Modern And Stylish Exterior Design Ideas – Page 2 of 2

Modern And Stylish Exterior Design Ideas – Page 2 of 2

# Modern Bird Nest House This home exterior looks pretty much like a tree house

# Modern Bird Nest House

This home exterior looks pretty much like a tree house except that it is not made on a tree. This stylish, modern and simplistically designed house exterior blends very well with the surrounding greenery. It is an environment friendly design that is sustainable and is a timeless piece of art. The box shape design goes well with the tree as it is of the same height as the tree. If you have ever dreamed of how it would be to live in a birds nest, then this one seems pretty close. So, live your dream and explore various such designs to create a nice abode for your loved ones.

# Transparent Tree House In The Forest

If you are a lover of nature or likes living in a house surrounded by lots of forest like greenery, then this exterior home design will be just suitable for you. Here, you can find the clever use of glass and some smart engineering in the construction that has been used to create a material that gives you an altogether new perspective to your house. The use of glass has ensured there is a lot of space that has been smartly utilized. Everything inside this house is clearly visible. Moreover, this design ensures there is ample natural light, which is very important to ensure a happy and good home atmosphere. It is a nice place to escape from the stress free life in the city.

# Modern Beyond Imagination.

This design looks as if it is straight away taken from a science fiction movie. Though this exterior house design may look rather unique and strange, but it is no less modern and futuristic. The design blends very well with the nature and is pretty creative. The exterior design makes it look like it is a part of this world and gels within the surroundings. This futuristic exterior design has been made using gray stone cement and strong safety glass.

# Fascinating Underground House

It is natural to think of an environmentally friendly house when you build higher up, but it’s okay to sometimes think and look down for a while. There are some fascinating underground house ideas that have a sustainable construction and hidden underneath the ground. The underground house is harmonious with the nature and looks natural.

Modern Exterior Design

It is a dream home of most people in their youth. Underground house comes with its own problems like issues with drainage system and most people prefer to build such homes near the hills, where rain water can cause problems. Leaving aside the disadvantages, the underground house has a few advantages like it is cool, as it protects you from the hot sunlight that bakes the roof.

Modern Exterior design

The underground homes will utilize the cooling properties and the natural heating properties of the earth; recycle the gray and kitchen water for use in the toilets. They will feature environment friendly materials and solar energy designs.


# Modern Architecture

Modern architecture designs come in various shapes and sizes depending on the likes of the homeowner. The one featured here seems to be inspired from a storm or a twister. The exterior design goes well with the surroundings of the house. Any modern exterior design looks great if it gels well with the surroundings.

Modern Exterior Design

Any modern exterior design should suit the environment around. Besides being beautiful, a home should exude warmth and happiness. It should reflect the personality of the people staying inside. The design should inspire you to spend time inside your lovely and aesthetically designed abode.

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