B.S. Interior Design | High Point University

B.S. Interior Design | High Point University

Alumni from High Point University with degrees in interior design have a wide range of

Alumni from High Point University with degrees in interior design have a wide range of career opportunities that include:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Specialist
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Healthcare Facilities Design
  • Hospitality and Entertainment Facilities Design
  • Merchandising Management
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Retail Design
  • Retail Store Management

Featured Graduate Outcomes:

Gianna Carrabotta

Gianna Carrabotta, ’17 – Design Consultant for Restoration Hardware in Westport Connecticut

“I cannot thank HPU enough for preparing me to embark upon the next chapter of my life. This institution has enabled me to grow in ways unimaginable. This university has provided me with a lifetime of memories and friends that have become family, while preparing me with the tools and confidence to pursue my passion on a career path I’ve always dreamed of. The energy radiated by this campus is something that can’t be accurately depicted in words. I am honored and proud to be a graduate of HPU.”



Kim Greve, ’16 – Designer at Robin Baron Design, a high-end residential interior design firm in New York City

“The connections you make through the university and the experiences they help you have, truly do prepare you for what’s to come after you graduate. The past four years of nights spent in the studio working on design projects gave me the drive I needed to pursue a career in interior design after graduation, and the education to back it up.”



Lynde Pepper, ’16 – Attending graduate school at Florida State University for her Master of Science advanced professional degree in Interior Design with an emphasis on health care design

“I was seven years old when I decided that I wanted to pursue interior design. HPU has provided a safe and supportive environment for me to grow and expand my mind. I feel that I benefited from many of my liberal arts classes as they had an impact on how I approached many of my interior design projects. Many of the interior design professors have tirelessly given their time and energy to help us evolve and draw out our potential. HPU was able to cultivate this dream into a reality for me.“



Leah Vitrano, ’16 – Junior Designer at Bettershelter, a boutique real estate development company in Orange County, California

“HPU provided me with the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy, which has made the greatest impact on my life. Through my semester abroad I was able to experience new cultures having traveled to 11 different countries and 16 cities, all the while living with my friends. I had a unique experience abroad because for the first time in the interior design department, all but 7 students of the 25 students studied abroad. Having the people that I spend the majority of my time with be able to share the experience of living and studying in a new country is one that cannot be traded. I made lasting memories that are still spoken about throughout the studio which would not have been possible without HPU providing its students with the opportunity to study abroad.”



Emily Springer, ’16 – Design Assistant at Barbour Spangle Design Group

“My most impactful mentor at HPU has been Dr. John Turpin, the Dean of the School of Art and Design. As a professor, he teaches the classes that I found most challenging during my time in the Interior Design program. Dr. Turpin would take the time to look over our papers and projects before they were due to notify us if we were not on the right track or if they could simply be better.”



Deanna Smith, ’16 – Interior Designer at Mind’s Eye Architecture

“Being an interior design major at High Point University has one specific advantage to it compared to many other design schools: the High Point Furniture Market. Coming in as a freshman, I didn’t quite understand what the Furniture Market was, but I soon learned how much of an impact it would have on my journey toward becoming a professional interior designer. HPU gives its students, especially interior design students, the opportunity to take off from class, and work with well-known design companies. The High Point Furniture Market gave me the chance to meet not only different companies, but also designers who would come in and buy the product for their clients. This was a huge networking opportunity.”


Megan-MuirMegan Muir, ’15 – Global design intern with Marriott International

“One of my favorite aspects of High Point University is it truly is an extraordinary environment that inspires students to reach their full potential, which makes it hard to choose just one mentor that has impacted my college experience. Ms. Cathy Nowicki has not only been one of my professors for my past four years in the interior design program, but a constant in the development of my learning and understanding of interior design. She is a woman with a large heart and understanding for her students and has encouraged me throughout projects to always reach my creative potential.”


Michelle-SciricaMichelle Scirica, ’15 – Junior Interior Designer at Rogers Design Group

“Because of HPU’s location and proximity to downtown High Point, I’ve been able to build my resume based on High Point Furniture Market positions (one with High Point Market Authority and most recently the showroom Codarus) and with two internships; Barbour Spangle Design in High Point and June DeLugas Interiors in Clemmons, N.C..”


Scott-Staffi-2-683x1024Scott Staffi, ’14 – Trade Products Corporation

“My most impactful professor at HPU was Professor Cathy Nowicki. Ms. Nowicki went above and beyond in teaching our class the important traits of the field, such as how to talk to prospective business clients and how to network in the field, which helped when interviewing at different firms.”


Christiana-Walker-682x1024Christiana Walker, ’14 – Associate Designer with Builders Design

“Access to the High Point Furniture Market was my most impactful moment at HPU. High Point Furniture Market provided me with the opportunity to experience the design industry from a professional perspective. There is no better way to learn than in a hands-on practical atmosphere.”


Alyssa-CarneyAlyssa Carney, ’14 – Design Consultant for Bassett Furniture

“The entire School of Art and Design staff was always so supportive and encouraging and did everything they could to make sure we got to take advantage of the market. They constantly utilized their personal connections, with field trips and guests speakers to give us insight on the design world.”

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