75 Inspiring Blue Living Room Photos

75 Inspiring Blue Living Room Photos

In this living room the Christmas season shines in blues and whites. Photo By: The

In this living room the Christmas season shines in blues and whites.

Photo By: The Inspired Room

Use blue pieces on white walls for a clever way to open up a living room space.

Photo By: Tom Stringer

A solid blue ottoman is a perfect place to keep an inviting coffee table book.

Photo By: Viva Fashion

This blue living room matches a leather easy chair and velvet sofa in similar hues to play on textures.

Photo By: Zoe Feldman Design

The striking blue patterned coffee table in this living room adds color and coordinated beauty.

Photo By: Pretty Handy Girl

The blue lampshade, loveseat and blue-themed gallery wall create a unified color scheme.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A royal blue patterned rug is a solid base for the calmer grayish blue of the easy chair in this living room.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

The white stairwell and sconces give a crisp feeling to the room when matched with blue walls.

Photo By: Earnest Home Co

Match pale pink curtains with dark blue walls to create both depth and lightness in the same living room.

Photo By: Making it Lovely

The coral colored pillows and accents act as attention grabbing elements in this pale blue living room.

Photo By: My Old Country House

One piece of bright abstract art can create its own space against a strong blue accent wall.

Photo By: Busy Bee Philly

A pale blue wall gives the silver lamps that adorn this living space improved definition.

Photo By: The Decorologist

By splitting this outdoor photographic scene into three panels, the blue wall acts as a continuation of the sky.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This gold frame almost glows against the pale blue walled backdrop.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Choose a secondary color to go with your main choice. This blue living room chooses shades of brown to help support the heavy navy blue.

Photo By: Annie Santulli Designs

This small baby blue living room also has built-in bookshelves with blue backs.

Photo By: Tradition Homes

Blue upholstered chairs with matching throw pillows are a great way to open up your sitting room.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

The blues in the furniture here ground the space while letting the white walls open the room.

Photo By: Studio Marcelo Brito

These zigzag lined blue chairs brighten the wicker table and give this beach house breadth.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

A tie-dyed blue custom throw pillow is a groovy way to keep your living room swinging.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This blue patterned easy chair plays off the classic blue ceramic vase to create a vibrant living space.

Photo By: Krystine Edwards

A white lofted ceiling and pale blue walls give lightness to this living room.

Photo By: The Happy Housie

A rustic art piece like this one rests comfortably on a pale blue wall.

Photo By: Lisa Teague

An undersea scene is made more magical when placed on blue walls.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Frameless photographic pieces are given perfect geometric definition by a blue wall.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Use different hues of blue to create a stylish modern living space. Blue walls compliment the furniture and the drapes here.

Photo By: Cardea Building Co

An architectural blueprint of a classic building makes an elegant wall hanging for any living space.

Photo By: Style Mutt Home

A layering of stylish throw pillows, themed in blue, makes this couch into a conversation piece.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Use all shades of blue in your exotic pillow collection. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Photo By: Shutterfly

Mixing textured blue furniture, like this velvet couch, with other blue elements, give a living room a naturally cool feel.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

Blue and white walls like these give the illusion of lengthening the living room.

Photo By: Melissa Lenox

Bring out the blue in traditional porcelain vases by placing them in front of a blue textured wall.

Photo By: Verandah House

The modern artistic motif of this blue living room matches the walls with pillows and furniture.

Photo By: Amy Lau Design

The vibrant blues in this living area are paired with bright pink pillows and gold fixtures, illuminating the room from within.

Photo By: Hi Sugarplum

The peacocks in these blue wall patterns tell a story of elegance.

Photo By: Simplified Bee

In this modern living room, the blue ceiling and white walls create a sense of expansive space.

Photo By: St. Frank

This blue wall is well-dressed in gold and mirrored accents.

Photo By: SuzAnn Kletzien

A blue themed living room can use upholstery, ceramics, and curtains to create the feeling of bright spring sunshine.

Photo By: Lee Ann Thornton

The thin gold line of this shelving unit are cleanly defined against a bold blue wall.

Photo By: David Leong

Via: The Every Girl

A modern blue patterned carpet is a perfect underpinning for the slim lines of this modern coffee table.

Photo By: Kate Miss

Coordinating blue easy chairs and carpeting with gold accents makes for a room that glows with elegance.

Photo By: Cory Connor Designs

Bold blue vertical lines in the carpeting create a sense of space while the matched blue walls give an architectural feel to the room.

Photo By: It All Started With Paint

A crushed velvet blue couch adds luxurious texture to any living room.

Photo By: Thou Swell

This gold braided carpet really plays beautifully off of the blue sofa in this modern living room.

Photo By: Tony Murray Photography

A smart blue couch makes this living room feel grounded.

Photo By: Shutterfly

The deep reds of an oriental rug contrast perfectly with a blue walled living room.

Photo By: Jen Kay

Via: The Every Girl

A blue patterned rug creates a sound foundation for deepening the feel of this living room

Photo By: Abby Jiu

Via: Cline Rose Designs

Pale blue walls with bracketless bookshelves give a living room a calming atmosphere.

Photo By: Dan Duchars

In a space with pale blue walls like this one, a dramatic lighting fixture can make the room.

Photo By: Designed By Krystle

This minimalist glass table and a pair of white chairs allows these blue walls to breathe.

Photo By: Jana Bek Designs

Robin’s egg blue walls give an airy lightness to this well appointed living room done up in whites and pinks.

Photo By: Judith Balis Interiors

A simple gold light fixture pops when placed on a blue wall.

Photo By: Milou Nieuwenhuis

This velvet sofa in royal blue has exposed legs to give it a sense of lift.

Photo By: The Crafted Life

White furniture and molding in this living room are given bright contrast when cast against blue walls.

Photo By: The Makerista

A modern gold and black light fixture perfectly agrees with a blue living room ceiling.

Photo By: Thou Swell

The blue walls in this ultramodern living room add an airy atmosphere to the sleek lines.

Photo By: Winder Gibson Architects

Use white ceramics to bring out the luster of a blue wall in the living room.

Photo By: Shutterfly

The navy blue wall here makes the wood grain of this cabinet really stand out.

Photo By: Lobster and Swan

The high ceilings in this living room give it an extra sense space.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

This classic beach style family room has a lovely gallery wall above the couch.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

Blue chairs and a blue couch give the feeling of a blue living room, even if the walls are white.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

Brighten up a neutral ottoman with a colorful storage box on top. This adds a pop of color to the center of the room.

Photo By: Mrs. Hines Class

Incorporate coral pieces to the living room to create a “nautical chic” vibe.

Photo By: Yes Please Blog

The assorted light blue pillows and ocean pieces make this living room into a calm coastal escape.

Photo By: Tuft and Trim

This trending color scheme of blue and yellow creates a lively space. Try an array of blue hues for a relaxing living room.

Photo By: Egg Shell Home

Love plants but don’t have enough surface space? Install wall shelves and place succulents in light blue planters to complement a white wall.

Photo By: Design Evolving

Find blue accents pieces like these speckled vases for an ocean feel without going overboard.

Photo By: La Vie en Color

Blue can work as a neutral too, like the light blue walls in this living room.

Photo By: Bryarton Farm

Try blue vases that will allow any green plants to pop.

Photo By: Lisa Comfort

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