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Home Design and Decorating Page Minimalist and Modern Furniture for Living Room Decoration By Giessegi

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Minimalist and Modern Furniture for Living Room Decoration By Giessegi

Here is some furniture that might inspire you to decorate the living room. This minimalist living room furniture from Giessegi, a furniture company from Italy. The best collection of furniture that will make the design of your living room will look modern, consisting of chairs, benches, TV racks, bookshelves and other furniture. All living room furniture had come to the simplicity and ease of making the composition in your living room. The combination of colors that fits between the living room furniture and decor, as well as creativity in furniture placement will determine the outcome of the beauty of the design of your living room.

PirOLED | Unique and Stylish DNA Shaped Lamp Design from OSRAM

This is a unique and stylish lamp designs are named PirOLED developed by OSRAM. A modern lamp with a unique shape such as DNA with LED features combined with modern technology. This unique lamp is made of aluminum material that makes this lamp colors look more elegant. PirOLED offers a wide range of choice of lighting direction, so that this unique lamp is flexible.

Contemporary Bright Kitchen Interior Decorating by Snaidero

Kitchen design with brightly colored contemporary concept that you can make your kitchen decor alternatives. This contemporary kitchen by Snaidero. A contemporary kitchen with a touch of modern furnishings and the use of bright colors make this kitchen look glamorous and delicate.

Beautiful and Luxury Residence Design in Australia by Jared Poole

This is the design of luxury residences, beautiful, exotic, and amazing which is located in Surfers Paradise, Australia by Jared Poole. This house consists of three floors, where the basement is used as a parking area. The house is located 10m from the road near the water, and 60m from the seafront, so that visitors can have a chance to see this luxury home to influence the design of their homes and maintain their privacy.

Simple and Modern Dining Room Design Ideas by IKEA

Here are some designs of modern dining room of a famous manufacturer, IKEA. Design a simple dining room with a room that is not too large. Even with a small room, but these rooms is a great work, and can be alternative idea for those of you who are decorating the dining room.

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