Design Dictionary: Exterior Paint

Design Dictionary: Exterior Paint

The exterior paint colors you choose for your new home can be used to create

The exterior paint colors you choose for your new home can be used to create contrast by choosing light or dark colors that pop or to create a more cohesive look by choosing colors that blend together.

Typically you choose the paint colors for the exterior of your home after choosing your stone and brick or stucco; however, some of our communities feature a cottage style home with less masonry so you’ll probably want to choose the paint colors first. 

The elevation design for your floor plan will determine whether your home will have one, two, or three paint colors on the exterior. For a home with very little siding, such as homes with only siding at the porch & patio, all of the exterior paint will be the same color. If your home has a decorative gable with siding on the front elevation, it is most often a two-tone design. All homes in Villages of Westfield feature a three-tone design featuring two paint colors with white as the third color.

Let’s start by taking a look at an exterior design featuring one-tone, where all the painted surfaces are the same color.

exterior design with one-tone paint

This hill country style home features limestone as the predominant element on the front elevation. A light tan paint color was chosen to coordinate with the brick & stone colors and a complementary garage door color was chosen to complete the look.

Now let’s take a look at the covered patio on the same home – you’ll see that we have carefully chosen the paint colors we offer to coordinate with the window colors available to create a cohesive look.

covered patio showing paint locations

This home features a brick & stone exterior with two paint colors to enhance the architectural design. The elevation design for this home includes a layered gable design that incorporates shaked siding for emphasis above the entry and a decorative gable vent.

exterior home design showing paint locations for gable, fascia, soffit, siding

The two-tone paint design features a warm taupe for the trim & fascia and a lighter shade for the siding & soffit. This color package is designed to complement the clay window color and sandstone garage door.

Here is the rear elevation for the same home:

covered patio showing paint locations

This craftsman style home features a two-tone exterior with a warmer tone used for the siding in the gable and a lighter tone used for the fascia. A dark stain was used for the cedar accents to create contrast.

covered porch showing paint locations for fascia & soffit

Looking at the entrance, the porch ceiling & soffit are painted the same color as the siding in the gable.

Homes in Villages of Westfield feature a one-of-a-kind cottage style exterior design that uses white to emphasis the architectural features and two paint colors in a range of colors to suite your style.

cottage style home with paint locations indicated

All of the exterior trims including the columns, hand rails, garage door trim, window trim, and door trim are painted white; as are the fascia and cedar accents. This home features a lighter color in the upper gable with a darker shade below and on the sides & rear of the home. A white garage door and white windows complete the cottage look.

For Stucco homes, you’ll want to choose the complementary paint color for the trim to match the color you chose for the stucco trim or choose a third color to add a layered look to the design.

stucco colors and paint colors for soffit and fascia

On this home, the soffit, fasica, garage door trim, porch siding and door trim are all painted a single color that was chosen to match the stucco trim.

Our design studios are setup using color packages which allow you to choose complementary colors within the same color family. This allows you to easily choose your window color and garage door color to finish out the look of your home.

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