Luxury Home Decor Hacks – Brit + Co

Luxury Home Decor Hacks – Brit + Co

It might feel counterintuitive, but you can actually make your space look expensive without dropping

It might feel counterintuitive, but you can actually make your space look expensive without dropping a ton of money. When you approach your home decor with intention and a focus on detail, you’ll be able to craft a unique, personal, and affordable decor style that will elevate your home. We spoke to luxury interior designer Margarita Bravoand the team from My Bespoke Room for a glimpse at different trends and home decor ideas that you can add to your own home this fall. From cozy textures to incorporating keepsakes without looking cluttered, keep reading for luxury home decor hacks you won’t want to miss.

Look Good On A Budget

DIY velvet couch

“There are plenty of cost-effective ways to make your home feel grand and beautiful,” the team at My Bespoke Room says. Swap your cabinet handles for more sleek options, or replace your older lampshades with more on-trend versions. “Soft furnishings like rugs, throws, and pillows are also a quick and easy way to add style to a room.”

Doing these projects yourself is an easy way to save money while still keeping your space up to date, and one of our favorite luxury details is lush fabrics. It’s easier than you might think to DIY a velvet couch, but you can also buy one like this Room & Joy Isabella Tufted Transitional Futon or get one from a thrift store or estate sale.

A Few Favorites

If you have collectibles or keepsakes, show them off! Putting your favorite items on display is a great way to add some personal touches to your space. Not only will it make your home feel more unique, but every time a guest comes into your home, they’ll get a glimpse at your personality.

Keep Your Options Open

diy colorful wall art luxury home decor

Trend cycles have become fairly short, and we often see a lot of the same styles across multiple spaces, stores, and magazines. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a style that doesn’t fit your personality. The key is to take your time figuring out what style fits your space best, the team at My Bespoke Room says.

“Don’t rush, start by creating a Pinterest board and pin anything and everything you like, soon you will start to notice particular styles, colors, and themes emerging. After seeing what you are drawn to, you can then create a home that’s uniquely yours.”

It’s All In The Details

Being intentional with how you decorate and the way in which you set up a room will do more than just help your space look put together — it’ll help you feel more comfortable. Whether you’re going after a maximalist vibe or you set up your office to best suit your MBTI, keeping your needs in mind will help the space feel just right.

“Investing in artwork, prints and plants can easily bring your personality and life into your house,” says the team at My Bespoke Room. “Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint, whether it’s to freshen up a room or change the color entirely, it can refresh a room while you decide what style you like.”

In addition to placing toxin-reducing plants around the room or keeping your desk clutter-free, one of Bravo’s favorite tips is extra simple: Just open your curtains. “One of the best ways to create a calm and peaceful environment at home is to let in as much natural light as possible,” she says. “This will help to improve your mood and create a more positive overall atmosphere.”

Keep It Colorful

Image via Collov Home Design

Learn about yourself so you know how to decorate. Certain colors and designs can make you feel better and make you feel like your space is more expensive just by looking at it. It’ll make you feel more at ease, like avoiding aggressive colors if you’re easily anxious or having an open design if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

“Color can influence our mood and affect how we feel when in certain rooms, so it’s important to consider the room use before deciding,” says the team at My Bespoke Rooms. “Blue is generally a calming color and therefore ideal for bedrooms, offices, or living rooms. Green is also a relaxing color, which can be great for a home office or living room.” Once you have those base colors, you can layer brighter shades on top with decor, artwork, and smaller details.

Look For Places You Can Save

diy fabric wallpaper luxury home decor

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your space. “Don’t rush into new purchases if you can avoid it,” says the team at My Bespoke Room. Not only will it cost you extra in the long run if you decide not to use it, but anything you get rid of can just end up in a landfill.

“Using hand-me-downs or bargains from Facebook Marketplace or charity shops is a great way to create a functional living space quickly, and you might even inherit some vintage gems! You can use these as a placeholder until you’re ready to invest in your forever pieces.” Try out a more affordable and eco-friendly DIY like this fabric wallpaper before committing to something huge.


porchscape with rocking chairs and a table

Image via Robin Jonathan Deutsch/Unsplash

The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside. Focus on wide-open designs that will leave you feeling like you have plenty of room for rest and relaxation. From ensuring that your flooring is easy to clean to adding color and texture, there are a variety of elements that Bravo recommends for the perfect porchscape.

“The space should be inviting and comfortable. This means considering factors like furniture placement, lighting, and flooring,” she says. You can incorporate storage and decor like throw pillows to keep it functional and stylish. “Porches are a great way to extend the living space of your home and can be used for a variety of purposes. With a little bit of creativity, porches can be transformed into beautiful and inviting spaces.”

Think About What Your Space Needs

rolling carts underneath the bed

“If you can take the time to settle into your space before designing or redesigning your home, then you’ll be able to see how the space actually works for you and work out what is actually needed,” says head of interior design at My Bespoke Room Lucy Henderson. “This can save you rushing into buying lots of items that are too big, too small, or just aren’t needed.”

After a focused look at your space, you might realize that you can save floorspace by adding storage under your bed, or that the space in between your door and your closet is perfect for a skinny bookshelf. Figure out where what you need and what you want meet, and you’ll hit the jackpot.

Keep It Cozy

cozy throw blanket luxury home decor

Lush textures and fabrics will make everything feel more luxurious and help you relax while also elevating your space. Even things like cozy throw blankets and a nice arrangement of throw pillows will add dimension to your space.

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