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In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.   Table of Contents High dynamic range, HDR WOWDesign […]

In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.


Table of Contents

High dynamic range, HDR WOW

Trey Ratcliff’s writings and tutorials in high dynamic range photography has spawned a huge following in this dramatic technique for taking pictures. When you see it, you won’t be able to resist the camera to Photoshop results

Design Projects: Easier? Profitable?ideas plus free book

Chuck Green The idea is simple. Modifying a well-designed template is far easier and more profitable than starting from scratch. With the professionally designed templates, you tap the talents of designer and author Chuck Green. He has researched, designed, and meticulously formatted over 300 extraordinary layouts in a clean, simple style that it easy to build on. Instead of spending 15 minutes to create a simple layout, you’ll spend 15 seconds. For complex projects — books, newsletters, catalogs, reports — you’ll save HOURS.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Photoshop tutorial High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique that lets you to portray a much greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo. Utilizing HDR in Photoshop makes for some spectacular photos. Let’s take a look

Russian Paintings

Photoshop tutorial

In a world now congested with super, expert Photoshop photo manipulators, this artist defies the digital world with exquisite paintings in the tradition of the Dutch Masters. No filters, no plug-ins, just talent: Arthur Brahinskiy

Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac

Photoshop tutorial

For many years, we’ve advocated using Photoshop Elements as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for a myriad of reasons — particularly for those who just want great pictures. Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac is out, and since there’s no manual, here’s what you need

Record an action in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial Actions can save you tons of time and misery by automating tasks in Photoshop — in this tutorial, use the Actions panel to record, play, edit, and delete individual actions.

Photoshop for Fingerprinting

This Photoshop 911 reader requested information about using Photoshop to compare fingerprints — while not generally used for law enforcement, this tutorial uses Difference blending mode and Hue / Saturation to compare fingerprints — or any two images! Enjoy

Photoshop YouTube Background Tutorial

Photoshop tutorial

From one of our “Photoshop Faves”, Jordan Charters, comes this tutorial primarily designed for use on YouTube — however, there are some good lessons and good techniques in this Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 2

Photoshop tutorial Dan Moughamian presents the second in a series of articles designed to illustrate the compositing workflow for a surreal landscape.

Photoshop Actions Madness

Photoshop tutorialThis edition of Photoshop Madness focuses on actions and reflections … Photoshop reflections, FREE high-quality Photoshop PSD icons, Photoshop Actions for Amazing Color Enhancements, 50 essential photo actions, Photoshop clone tool actions and Quick straighten tutorial for Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Holiday Tutorials

Photoshop tutorial Photoshop madness is back so soon? Yup! Now with these top selections for holiday wallpaper tutorials. Yet they’re a lot more than just for the holidays – essential techniques you can use for lots of projects! December 14, 2009

Creating Contrast in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial In this tutorial, Scott Kelby shows you how to create contrast using the Targeted Adjustment Tool (or TAT for short), which lets you click-and-drag right on the image, and the tool will tweak the right part of the curve for you automatically. December 14, 2009

Photoshop: Matching Color Schemes

Photoshop tutorial The Adobe Creative Team teaches you how to combine images and harmonize the color schemes in multiple images by matching the target image to the dominant colors in a source. December 12, 2009

Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 1

Photoshop tutorial Dan Moughamian begins a new series showing how to create a unique landscape scene by blending or compositing multiple stock photos. December 11, 2009

Adjustment Layers for Shadow Balancing

Photoshop tutorial Debi entered a Photoshop 911 Emergency case, with photographs where the deep shadows were too dark. So, in this Photoshop tutorial, we demonstrate the use of a Levels Adjustment Layer that acts like a mask allowing Debi to paint in the areas of the image to be adjusted! November 30, 2009

Photoshop Madness

Photoshop tutorial This edition of Photoshop Madness opens with holidays with * 5 useful photoshop effects then we get into the Holiday Spirit with : Christmas Wallpaper * Holiday Ornaments with reflections * an Abstract Snow Scene Wallpaper with superb snowflakes * The Jungle King Photoshop Tutorial * and building some cool 3-D Text blocks using Photoshop … all in the line of Photoshop Madness November 27, 2009

5 Useful Photoshop Effects

Photoshop tutorial Andrea Austoni sent in this tutorial, and we liked its simplicity and the fact that Andrea’s site is clean and honest without the usual screen spam of the other tutorial sites. Here, learn Soft Focus, Model Depth of Field, Star Field, Wood Grain and Brushed Metal in easy, 1-2-3 steps. November 18, 2009

Elements Plus – plugins

Photoshop tutorial Andrei Doubrovski’s latest Adobe Photoshop Elements Plus kit includes smart filters, vector masks, and many more advanced tools normally hidden under the hood — unlocking undocumented advanced functions in Photoshop Elements November 17, 2009

Image Framer

Photoshop tutorial 10-thousand tutorials on the naked web, dozens and dozens of steps in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and you still won’t be able to do frames as cool as the ones you create using ImageFramer on the Mac! November 16, 2009

Photo + Graphics Bundle for Mac

Photoshop tutorial Unlike other Mac “bundles” these days, the MacGraPhoto bundle gives you image editing, awesome effects, format conversion, batch processing, vector drawing, geo-tagging photos, framing, posters and postcards – at a low, shareware price!

Elements: Color Correction for Photographers

Photoshop tutorial Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski cover the details of color correction in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, including working with histograms, studio photo correction, adjusting flesh tones, converting from color to black and white, and more. – November 13, 2009

Tutorial: Brushed Silver Text Effect

Photoshop tutorial IN THIS ETC TUTORIAL we will be creating a brushed silver reflective text effect. We will also be creating the accompanying abstract reflective watery background scene. – November 2, 2009

Beyond Digital Photography

Photoshop tutorial Cher Threinen-Pendarvis and Donal Jolley share their extravagant talents to show you just some of the possibilities in transforming you digital photos into true works of art. – October 29, 2009

Elements Plus filters, masks and more

Photoshop tutorial Andrei Doubrovski’s latest Adobe Photoshop Elements Plus kit includes smart filters, vector masks, and many more advanced tools normally hidden under the hood — unlocking undocumented advanced functions in Photoshop Elements – October 29, 2009

Remove red-eye with ease

Photoshop tutorial The Beryl Plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Elements automatically removes the red-eye effect from digital photos. With a focus on ease-of-use, choose to have Beryl process images automatically, or manually select the threshold amount of removal required. – October 29, 2009

ArtOptimizer for Illustrator

Photoshop tutorial ArtOptimizer will reduce Illustrator job size and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data and performing essential image adjustments – October 29, 2009

HDR Photography for Mac OS

Photoshop tutorial Photographers are beginning to get into HDR Photography, a relatively new technique that involves capturing more than one photo at different exposures, then using software to combine these exposures into a HIgh Dynamic Range Image. – October 29, 2009

Geocoding for iPhoto

Photoshop tutorial HoudahGeo photo geocoding solution for the Mac allows for geocoding photos hosted in an iPhoto library and notify iPhoto’09 about new geotags. Version 2.2 also brings full support for viewing direction. – October 24, 2009

Photography effects for iPhone

Photoshop tutorial Photographer Kris Gebhardt, who developed this app, initially used his iPhone when an unexpected camera jam threatened to ruin a photo shoot, but he now regularly takes fashion, glamour, beauty, and figure shots with the mobile device.

May Photoshop Madness… free plug-ins to collages

Photoshop Madness In this issue we discover The Princess of Shadows and her remarkably free Photoshop Actions * a good pair of wings * and some * Masterful Manipulations! You’ll also learn about * Saving for the Web * light your girl on FIRE * Misprinted Type from Assemblage to Collage. We’ll also show you how to Get a FREE PHOTOSHOP BOOK … and it’s all in the MAY edition of Photoshop Madness… What’s in your Photoshop wallet?

Add Depth of Field

Add Depth of Field The designer is often faced with customer-supplied photos. Many times there’s little you can do to save them. One rule you can always count on is Isolation. Add drama and focus the readers’ attention by isolating the subject of an image. While there are many ways to do this, here’s my favorite way to add depth of field to perk up those dull photos

Digital Photo Depth of Field – Focus Fall-Off

In this free Photoshop tutorial we demonstrate the ease of gradient masks, layer masks and blurring to save a one-time-only photograph for a web page. We also utilize the cool photo filter to finish this shot with Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off

Photoshop Extract Filter to improve color, add depth of field

Free tutorial from Photoshop 911 reader questions Many readers quite often write to ask about removing an image from a background. In this session we are called upon to clean up a client’s digital photo, change colors of the subject, eliminate the “burn-in” of the flash, and lift the subject from the background for a depth of field effect. Depth of Field Using the Extract Filter

Photoshop: Deke McClelland Is Singing in the Droplets

Deke McClelland Is Singing in the Droplets Deke McClelland Is Singing in the Droplets — The Droplet Song–The Next Hilarious Music Video is now on dekePod – Deke is the author of over 80 books and a popular lecturer on Adobe Photoshop and the larger realm of computer graphics and design … The Droplet Song

PhotoFreebies plug-ins for Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Plug-in - PhotoFreebies for Windows. PhotoFreebies 2 The Plugin Site has upgraded to Version 2.0 of PhotoFreebies for Windows. PhotoFreebies 2 is a collection of 12 Photoshop-compatible plugins for performing simple but useful photo adjustments and effects. They can be used with more than 60 different image editing applications e.g. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact and many others. PhotoFreebies plug-ins for Photoshop

Color Efex Pro for Lightroom

Color Efex Pro for Lightroom Color Efex Pro is now compatible with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom — photographic filters for retouching and creative enhancements. The update is free to current owners of Color Efex Pro 3.0. (Site features some really helpful video training!) Color Efex Pro for Lightroom

Reviews of best web hosting companies which provide dedicated hosting services as well. Also covering wireless internet providers for connectivity.

Field Trip: Photoshop Gurus of Alien Skin

Photoshop GurusFollow along as we visit some of the more accomplished graphic photographers in the world. Alien Skin’s filters are used by even the top Photoshop gurus, and here we’ll take a look at the works of Jim Zuckerman, Scott Stulberg, Jim White and pin-up photographer Robert Alvarado. All are masters in their own rights — and all have something to share with you from the Alien Skin Case Studies library

Scanning Negatives and Slides

Scanning Negatives and Slides you will learn how to achieve the best possible digital image from a negative or slide, and how to build a workflow to make this process efficient, repeatable, and reliable Scanning Negatives and Slides

Screen captures in layers?

If you work much with screen captures or screen shots, you probably often wish they could already be in the format and layer you want. Layers 1.0 is a unique screen capturing utility for Mac OS X — screenshots captured in Layers are Adobe PhotoShop compatible Layered Screen Captures

Photoshop Madness… free plug-ins to panoramas

Photoshop Madness This issue takes you from Stitching a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop CS4 to a wonderful series of Free Photoshop Plug-ins including * Free Plugins from the Ink Pot * Mehdi duz Fur … and tutorials like * Improving your Waterfall Photos … and then we take you straight to Photoshop Tutorial Hell
Enjoy this edition of Photoshop Madness

Hydra HDR Imaging

- Hydra HDR Imaging Hydra goes beyond the physical limitations of camera sensors. From a series of regular photographs of the same scene, Hydra creates an High Dynamic Range image which is much closer to what one can actually see. Hydra HDR Imaging

Photographic Multishot Techniques

- Photographic Multishot Techniques Photographic Multishot Techniques — the potential of high dynamic range imaging (HDRI). Now, the newest techniques based on a bracketed series of exposures make it possible to go beyond HDRI: photographers can increase resolution for ultra-sharp, detailed images, and they can extend the depth of field Photographic Multishot Techniques

2008 BEST Photoshop Product

onOne Plug-In Suite 4 for Adobe Photoshop For Photoshop users weary of finding, downloading, installing and trying the myriad of plug-ins out there on the streets — onOne has provided a solution. Now, one plug-in set does the professional job, and does it all: onOne Plug-in Suite 4

Photoshop CS4 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS4 George picks up the latest incarnation of Photoshop and shares some of its highs and lows. If you haven’t upgraded yet, perhaps you should read this and see if it helps you make up your mind! George reviews Photoshop CS4

Deke is back… and even better

Deke McClelland goes One-on-One with InDesign CS4The One-To-One series is the best in the market for learning any of Adobe’s Creative Suite. Read the lesson. Watch the video. Do the exercises, and you’ll learn Adobe InDesign CS4 from expert and Adobe guru Deke McClelland. Deke McClelland goes One-on-One with InDesign CS4

Photographers using Photoshop

Derrick Story Photoshop CS4 Companion The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, spotlights only the critical tools you’ll need most often in one compact reference — Derrick Story teaches you how to quickly and efficiently organize and edit your photos without compromising the originals. Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers

Artlandia Updates to Photoshop CS4

ArtlandiaThe new Adobe Creative Suite is out and Artlandia is not to be left behind: all currently shipping Artlandia plug-ins are compatible with Adobe’s newest Creative Suite so you can upgrade to the new CS4 right away and get your creative juices flowing. You’ll like what you see at Artlandia

Adobe Creative Suite 4: what will it cost?

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Okay, here you go! It’s that time again, and it’s going to cost $$$. Since most of our readers already one or another version of Adobe® Creative Suite® here’s what it will cost you to upgrade to CS4. We’re also showing Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac, and Adobe Elements 7 for Windows because they may be viable alternatives. You may as well go ahead and buy now. You know you won’t have any money after the holidays! Read them and weep
Also see: Complete Adobe CS4 Products Overview

Adobe Photoshop CS4: New Features

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Time to learn new stuff… like the ll new: Masks panel; Content-Aware Scaling; Adjustments panel; Auto-blending of images; Smoother panning and zooming and fluid canvas rotation; Auto-alignment of layers; Extended depth of field; Lightroom workflow; Better raw image processing; and a lot more! Just a few of the new Adobe Photoshop CS4 features

Photoshop Madness… it’s a jungle out there

Photoshop MadnessWhat? Sarah Palin Photoshop Jokes? C’mon, would anyone actually do that??? Also: * Sneak Photoshop CS4 * Color Photo Transitions * Perfect digital skin * Bert Monroy doing Shadows * visit a makeover site * Quantitative Research * Altering Color * color correction problems and * free Photo Frames you can download! . . . What Photoshop Madness have you encountered? Let us know about it …
Enjoy this month’s edition of Photoshop Madness

ImageFramer custom image framing

Image Framer This little gem can save hours and hours. Yes, we’ve known how to do this in Adobe Photoshop for years. But what ImageFramer does, are dozens of Photoshop steps instantly. Apply photo-realistic frames to digital images, drawings or any original artwork plus watermarks, batch processing with ImageFramer custom image framing

Live Typography in Illustrator Patterns?

Artlandia Live Patterns in Adobe Illustrator Picture this: you’ve built a great pattern using letters or typography in Illustrator, and the client calls to update the text! OH NO! You’ll have to start over. Not if you get plug-in for simultaneous interactive editing of multiple objects in this fantastic new plug-in Artlandia LivePresets for Adobe Illustrator

101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

Deke Pod Yes, Deke goes into show biz — with his wacky Photoshop tips-fest portends more good times ahead — this instructive series of video podcasts promises to be uncensored, unregulated, and frankly unlike any other videos on the topics of computer graphics — Can he do it? 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

Learning: 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3

George Engel is the Naked Serviceman George M Engel takes a look at Scott Kelby’s 7-point system for working with digital photos. He says: “I would classify it in the Intermediate to Professional user level… a typical Scott Kelby Photoshop book: Great graphics; Extremely well put together; Comprehensive and well thought out. 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3

Digital Photo Depth of Field – Focus Fall-Off

In this free Photoshop tutorial we demonstrate the ease of gradient masks, layer masks and blurring to save a one-time-only photograph for a web page. We also utilize the cool photo filter to finish this shot with Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off

Chrome : the Path Styler Pro way

Adobe Photoshop Plug-in - PathStyler Our quest for the perfect chrome never really went away. But we really came close here! You need to check out the WOW stuff you can do with Path Styler Pro — the powerful styling plug-in for Photoshop makes stunning filter effects with a simple click or two… Check out this chrome

Digital Photo Fixes for Beginners

Photo editing for beginners This series looks at several areas where beginners really need quick and easy solutions… here we cover exposure, levels, cropping, sizing, scaling, flash corrections for fall-off, and we’ll show you a digital step wedge that saves a bunch of paper and ink … Easy Photo Tricks

Blow up those JPGs

one of those frequent questions we get all the time is “How can we enlarge our JPG images, or shots downloaded from the web?” Sooner or later, if you have a digital camera and a computer, you’re going to want to enlarge an image. This time we’re challenged with enlargements over 1000 percent… but we solved the problems with a good dose of Genuine Fractals

Balancing the light in Night Scenes

Balancing night lighting with PhotoshopWhile there are several dozen ways to adjust lighting, (from two to 300 minutes) if the scene is affected by a single overall condition, the solution could be more simple than you think. Here, we’ll fix this photo spoiled by artificial outdoor lighting with a single-step lighting adjustment.

Add Drama to your Photos with Motion Blurs

Adobe Photoshop Motion Blur Follow along as we add drama to two photos using Adobe Photoshop motion blur filters. We explore the directional motion blur and the radial motion blur as taught by expert Barry Huggins, author of the Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers. Photoshop and the Motion Blur

Photoshop: Creating Mirror Reflections…

realistic mirror surface reflections A frequent question is how to create the realistic mirror surface reflections of an isolated image — as popularized by Web 2.0, and Apple iPhone marketing. This tutorial shows you the easy way, and the best way in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to make Photoshop Mirror Reflections…

Clip from one… add to the other

join two people into a single photoWhat happens when you have two photos of two people and you need to join them into a single photo? Here, we illustrate a quick and easy way to bring another person into your photo, and make them look naturally at homne… clipping from one, and adding to the other!

Creating a Custom Drop Shadow

produce realistic drop shadows by hand Photoshop’s shadow layer effect does not always provide the correct shadow. The pros know you need to know how to produce realistic drop shadows by hand. Learn how to generate shadows for multiple surfaces, and projection distances by Creating your own Custom Drop Shadows

Creating Black & White from Color

Photoshop tutorials another of those frequent questions from the Photoshop 911 emergency room gets answered by expert Barry Huggins, author of the Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers. Through four different techniques, we learn a different set of skills is required when Creating Black & White from Color

Saving Photos: Dark, Under Exposed

Low lighting, camera movement, and other woes spoil the photo. Sometimes a photo just looks too dark to save. Sometimes it just can’t be saved. But before trashing the photo, here are a number of exercises that show some easy tricks you can employ to save underexposed photos

Degrading Color for Hand Tint Look

A Photoshop 911 reader asks how a certain ‘tinted’ look was achieved in some sample photos… these are near grayscale with muted color. We knew we could accomplish the look by pulling an adjustment layer called the Gradient Map

Photoshop’s “Match Color”

A Photoshop 911 reader asks how the “Match Color” function works to save two of his photos. Match Color uses the color map from one photo to change another — and it works great — sometimes. But when it doesn’t, you have to look for other solutions. Matching Color

Painter: Photo to Woodcut

Cher Corel PainterPainter is one of the premier natural medial programs, and ideal for converting that coveted vacation shot to a graphic work of art — follow along as award-winning fine artist, designer and educator Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows you how noted artist John Derry created his Pagoda Woodcut

One Photo to Many: Collage Mosaic

Several readers have asked about breaking apart a single photo so it looks like a collection of snap shots. There are actually a number of ways to do this from the quick and easy “SLICE” method, to the more difficult and time consuming “random” method – we think makes a much better looking Photo Collage Mosaic

Photographically Correct Film Simulator Effects for Photoshop

Alien SkinAlien Skin is back with an all new features list for Exposure 2 Film Stock Simulator! This new effects package plug-in features more than 300 presets for film simulation and a full range of photo lab and darkroom effects… Exposure 2 for Photoshop and compatibles

Photoshop To Painter & Back Again

Cher Corel PainterMany Photoshop users think the word “Corel” is a thing of the past. However, those truly in the know will say Painter does it all. We do get a lot of questions about using the two together — so we turned to the award-winning fine artist, designer and educator Cher Threinen-Pendarvis with her excellent tips for Using Photoshop with Painter

Photoshop Madness: Type & Lettering Tutorial Hell

Fonts Fest It’s a jungle out there… For this years Fall Fonts Festival we intended to send you some good tutorials on working with type in Photoshop. There are thousands of them, but unfortunately we began turning up some rather disturbing results for this month’s Photoshop Madness

Outlining Type: Right or Wrong:

Photoshop Tutorial If you read the Photoshop Madness listed above, then you’ll understand what we’re doing here. This tutorial points out the wrong and right ways to outline shapes, like typography, in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Outlining Type: What’s Right or Wrong

Photoshop’s Photo Filter Adjustment Layer

Making separations for screen printing This is one of the little known gems you’ll find in Adobe’s Photoshop and Photoshop Elements because it’s a filter, but it’s not in the filters menu. Use it when you want to change the color temperature of a photo… here’s the value of Photoshop’s Photo Filter Adjustment Layer

Photoshop 911: Spot Adjustments using a Mask

Someone asked how to make slight spot adjustments in just the dark areas of an image. Levels, or any other adjustment are easily fine-tuned by painting black and white into the mask area an Adjustment Layer Spot Adjustments using a Mask

Photoshop 911: Pop an image out of the border

Cut out pop out of a photo A Photoshop 911 forum question was how to make a photo break out of the frame. Even though this has been around longer than Photoshop has, it can be daunting to a new user. But it’s simple to Pop an image out of the border

Harrys Filters are back

… along with PhotoFreebies for Windows – Harry’s Filters is a free Photoshop-compatible plugin containing dozens of useful image effects. The PhotoFreebies are a collection of 11 freeware plugins with various effects for digital photos. Harrys Filters

Photo Vector for Windows

Vectorizer and image cleaner: a proven handy tool for designers and CAD/CAM professionals to cleanup, reduce number of colors and vectorize images. AlgoLab Photo Vector for Windows

Learning: Separations for Screen Printing

Making separations for screen printing One of the frequent questions we get is how to separate flat art for making silkscreen stencils. Rather than flood you with a lot of geek gibberish, we present the easiest, most direct method in Photoshop and Illustrator for making flat color separations for screen printing.

Major Event: Removing Backgrounds with Katrin Eismann

Katrin Eismann This is the ultimate tutorial for selecting fine images, delicate objects, wispy hair, and removing the background to replace it with a totally different image. This is the absolute best, anywhere when you have questions about Selecting hair and fine details in Photoshop

Photoshop Elements QuickFix & Color Corrections

Photoshop Elements You can dramatically improve the appearance of all your summer photos with just a click or two — even if you have no idea of what you’re doing. Let image specialist Barbara Brundage show you how in this 7-page chapter on QuickFix & Color Corrections using Photoshop Elements

Photoshop blending Photos to Sketches

Photoshop Blending Modes Photos to SketchesTurn your summer photos into works of art by combining the Find Edges filter and the Overlay blending mode in Photoshop. Noted Photoshop guru John Beardsworth shows you how with these recipes for Blending Photos to Sketches

Photoshop Watercolor Filter

Photoshop watercolor filter Sooner or later, you’re going to have a photograph that suggests an artistic treatment. Photoshop expert Roger Pring joins us to give you some starter points on… Photoshop’s Artistic Watercolor Filter

Photoshop: Carved in Wood

Photoshop carving woodA reader wrote in with a client who wants his web site menu buttons to be on a tree — looking hand-carved. So, this tutorial gives you nice sign boards with the type routed in to nail to the tree. Carved in Wood

Photoshop: Changing Colors

Photoshop replacing colorWe get quite a few requests for this kind of technique for people colorizing houses, cars, people’s clothing, and from time to time a boat or two. In this tutorial, we must change the color of a boat, then apply lettering to the side to show the client the finished lettering job.

Photoshop: Clipping Path makes a Hole in the Doughnut

Photoshop Clipping PathMore frequently asked questions: “…if I were creating a clipping path of a donut, how would I put a path around the outside and the inside of a donut?” In this tutorial, we using image clipping paths to create a hole where the background shows through!

Photoshop: Saving an old, faded photo

Photoshop restores colorPhotoshop 911 question: “… I’ve read plenty of tutorials on how to repair dents and scratches with the clone/stamp tool, but haven’t found anything to help with the color problems” In this tutorial, we bring this old photo back to life with a lot of adjustment layers

April Onslaught of Adobe CS3 Products

Adobe In case you didn’t see the live web-cast demonstrations of the new Adobe product line — here are all the detailed releases: Adobe Delivers Two Editions of Photoshop CS3 along with a powerful InDesign CS3 Release and an entire new Creative Suite 3 Product Line, including Creative Suite 3 Design Premium products, Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. They’re posted with an overview in the Adobe Directory.

Removing Backgrounds 2: Save Shadows

Removing Backgrounds From Photoshop 911 Forums: “I want to replace white backgound with another color but to save shadows on image. With “replace color” is inposible to replace white. So here’s what the 911 Dream Team sez: Load a little luminosity!

Layer Mask: merging photos

Layer MasksThis is one of the most frequent questions we get in the Photoshop Forums and Photoshop 911. So here the Photoshop 911 dream team provides a fairly simple solution that will work in almost all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements… Montage Making Masks

Setting a HEX color for GIF format graphics

Removing Backgrounds Optimizing color fields for the Web can be daunting — but when you need a specific range of HEX colors, it can be downright frustrating. Question was: “How can I change this HEX color in a gradient?”; Photoshop 911 sez: Put the HEX on a GIF

Photoshop question of the year: Removing Backgrounds

Photoshop Madness This is the most frequently asked question of them all: “How can I remove the white background around my logo?” We’ve talked about clipping paths and layer masks many, many times… just this once we wish everyone would listen and learn how to Remove the White Background from Graphics

Photoshop: Text Mask to Embossed Watermark for Photos

Photoshop MadnessA reader in the Photoshop 911 Emergency Forum wanted help making a watermark. This tutorial shows you how; plus shows you how to make a custom shape, and put it to work as a powerful custom shape tool to watermark all your photos

Photoshop: Place a picture into text

Put a picture into type A reader in the Photoshop 911 forum asks “how can i turn a picture of a dog into text” … and since we all love dogs, we decided to demonstrate the easy way to use all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to Put an image into type

Painting into a Layer Mask to Reveal Image

convert to grayscale then paint the color back in Photoshop 911 reader L.W. restoring color to a black and white image. This basic tutorial shows you how in all image editors that use layers and layer masks for Painting into a Layer Mask to Reveal Image.

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