How to achieve the look you envisaged in your dream home | Newcastle Herald

How to achieve the look you envisaged in your dream home | Newcastle Herald

IN THE BOX: Multiple box shapes creates a modern, distinct look. Photo: Supplied Australian property

IN THE BOX: Multiple box shapes creates a modern, distinct look. Photo: Supplied

Australian property designs have been influenced by the diversity of global trends, but what makes our homes uniquely ‘Aussie’ is how we use distinct design and style to make the most of where and how we live.

“With Australian blocks and backyards getting smaller, the style of modern homes is now focused on form and function,” says architect and James Hardie ambassador Joe Snell.

“The best home design ideas are inspired by your vision and how you want to use the space as well as being a reflection of how it makes you feel.”

Homeowners planning their dream renovation or new build scour social media and magazines for inspiration, and to help form their vision and brief for their designer or builder.

However, familiarising themselves with the correct terminology to describe their ‘look’ and the hallmarks that define it are crucial during those early conversations and throughout the build.

Here, Snell shares the main elements to consider to define your home style and achieve the look you want.

Make a bold statement with shape

The shape of your home can give it kerb appeal and make it stand out. What is the impression it makes? Does it have character and reflect the suburb? What will it look like in a couple of decades?

The modern box-style house style is a distinct look, and uses multiple box shapes and cantilevered upper storeys to create interest and facade articulation.

Keeping elements of the home sharp and square gives the illusion of more space and a truly modernist feel with design flexibility.

An alternative modern style with equally bold street presence is the Scandi barn look, with its diagrammatic house shape achieved with a steeply pitched gable roof.

Cladding helps to create square and rectangular geometric patterns that complement or contrast the shape of the building.

Create interest with texture

Textures can add depth, individuality and interest to the home aesthetic.

A trend that has become increasingly popular is to mix cladding styles on the home facade to create an architectural feel.

This mixed cladding look offers clean lines and a contemporary finish, and can easily be achieved by combining any number of fibre cement exterior products.

Hardie Fine Texture Cladding provides a modern render and minimalist look thanks to its embedded texture.

Choose a low-sheen paint that works with the texture to give your choice of colour a contemporary matte look.

When combined with Linea weatherboards for its deep shadow lines, the cladding creates an interesting facade and streetscape.

Add uniqueness to your design style with colour

Colour palettes add personality to your home style and can really help define it. Bold, monochrome colours accentuate facades and create a strong contemporary feel, which is perfect for the clean lines of the mid-century modern look.

Bring atmosphere with light

Light plays a crucial role in your home’s atmosphere. The orientation of your home is essential for maximising natural light. Consider gabled roof lines and high ceilings for rooms which allow for bursts of light.

Incorporate skylights or extensions to increase the amount of open space and natural light in the home. This can affect mood or alter the perceived size of a room.

Offer flexibility with open plan indoor-outdoor living

Modern design embraces open plan living that bridges the divide between the surrounds and the home.

It focuses on a more outdoor lifestyle by creating an extended, cohesive space and a seamless transition between the interior and exterior.

When designing this space, take note of the prevailing winds and where there are opportunities for shade.

With Australians spending so much time outdoors, the home is the backdrop to many life memories, so the exterior is important.

By using durable fibre cement exterior products, the design possibilities are endless and you can enjoy your home for many years to come.