How To Clean Rugs: Oriental Rugs, Area Rugs, And More

How To Clean Rugs: Oriental Rugs, Area Rugs, And More

Your area rug could use a deep clean. You can clean your rug by yourself,

How To Clean Rugs: Oriental Rugs, Area Rugs, And More

Your area rug could use a deep clean. You can clean your rug by yourself, and bring them back to life whenever it suits you. Although area rugs can bring a room together and add a sense of warmth, they are also subject to heavy foot traffic, pets, and spills. It takes a while before vacuuming is enough to make it clean. You can do the job yourself. You don’t need to hire professional rug cleaning services unless your rug is very delicate.

Not necessary to clean rugs according to a set schedule. You should clean rugs only when they become visibly dirty or smelly. Continue reading to learn how to revive those worn-out rugs to make them look just like they did when they were first unrolled.

  1. Get Your Tools And Supplies

These are the essential items you will need to do a great area rug cleaning.

Rug shampoo (or mild dish detergent)


Soft-bristle sponge or brush



Rubber gloves

Garden hose

Vacuum for wet and dry

  1. Get Rid Of Dirt And Debris

Vacuum the entire rug on both ends. Make sure you get rid of all debris. Use the brush attachment if you have pets to remove any stray hairs.

  1. Mix Your Cleaner

You can use a rug shampoo such as this one from Bissell. For mixing shampoos, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

Alternately, mild dish detergent can be used in a bucket of warm water. Hot water can cause shrinkage or fading of the rug so do not use it.

  1. Do A Color Test

Before you begin scrubbing, ensure that the cleaner does not cause the colors to run. To make sure the cleaner is safe for the rug, test it on a corner. It’s safe for you to continue with the next step if the color does not bleed.

  1. Wash The Rug

Use a sponge or soft bristle brush to apply the cleaning solution to the rug. Allow the cleaner to sit on the rug for five minutes before you begin rinsing. You’ll speed up the cleaning process if you allow it to sit for less than five minutes. Allow it to settle for five minutes before you start removing dirt.

  1. Rinse The Rug

Use a garden hose to rinse the soap off the rug. You must ensure that all cleaning solutions have been removed from the rug. Also, make sure the water runoff is clear.

  1. Get Rid Of Excess Water

To speed up the drying process, remove as much water as possible from the rug. If you don’t have one, you can either use a dry-dry vacuum or a squeegee to move the nap.

  1. Let The Rug Dry

Let it dry. This is the next step in cleaning an area rug. Let the rug dry flat. Flip it over and let the bottom dry. The drying process can be speeded up by using fans. Before you return the rug to your room, make sure it is completely dry.

  1. Vacuum The Rug Or Brush It Out

The cleaning process can cause fibers and threads to become compressed and squished. You can revive them by using a vacuum to clean the rug. Now enjoy your newly cleaned carpet. You are able to clean an area rug by yourself and can do it whenever you want.

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