaped to match perfectly within the face of the home. This looks quite stunning compared to rectangular windows, without it taking much more effort.

6. Bold, Rich Colors with Pops of Color

log house

If you love big, bold homes then this impressive log house will surely be a sight to see.

Exterior remodels often focus on light, neutral shades as they are more readily accepted by the average person. However, if you love a dark home then you should, by all means, consider cladding your home in something like the rich chocolate steel TruLog above.

You’ll also notice that this home not only has a green steel roof that perfectly compliments the chocolate siding, but it carries the green color to the trim on the home. Matching the roof color to other aspects of your exterior really ties every together and makes any home look professionally designed.

Updating the exterior of your home is a valuable idea for homeowners that plan to sell their home. Even if you plan on living in your home for the foreseeable future, exterior renovations and improving curb appeal will leave you enjoying your home that much more.

For more information on TruLog steel siding, get in touch with a representative. If you’re interested in how the featured colors look in person, request a few color samples to review.

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