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Arpino Design

Arpino is an contemporary design brand that confidently meets the challenges of the new global

Arpino is an contemporary design brand that confidently meets the challenges of the new global city, imagining it as a place of autonomy, community and connectivity. Our carefully crafted pieces – designed and produced between Europe and Africa – embody cutting-edge technology, contemporary design nous and a strong ethics of environmental sustainability. Led by the experienced industrial designer Carlos Pereira, we champion freedom as well as functionality, approaching urban environments with the simple goal of making them better places to be.


Arpino’s first product line, the core OX series, is inspired by a borderless notion of what it means to inhabit and use common spaces, day and night. We believe in conscious design that accommodates and includes all cultures and topologies, working with neutral and modular forms that are highly adaptable to different spaces – from housing estates and public plazas to schools and shopping malls. This range includes elegant urban lighting and way finders, airy pergolas, multimedia kiosks and protective bus shelters as well as traditional urban essentials such as tree guards, bins, benches and bollards. These everyday items – common to so many cities all over the world – are however turned on their head, transformed into high-quality, minimal design pieces that work with each other as well as with the space they are located. This fundamental urban equipment, with its quality of lightness and modularity, is as easily at home in a square in New York as it is an airport in Luanda. OX is, first and foremost, made for beautiful and efficient common spaces and the people who use them, wherever they are in the world.


We aim to mediate the integration of technology in public space and play a positive role among the communities who use it.

We are, quite simply, design for the future.

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