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Family Room Tv – Hobby watching movies with family at home? One of the activities

Family Room Tv – Hobby watching movies with family at home? One of the activities most often done with the whole family is watching TV or movies together. Well, often the TV room in a dwelling is incorporated into another room, such as a family room or living room. This makes many residential owners pay less attention to the ideal TV room design.

Family Room Tv

If the standard rules in designing a TV room are not met, it could be that watching TV becomes less comfortable. There are several things or ways you can do to make a comfortable TV room for the whole family.

Tv Family Room Decoration

If you want to have a comfortable family room tv, actually not difficult homework. Where you only need to find a room that will be used. Next, you do the arrangement following the desire.

Room Decoration

Family Room Tv

The first thing to consider when designing a tv room is room decoration. Good decoration will create a comfortable atmosphere when watching TV. You can apply several concepts in room decoration. For example decorating a minimalist tv watching room, decor of modern tv rooms and much more.


Someone watching TV because they want to use the time off or leisure time. So often found people watching TV while lying down or leaning on the couch. Bringing the right sofa will certainly add to the comfort of someone in enjoying time.

Family Room Tv

Make sure if the sofa you choose is following the available space. If the room is not too large, choose a sofa that is not too big. This is so the room can be used for all family members.

Note also the sofa material. This refers to the comfort of people who wear or sit on the sofa. Choose a sofa with soft material and not hot when occupied.

How to Decorate a family room tv

Family room tv is one of the favorite places for everyone, especially if they are just married. Because every time you relax, this place will be a favorite that everyone likes. Then, how to make a family room tv? You will find out by reading this to the end.

1. Presents a Soft Sofa

Not only in terms of design, choosing the right sofa for family room tv must also pay attention to the size of the sofa, comfort, and the model. A soft sofa with a size that is wide enough will certainly make the whole family or friends who visit more comfortable to linger in front of the TV.

However, you should also pay attention to the arrangement of the sofa with the size of the TV used. Adjust the size of the TV with the arrangement of the sofa so that everyone who is in the room can enjoy a comfortable room design.

2. Add a Blanket and Sofa Cushion

Make the room warmer and more comfortable by choosing blankets and sofa cushions made of wool. To make it look natural and clean, choose neutral colors on the furniture so that the room remains comfortable to inhabit for a long time. Do not forget to pay attention to the size of the window or glass wall as a provider of natural light. This interior design will make the room more spacious, but still feel warm.

3. Pay attention to the distance between the TV and the seat

Well, this is often bypassed and less attention from many people. Visibility between TV and seating is very important for you to take into account. A distance that is too far or too close would not be comfortable. The ideal standard distance can be calculated from how many existing TV sizes with the formula TV size is equal to 3 times the viewing distance.

4. See the Direction of Coming Light

Before placing the TV, pay attention to where the light comes from in the room. Lighting in a room can come from two sources, namely natural lighting from outside the room and artificial lighting from room lights. For natural lighting, the best position is to come from the right or left side of the TV. The position of the TV behind the light will make the picture not bright. Conversely, the light source coming from the front of the TV will make the screen glare.

For artificial lighting, you should use a ceiling lamp or a standing lamp that is placed next to the sofa. If you want to use a chandelier, pay attention to the height of the chandelier so it is not too low and glare the screen.

5. Create a more intimate room with dark colors

The use of dark colors as the dominant color of a room will make it feel more intimate and warm. You can also use dark colors like dark blue, emerald green, etc. in the TV room for a more intimate atmosphere. To balance it out, contrast dark colors with lighter colored furniture. These contrasting colors will make the room feel more intimate and romantic, you know. Complete the room with blankets and wall lamps on the table next to the sofa to accompany you while reading a book.

6. Choose Bean Bag as Sofa Alternative

You also do not have to use the sofa, you can replace it with a thick furry carpet that is also equipped with a bean bag. Both of these decorations will add comfort and intimacy in the room. You and your family can be more relaxed when watching TV while lying on the carpet. For those of you who have limited space, this method can also save space you know.

7. Add Storage Shelves and Fresh Plants

It feels incomplete if the family room TV does not have a storage rack. Nowadays, there are also many choices of built-in furniture that combine storage racks with TV storage. Besides, also add plants to make the room feel more fresh and alive.

You can follow all the reviews that have been described above. Get comfortable with your family in the ideal tv family room.

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