9 Minimalist Living Rooms for Lovers of Streamlined Design

9 Minimalist Living Rooms for Lovers of Streamlined Design

When it comes to planning the interior design of your living room, the whole process

When it comes to planning the interior design of your living room, the whole process of carefully curating pieces of furniture and home décor, creating a cohesive color palette, and choosing the right fabrics can be overwhelming. And some of us tend to overfill our spaces. But if you’re already a fan of the minimal approach, you’ll agree that the most striking interior design isn’t determined by what you’ve piled into any given space, but rather, what you’ve left out.

Minimalist interior design meets at the nexus of “too-sparse” and “just enough”—it’s the perfect example of how great restraint can reap even greater rewards. Strict editing of decor and tchotchkes, choosing clean-lined furniture, opting for neutral colors, and keeping surfaces free and clear will ensure your minimalist living room design is most impactful—and anything but boring. So, lovers of streamlined design, rejoice! And get inspired by these nine minimal living rooms that have perfected sleek, pared-back style.

Organic Yet Refined

Brittany Ambridge

The showstopper in this Scandinavian-inspired living area—the massive pendant lamp—is definitely elegant and refined, and duly sets the tone for decorating the rest of this space. The organic, carved-marble coffee table and the traditional wood-burning stove aren’t minimal per se, but they, too, become focal points in an otherwise empty living room. Bright-white walls frame a simple yet comforting space that features a fluffy flokati and a buttery, black leather sofa. Potted palms provide that essential hit of verdant green.

Clean and Cohesive

ACP/Trunk Archive

Although the designer of this minimal living room opted for a common minimalist color palette (what’s more minimal than white and black?), the diversity in textures and design eras breaks up the monotony, while keeping the look clean and cohesive. Here, the fringed throw blanket and wooly sheepskin rug soften the harder edges of the midcentury fiberglass shell chair and sleek all-glass coffee table.

Industrial Chic

Fantastic Frank

Minimalist interior design is characterized by its austerity of form and its aesthetic brevity—and a minimalist living room need not have all-white walls and floors. To be considered minimal, living room furniture, like the tailored white sofa and modest slate-top coffee table seen above, must always elicit feelings of calm and repose. It’s easy to imagine kicking back in this chic, industrial space.

Carefully Curated

ACP/Trunk Archive

Of course, in a minimalist living room, every lick of furniture and home decor counts. It’s essential to make thoughtful choices about what you include—and don’t. This minimal living room includes a carefully curated mix of clean-lined furniture pieces that also read as angular, bold statements on their own, only adding to the room’s allure. Here, a simple stack of magazines reads as a more powerful, purposeful statement when belted with two leather straps—and the black-and-white art, too, is a focal point because of its vertical orientation (and appropriate size), and duly complements the striking, all-black fireplace.

Functional and Open

Not only does this organic space promote a sense of vast openness by playing with scale—low-slung furniture is paired with sky-high ceilings—but most every element within serves a clear function. Although nothing in the room is superfluous or extravagant, you can see how the living area can still be enjoyed by all who enter.

Woodsy Tranquility

Some of the most successful minimalist rooms include an eclectic mix of furniture and decor of different styles and eras. The midcentury chairs, contemporary sofas, and industrial tables within this living area create many opportunities to simply relax and enjoy the main draw: those tranquil floor-to-ceiling views of the great outdoors.

Minimal with A Soul

To soften the stark seriousness of an all-white space, the designer of this minimal living room painted a paneled accent wall in a coordinating gray, showing that minimalist spaces can include color and charisma, too. Thoughtfully curated decorative accents—like the engaging framed photography, scented candle, and dried flower arrangements seen in this space—demonstrate the deep soul that can exist within a minimalist interior.

Color Play

Color, too, can play a big role in minimalist design. This all-pink living area—as opposed to an all-white box—is delightfully unexpected and probably bathes all who enter in a flattering rosy glow. Though sparsely decorated, the living room’s plush, oversized furniture invites houseguests to curl up and chat with one another, demonstrating an artful interconnectedness that breeds warmth and calmness.

Warm and Inviting

At times, a home’s architecture will dictate the approach to its interior design. In this minimalist living room, details such as the incredible doorways, exposed beams, and inset wall panels command the viewer’s attention. For this reason, it’s quite possible the designer opted for an edited-down approach to furnish the space, but chose warm ivory and pink hues and sumptuous velvet fabrics lest this living room read as overly structured and masculine.

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