These Mini Snow Globe Lights Are the Perfect Addition to Your Christmas Decor

There’s no reason to buy all new Christmas decor; you probably have plenty of beautiful items from years past. But we’re always on the lookout for inexpensive items we can add to our holiday favorites.

We found a festive, inexpensive decoration you’ll want to add to your cart quickly—a strand (or two) of mini snow globe lights. You may remember the decoration from last year when some lucky people were able to snag them from

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Decor designer spill their pet peeves and offer solutions

By IOL Reporter Time of article publishedNov 13, 2020

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Elizabeth Mayhew

You can always count on a decorator to tell you what’s wrong with a room – and typically, said decorator will not take a breath before telling you how to fix it. “There is just so much that is obvious to us, but not to others,” says decorator Zoe Feldman.

But most of us don’t have professional

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Design Star Athena Calderone Debuts Home Decor Collection

Athena Calderone has certainly been busy in 2020. To start the year the interior designer, lifestyle guru, Cook Beautiful author, and creative director launched a podcast titled More Than One Thing, a series that featured the likes of designer-couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and stylist Colin King in its first season. And in March she released her second book, Live Beautiful.

Through the pandemic Calderone stayed inspired, producing season two of More Than

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32 Home Decor Gift Ideas Perfect For The 2020 Holiday Season

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I’m a self-identified home decor addict, so I’m constantly browsing (or “online window shopping,” as I like to call it) different brands and companies for the cutest home accents. Call it a hobby, call it an unhealthy obsession—either way, I’m always finding the best home decor gift ideas.

While assessing someone’s interior design tastes can be difficult, there are some home decor pieces that can work for pretty much anyone.

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The best Diwali home decoration ideas

Diwali, from the Sanskrit word Deepavali, is the Indian festival of lights taking place on Saturday 14th November 2020.

background pattern: For the annual autumn Diwali festival (Indian festival of lights), these are the best Diwali decorations for your home including rangoli designs, diyas & lights.

For the annual autumn Diwali festival (Indian festival of lights), these are the best Diwali decorations for your home including rangoli designs, diyas & lights.

The festival – which usually takes place between mid-October and mid-November during the Hindu month of Kartika but changes date each year – is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs

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Mum creates impressive candy-themed Christmas tree using budget decorations from B&M, Home Bargains and The Range

The festive season has almost arrived.

But although our plans for Christmas Day remain uncertain, some UK residents are already going all out on their annual decorations.

And leading the way to December 25 with an incredible candy-themed Christmas tree is full-time mum, Michelle Jollands.

Michelle, 40, used a collection of inexpensive decorations from The Range, B&M and Home Bargains to put together her seasonal centrepiece on a budget.

Speaking to money-saving community, the

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Inflatable Outdoor Decorations That Your Kids Will Love

a teddy bear sitting on top of a grass covered field

© steverts/Adobe.

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Decorating the inside of your home for a particular season is a no-brainer. You want to be surrounded by little knick-knacks that remind you of the season and the nostalgia you have associated with it. The problem is: Only a specific amount of people (and perhaps your social media followers) are going to see these decorations. You want your home to look welcoming and festive from

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Creative Ways to Make Your Home Look Bright And Beautiful This Diwali

a room filled with furniture and a large window: How to decorate your home this Diwali (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

© Juhi Kumari | Lifestyle Staff
How to decorate your home this Diwali (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

Diwali is all about cleaning and decorating your house. You jazz-up your home during the festivities to change its ambiance and make it look more enticing and welcoming. A few days before Diwali, everyone starts to clean every corner of their homes to give it a fresh look. On the day of the festival of lights, you put
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20 Easy Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Space Feel New Again

At its core, home decor should be a reflection of you—which is why having a go-to list of home decor ideas can be helpful for those always itching to redecorate. Sometimes, figuring out exactly how to spruce up your space—no matter if your budget is big or small—can be overwhelming. There are so many elements to decorating and so many different rooms to style. Even if you live in a small apartment and not

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Police Called to Dallas Home Over Morbid Halloween Decorations

A Dallas man’s enthusiasm for Halloween has led to several visits from Texas police. And he seems pretty proud of it.

As pointed out by the Dallas Observer, artist Steven Novak has caused a bit of stir in his East Dallas neighborhood, where he used his creative skills to stage an elaborate murder scene in his front yard. The Halloween decorations include a bloody walkway, with multiple dummies laying facedown on the ground; one of

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Halloween Home-Decorating Contest Winners Named In Temecula

TEMECULA & MURRIETA, CA — The spooktacular results are in!

The cities of Temecula and Murrieta collaborated this year with a 2020 Halloween Home-Decorating Contest, given the coronavirus pandemic’s kibosh on traditional celebrations.

From a total of 56 submissions from both towns, four winners from each city were anounced Tuesday in the following categories: best theme; scariest; most original; and most humorous.

Families can use an online Halloween contest map, and load up their little

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15 Christmas Candles to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

As the cold, wintery weather moves in, there’s no better feeling than returning to a cozy home, taking a deep breath and unwinding. What makes that feeling even better is a seasonal, Christmas-scented candle to add an extra dimension to your interior winter wonderland. Christmas candles are ideal for setting the mood around the festive season and for going above and beyond the average Christmas decor.

Candles are a simple way to add an extra

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Fashion Designer Marie France Van Damme Launches ‘Curated By MF,’ A Globally Inspired Home Decor Platform And Line

Marie France Van Damme is a Canadian-born resortwear designer based in Hong Kong who specializes in elegant, luxury resortwear, swim and ready-to-wear. Understated yet chic, her fashion is inspired by both Europe and Asia and designed for the modern woman who appreciates luxe textiles and high design.

Van Damme travels the world to find inspiration for her fashion line,

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Home decor ideas for the festive season

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

© Provided by The Indian Express

The golden rule of home décor is to live with what you love. And if you agree with the statement, then this festive season decorate your house as per your taste and not just the trend, advises Sushhmita Siingh, principal designer, Sushmita Singh Design. The festival season calls for an ultra-festive makeover of the house and this year should be no different. So, to light up your home and

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Anthropologie Black Friday Sale 2020: Home Decor Deals You’ll Love

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It’s already November, and you know what that means: Anthropologie’s annual Black Friday sale is right around the corner. I’m already preparing to score discounts on super-cute home items that are usually a little out of my budget, from delicious candles and cozy blankets to funky glassware and wall art. I can’t afford to buy everything on my Anthro wishlist at full price, but anytime there’s a sale, I pounce—and

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Add hints of autumn to decor

Autumn in the Las Vegas Valley is an odd time when desert dwellers make statements about enjoying “cool” weather that may wander into the 80s or 90s; meanwhile, the rest of the country grapples with temperatures that brush up against freezing point. With our version of “cool” weather officially here, many of us yearn for that true autumn feel experienced, say, in Chicago, New York or somewhere else in the Midwest or East Coast.


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The Halloween decoration at one California home are so realistic that even firefighters thought it was on fire

a blender sitting on top of a fire: Carmen and Travis Long's fake house fire is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at nearby Disneyland but since putting it on display on 3 October, Riverside Fire Department received five different calls from concerned passers-by. Getty Images

© Getty Images
Carmen and Travis Long’s fake house fire is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at nearby Disneyland but since putting it on display on 3 October, Riverside Fire Department received five different calls from concerned passers-by. Getty Images

  • Since the fake house fire was put up on the Pirates of the Caribbean display on 3 October, Riverside Fire Department has received several calls from concerned passers-by.
  • They now let the
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Home’s over-the-top Halloween decorations incite numerous calls to police from neighbors

A Dallas, Texas home owner’s Halloween decorations are so realistic – they look like a crime scene and unamused observers have called the police many times.

Steven Novak, an artist in East Dallas, fully admits being extremely passionate about Halloween, much to the chagrin of his neighbors and the Dallas Police Department.

Reported by the Dallas Observer, Novak said, “I’ve always been up to hijinks like flying ghosts or 7-foot tall snow sculptures of myself,

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Kate Middeton’s Decorator Ben Pentreath Home in Photos

Along with everybody else, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending a lot of time on Zoom these days. And every time they jump on a call, royalists go into overdrive, poring over every single frame as if they were on CSI: Room Rater.

The man who actually knows the palace’s design secrets is the 49-year-old architectur­al designer Ben Pentreath, who has been on speed dial with the royal family since 2009, when Prince

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Advice for decorating your home, from quick kitchen fixes to front-door colors

This column is part of a series on design for the The New York Times. Readers are invited to send questions to [email protected].

Q: We moved into a new place in March, and our plans to furnish an extra room were waylaid by the pandemic. Is it a good idea to get a pullout sofa bed for guests, given that we don’t know when we’ll be able to host anyone? Day to day, we

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