Restaurant Exterior Design Inspiration – Salvocorp

Restaurant Exterior Design Inspiration – Salvocorp

Colourful balconies If your restaurant is a multi-level building or set on a second floor,

Colourful balconies

If your restaurant is a multi-level building or set on a second floor, you could add instant style with a colourful, bright balcony. Exterior facades such as FunderMax can be used to create balconies that can easily be seen from street-level, adding a pop of colour. When you choose colours that flow with your interior, the result is dramatic and long-lasting, helping you grow your brand effortlessly.

Bold cladding

During restaurant renovation, walls can be cladded with facades to add impact at entrances. You could create a dazzling outdoor foyer, stick to a simple striking wall panel that can be seen from far distances away, enhance your outdoor seating area, create a patio or add impact to any wall you want to draw attention to, adding your specials or menu in a way that will be easily seen.

Secret garden

You could create an entire patio or a secret garden area, combining natural and man-made elements to create something entirely unique. Interesting guest areas such as these are extremely popular and for good reason. When you offer guests a unique, interesting place to enjoy pre-dinner cocktails or even screened outdoor movies or afternoon tea, you will soon start to gain a loyal following.

Outdoor bars

You could also create an outdoor bar area on a patio, with lounges set up and gazebos, canvas covers or awnings added. When you use weather-resistant material such as high pressure laminate, your guests will be able to enjoy outdoor drinks, whatever the weather.

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