Buy POSH Rooms, Complete Rooms at Affordable Prices!

Buy POSH Rooms, Complete Rooms at Affordable Prices!

What makes Buy POSH Rooms unique is that the entire room ships directly to your

What makes Buy POSH Rooms unique is that the entire room ships directly to your door and you have a package that an award-winning designer has designed specifically for you at a very reasonable price. Purchasing select pieces and parts to try to decorate a room can be a nightmare and turn into a design disaster. Now when you look at the room you see exactly what it looks like before you purchase it. One of the most frequently asked questions about the rooms concerns the size of the rooms and how to place the furniture. Please refer to our FAQ selection. It has great answers to these concerns.

Monique Breaux, principal designer of Posh Exclusive Interiors (, caters to an exclusive clientele. She created the Buy Posh Rooms concept after airing as a designer on HGTV and having so many requests from viewers to create something affordable. Monique has applied her design knowledge along with her 17 years of award winning experience to professionally design rooms which appeal to a sharp buyer who possesses an appreciation for sophisticated design while remaining on a realistic budget. It is affordable design delivered to your door and includes the paint color too! Buy POSH Rooms was introduced by New York Daily news, and featured on FOX Live, Bridal Guide, Teen Vogue, Haute Living,, Social Life magazine, Hampton’s Magazine, Panache Magazine, and New Orleans magazine.

Buy POSH Rooms has everything done for you when you purchase the room. All of the interior designing ideas that you have are in these rooms as well. The design of the livingrooms and the design of bedrooms will match all of your needs for any occasion. Relaxing or lounging, hosting a party, just wanting a sitting room, or just showing off what you got to boast about what fabulous taste you have in style. Every rooms is trendy, cool, contemporary, and modern designs. Buy POSH Rooms wants you to have that room that when you wake up in the morning, you feel refreshed in your bedrooms and comforted in your living room. We guarantee that with our designer rooms. If you want to add alittle bit of your own design to it, you may also purchase individual pieces of furniture: loveseat or sofa, artwork or tables, rugs and chairs, all from the designer rooms. These rooms are rooms to buy!!

Buy POSH Rooms uses only the most appropriate fabric, finishes and quality to achieve the final look in each of the rooms. Every room has designer living room furniture all hand picked by the award winning designer Monique Breaux. Luxury interior design is in focus for many of our one-of-a-kind looks. No one has better interior ideas for living rooms and bedrooms than Monique Breaux. Monique’s signature style is exemplified in rooms that are beautiful enough to be photographed for a magazine cover while comfortable enough to live in! Everything is done with interior design trends and modern interior design in mind. Every room design was custom made to fit the trendy style of the room created. One thing that we focus on is room design and how it fits in your home as well. We bring in the most trendy decorating ideas into these rooms that we provide. Every room has contemporary furniture that everyone will fall in love with when they see your room. These wonderful pieces of furniture are one-of-a-kind as well along with the rooms themselves. These designs are exclusive and there will only be a limited number produced so order now before they are gone!

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