Design of Medical Devices Conference

Design of Medical Devices Conference

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Design of Medical Devices Conference



2020 Virtual Conference Highlights


  • <br>Emerging Technology Forum

    Emerging Technology Forum
    “Artificial Intelligence and Medical Devices”

    Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with medical devices is still in its infancy but evolving quickly. This forum will discuss what AI is, how it is currently used in devices, around devices and as a device. Speakers will also address proposals for adapting regulation to preserve the benefits of AI and future implications for the use of AI in medical devices. (Date and time to be announced)
  • <br>Three-in-Five Competition

    Three-in-Five Competition
    Zoom Event May 19, 2020 from 9:00-11:00am CST

    The top 10 papers have been invited to compete in this event. They will submit a video presentation, judges will review those videos and than we wil host a Zoom Q&A.
  • <br>Student Design Showcase

    Student Design Showcase
    Flipgrid Event begins May 7, 2020

    Student teams from around the world submitted videos on innovative projects for you to watch, ask questions and get answers.
  • <br>19 Years Strong

    19 Years Strong
    We are Going Virtual. Over the coming months we will have videos to watch and live events for you to participate in.
  • COVID-19 Innovations at the UMN

    COVID-19 Innovations at the UMN
    Those at the UMN have stepped up across the board to help provide PPE, ventilators and more to help medical professionals and the world in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Hear about what the UMN has been up to. (Date and time to be announced)
  • Rapid Fire Presentations

    Rapid Fire Presentations
    Authors of accepted 2020 Call for Papers have submitted pre-recorded presentations and they will be available beginning May 5, 2020
  • Clinical Cases

    Clinical Cases
    Clinicians from the University of Minnesota will be taping presentations on an interesting surgical case.


ASME ASME Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security, University of Michigan Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota
Engineering World Health IPRIME MSI Fujikura Medical
IPRIME MSI Minnesota Nano Center MSI

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