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Interior Architecture & Design | Drexel Westphal

The graduate interior architecture program at Drexel is uniquely situated to offer the best

The graduate interior architecture program at Drexel is uniquely situated to offer the best education and career opportunities. Students benefit from gifted peers, outstanding faculty, world class facilities, and an unmatched depth of resources. Our highly ranked, CIDA-accredited program is supported by a top university with a distinctive vision, and we maintain a principal position within the academic and professional worlds. Interior architecture at Drexel is characterized by a focus on human experience, novel explorations of materials and form, commitment to a sustainable future, and a rigorous professional training.

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Interior Architecture & Design prepares students of diverse backgrounds to become leaders in the field of interior design. We are consistently ranked among the top programs in the country, and in the Top 10 survey by Design Intelligence of “America’s Best Design Schools.” As one of the few CIDA accredited graduate programs in the country, our students are on the fast-track to licensure and are highly prepared to enter into the professional world of interior architecture and design.

Our rigorous coursework teaches conceptual, technical, and hands-on approaches in designing a range of spaces. Student work includes public, commercial, residential, and institutional projects in which students learn to transform environments to address aesthetic, social, physical and psychological needs. In conjunction with our integrated studio approach, the program emphasizes independent research culminating in a master’s thesis. 


The mission of the Interior Architecture & Design graduate program is to prepare students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds to enter the field of interior design as skilled designers, creative thinkers, professional leaders and responsible citizens. We seek to cultivate students who acknowledge their responsibilities to the safety and well-being of the public and the stewardship of the environment and who can lead a multifaceted profession in an ever-changing world. The curriculum is structured to teach the fundamentals of interior design, to anticipate and reflect change in a continually evolving profession, and to encourage the kind of exploration and experimentation that fosters life-long learners who will contribute to the profession and the discipline’s body of knowledge.


The graduate Interior Architecture & Design program thrives on the diverse graduate students’ educational and life experiences as they engage in a vigorous learning environment through exploration, self-learning and creativity. The program embraces the study of both the process and products of design within the human environment. The conceptualization and implementation of ideas involves aesthetics, function, ethics, technology and the realities of the marketplace. The program also embraces and validates the visual studies that provide the foundation of design knowledge as well as the experiences and approaches of the visual arts.


Our program culture embraces diversity and in our work we aim to increase equity, both for interior design practitioners and for the people that are served by our projects. We believe interior design is uniquely equipped to advocate and promote diversity and equity in the profession and the built environment.


Sustainable thinking is a fundamental responsibility of contemporary design practice. Our program promotes and emphasizes sustainable practices as the inherent responsibility of designers and exposes students to a diverse array of sustainable approaches and techniques. These include new and future technologies, material innovations, green building techniques, historic and vernacular strategies, biomimicry, and larger scale approaches including urban and social sustainability. We consider how sustainability is intricately tied to the health and well-being of the interior environment and its inhabitants. We offer a Minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment for students who wish to focus their studies in this area.

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