Curb Appeal Makeovers – 40 Before and After Photos

Curb Appeal Makeovers – 40 Before and After Photos

Before: Dark and Drab After: A Vision in White Before: Updates Needed After: Contemporary Home

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Before: Dark and Drab

After: A Vision in White

Before: Updates Needed

After: Contemporary Home With a View

Before: Not So Dreamy

After: Polished Tropical Look

Before: Oceanside Dated Facade

After: Lovely Beach Home

Before: Dull and Dreary

After: Vibrant Tropical Beach Villa

Before: Charming Cottage Lacking Upkeep

After: Lovely Home With Historic Color Palette

Before: Drab and Dismal Exterior

After: Fabulous Front Yard

Before: Deserted Home Lacks Appeal

After: Charming Cabin

Before: Unwelcoming Front Entrance

After: Mountain Getaway Nestled in the Woods

Before: Farmhouse Lacks Charm

After: Rustic Curb Appeal is Eye-Catching

Before: Overlooked Home Lacks Charm

After: Small Updates Make a Big Difference

Before: Abandoned Abode

After: Remarkably Restored

Before: Gray and Ghostly

After: Welcoming Seaside Escape

Before: Plain Jane

With overgrown landscaping and a disappear-into-the-background white paint color, this California bungalow was generally considered one of the least attractive homes on the block. Narrow, winding stairs and an overgrown trumpet vine and small tree that block the front door add to the home’s uncared-for look.

After: Colorful Cottage

Before: Can’t See the House for the Trees

After: Italianate Charmer

Before: Blah Bungalow

After: It’s Easy Being Green

Before: Yep, That’s a Barn

After: The Famous ‘Barndominium’

Before: Ready for a Refresh

After: Ready for the Next 100 Years

Before: Overgrown Adobe

The black sheep of the street, this small Spanish Colonial Revival-style home built in the 1920s, is a rarity in suburban Atlanta. It has the potential to be a real gem in the neighborhood but with a barren yard, overgrown arbor and faded stucco, it only stands out for its rundown appearance.

After: Spanish-Style Standout

Before: Not-so-Mellow Yellow

After: A (Great!) Case of the Blues

Before: The Neighborhood Eyesore

After: The Neighborhood All-Star

Before: Due for Demolition

After: A Fresh Start

Before: Too Much of a Good Thing

After: Stucco for the Save

Before: Blank Slate

The homeowners bought this home two years ago but with three young boys — two with special needs — all of their energy and finances go toward the kids, leaving nothing for fixing up the front yard.

After: Craftsman Cutie

Before: Hidden Gem

Overgrown vegetation, ramshackle wood siding and a dangerous looking front porch combine to give this rambling Texas ranch a haunted house appearance. 

After: Ranch-Style Standout

Before: Faded Belle

The homeowners are two of the French Quarter’s most colorful characters but their home’s vanilla facade is definitely lacking. A tumble of weeds fill the beds that line the porch and the concrete set-back, or small area that separates the home from the sidewalk, is broken and unlevel.

After: Big Style in the Big Easy

Before: An Architectural Mismatch

After: An Artful Addition

Before: Overgrown Bachelor Pad

Fifteen years as home base to a bachelor with no time or interest in lawn maintenance has resulted in a front yard so overgrown that a family of deer once moved in and took up residence. Now married, the young California couple who own this home are ready to clean up their act but don’t know where to begin.

After: Manicured Zen Garden

Before: Forgotten Front Yard

After: Open and Inviting

Before: Past Its Prime

After: Mid-Mod, Made-Over

Before: Bland and Boring

With a tiny front yard and style-less facade, this clapboard house in Atlanta, Georgia doesn’t have much going for it.

After: Folk Victorian

Before: Hiding in Plain Sight

Evergreens are great for year-round color in your landscape but unless you plan to consistently keep them trimmed, they can grow too large to work as foundation plants.

After: Can’t-Miss Yellow

Before: Dark and Forboding

Recessed doorways are great because your entry is protected from the weather — but they tend to be dark. Painting the door black doesn’t help to brighten things up.

After: Warm Welcome

A few coats of fuchsia paint take this formerly ho-hum front door from drab to fab. The cheery pink theme is carried to pots flanking the doorway filled with bouganinvillea and candytuft. The terracotta tile steps and board-and-batten siding also receive a makeover with fresh coats of warm, neutral paint.

Before: Well-Built but Bland

With all-brick construction, large windows and a circle drive, this home has great bones but its monochromatic color palette and uninspired landscaping could use a pick-me-up.  

After: Timeless Transformation

Before: Haunted House?

The owners of this century-old San Francisco home are parents to five kids, including two sets of twins, so yardwork and home maintenance has taken a back seat to raising their family. This home is also, not surprisingly, a hub of activity each Halloween when the owners put the Victorian’s forboding looks to good use as the neighborhood haunted house.

After: High-Style Victorian

Before: ’60s Modernist

The current owners were drawn to the home’s Modern aesthetic and streamlined details but the ho-hum landscaping is definitely lacking. Three generations of one family live here and want to be able to use the hilly, uneven front yard as more of a gathering and entertaining space.

After: A Nod to Midcentury Mod

Before: ’70s Mish-Mash

NYC techies, tired of cramped quarters, decided to relocate to Texas where everything is bigger. Browsing homes online, they discovered this split level whose newly remodeled interior had everything they were looking for and they quickly decided to buy it — without ever seeing the home in person. Once they moved, they discovered that the home’s exterior was desperately in need of a remodel too.

After: Neutral + Natural

Before: Tattered Belle

The young couple inherited this massive home from an elderly relative. Years of deferred maintenance — peeling paint and an overgrown juniper bush — have made this home the neighborhood eyesore.

After: Grand Dame

Before: Reno Gone Wrong

Selected out of hundreds of submissions as America’s most desperate landscape, this home outside San Diego is an embarassment not only for the homeowners but for the whole neighborhood. The yard is unlevel, full of weeds and littered with the remains of home improvement projects gone bad.

After: California Cool

Before: Failing Fixer-Upper

The first-time homebuyers fell in love with this century-old home’s potential but, bogged down by interior projects, they don’t have time to tackle the front yard or porch where siding-clad supports create a dark, claustrophobic feel and aren’t original to the home’s Craftsman style.

After: Charming Craftsman

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