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James Hardee siding, fascia, soffit, trim I waited 5 weeks for work to begin, not all Destiny’s responsibility. Finally a crew showed up and set up 2 large pump jacks. 2 days in, they left. They had a compensation disagreement with Ali Urus. I was led to believe, by Mr. […]

James Hardee siding, fascia, soffit, trim

I waited 5 weeks for work to begin, not all Destiny’s responsibility. Finally a crew showed up and set up 2 large pump jacks. 2 days in, they left. They had a compensation disagreement with Ali Urus. I was led to believe, by Mr. Urus that he did not subcontract, but has a staff of men under his employ. 3rd day a new crew shows up. 4 days in, they stopped work, because they needed to do a roofing job and make money to feed their kids and pay their bills. They were not paid for the 4 days they had worked, but were promised payment when the job was complete. I later learned that a recent job they had completed yielded no compensation for them as well. I had paid half of the total amount up front, and was not responsible to pay the rest until completion. I demanded the men be compensated before work resumed. When I realized that would not be the case, after my siding job sat abandoned for 10 days, I contacted a lawyer and dismissed Destiny design. I subsequently found out that the Hardee shakes which take 5 weeks for delivery were never ordered. I made do buying the in-stock color and cutting the shakes to size.I was able to compensate the second crew, and found that the first crew was finally compensated for the days they worked here. I hired a carpenter to remove and correct the work the 2nd crew was not able to do properly. Their expertise is actually roofing but one of their crew is a siding pro worth the price of the ticket. I researched and spoke with OSHA reps about Hardee siding installation. I purchased and made a gift of proper tools to the second crew and allowed them to finish. Because of design elements that minimized the SNAFUs It turned out OK, but if you were spending upwards of 20 k for a bevel lap siding job, would you expect the siding to line up after circling the house?…I did. It didn’t. The brief time this job took, is just a snapshot of Destiny Design. I recognize the talent, and troubles, but I wanted to complete my project and I did what I had to do. It turned out ok for me, and Ali can square with those men as his conscience dictates. I paid them what they asked and spent out the budgeted money to get a good job.

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